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   The fabulous docile "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
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Eleanor - 2007-04-02
I love guinea pigs; they are absolutely my favourite animals! I've had these guinea pigs-
Sunny, my first. He was wonderful- handsome, clever and affectionate. If he hadn't been like that, I don't think we would have had another guinea pig. Sadly, he died of cancer within two years.
Bluebell was bought as a companion for Sunny. He ran away and died, but he was about three years old then.
Corry- the first female guinea pig! Mated with Bluebell, and had four gorgeous guinea pigs! She was so, so beautiful, but was also extremely aggresive to anyone except for her owners. Two of them we gave away to friends.
Apple- one of the babies. Very, very nervy. Ran away, and then came back, with terrible injuries. He died the next morning, at about one year.
Berry was the other of the babies that we kept. Very sturdy, very quiet and boring. She disappeared a few weeks after her mother was taken off by a scavenging bird.
Goldie- orginally bought as a companion for another guinea pig, Callie. She disappeared in just a few months, slipping under her run's closure.
Present pigs-
Callie- very, very beautiful and very affectionate. He's about two years old. Likes to go to sleep on your lap, but is also very active.
Hollie, also known as the French 'Bebe'- very nervous, can be affectionate or viscious with other guinea pigs. However, mostly mild.
Coco, initially named Gin- We were given Coco for for free, by a person that couldn't look after him, and his brother Nutmeg. This guinea pig is very jumpy, extremely sweet and affectionate, will jump into your hands with no fear.
Nutmeg, initially named Tonic- Coco's brother, and much the opposite. Very snappy, rarely relaxes, often kicks and bites if annoyed. (Guinea pigs don't usually kick at all- but this one does. If one strokes within two inches of his back legs, he'll kick.)

Well, that's it! Hope to have many, many more, as well!

Eleanor - 2007-04-02
The first thing you should know about taking guinea pigs is responsibility. They respond to everything, and you have to protect them from the bad things. If you aren't entirely sure that you can take fantastic care of them, don't get any. Really, They aren't just small animals. In that rescpect, they are maybe even harder to take care of then one of the most popular animals, like a cat or dog.

Jessica Bortle - 2007-03-19
I had to figure out some facts about guinea pigs for homework and this website is a great place to research all animals!

Sophie - 2007-03-09
I looked after a beautiful Guinea pig called Elmo for a week, whilst her owner was on holiday. I loved Elmo and she got on very well with one of my rabbits gizmo. I also have friends who have a number of guinea pigs. I get on with them really well and they are the perfect pet, because they dont bite or scratch and seem to purr when you stroke them. They are absolutely adorable and I would love to have two of my own, I just need to beg my dad to let me get them :D XxXxX-- to all Cavy lovers out there

Sammy - 2007-03-07
when ever i sweep my room Shadow plays tag, chases it around the room playing "tag"!. Shadow is all brown and very friendly. My other guinea pig, Cookie, is white with a brown ring around its belly, but she is so shy. I love my guinea pigs

Rachel Wilton - 2007-02-26
I have two male guinea pigs and very surprised how people say they make excellent pets for children - mine were handled every day by myself - looked after well and kept mite free - yet they nipped constantly and my daughter grew scared to touch them. Ive owned all sorts of animals, rats and lop eared rabbits. I would never get guinea pigs again they are far too nervous.

vanessa - 2007-02-20
I had a male guinea pig named simba. He was very healthy and happy, but i got a call from my mom saying that he wouldn't eat. So we took him to the vet only to find out that he had pneumonia. The nurse gave him a medication and we thought he would make it, but he died in my arms an hour later.(2003-2004). One year later we got a female guinea pig and named her Nalla. She is two years old and will be three on october 2, 2007.

vanessa♥ - 2007-02-20
Hi i have one guine pig named Nalla. I talked about her a little in my other comment but not alot so... she is two going on three and she is the cutiest thing in the world. She is black white and brown. Her face is black with a little bit of brown next to her right eye. Two of her feet are black and the other two are white. One ear is brown and the other is black. On her belly it is like curella deval, one side is white and the other is black(going vertical). The upper part of her back is black and a small part is brown. Then it fads into white and then the middle of her back is black, finishing with a white behind. I hope she lives for a long time because i am really attached to her. :) I LOVE GUINEA PIGS :)

shola - 2007-02-19
Hi, my brother and I have a male guinea pig each. they are called thunderpoo and lightening. they are so cute and cuddly and love lots of cuddles and attention. they eat LOADS of fresh fruit and vegatables and we cannot wait until summer when we can build them a big run outside with lots of tunnels and games to keep them amused.

allie - 2007-02-16
I have two guinea pgis named Elvis and Peanut. I got Elvis first from a pet store, and then adopted Peanut from a friend whose guinea pigs had babies. Make sure to check your guinea pig`s gender before you add another guinea pig to the mix. Pet stores are often wrong in identifiying whether the pig is male or female, so take the pig to the vet.