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   You may think the Abyssinian Guinea Pig is having a 'bad hair day', but it is the unique coat that makes this guinea pig stand out!
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catherine - 2009-05-03
I have two abbysian's, ones called Lilly and the others called Duffy. They are both beautiful but they both love to bite and be cheaky, but I still love them! I also have a coronet called Hannah and I am not sure what my other short haired is.

dandy denaga - 2009-03-07
I have also abyssinian guinea pigs. They are so friendly, I really enjoy those.

Patricia Oneal - 2009-02-26
My family has a plain Guinea Pig. Are the Abyssinian Guinea Pigs as wonderful a pet? Nanna Montanna, Fla

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  • AndraB - 2010-03-21
    of course all guinea pigs are sweet they may just have a different coat or color
  • Karen - 2010-03-27
    Oh yes absolutely! They're really cheeky and outgoing. :) I've had normal guinea pigs also and by far the absynian is the most fun. :) My lil boy Frankie is adorable, though he runs twice as fast as my American and is a bit naughty. :) hehe. They have real charactor about them, and they look great too. :)
NEON - 2008-12-04
I have this kind of Guinea Pig. She is a good pig.