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   You may think the Abyssinian Guinea Pig is having a 'bad hair day', but it is the unique coat that makes this guinea pig stand out!
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Stephanie - 2011-02-28
Hi there! I am in the GTA area in Brampton and I am trying to find a breeder to purchase from. I don't want to get my piggies from a pet store for obvious reasons... can anyone help put me in touch with a cavy breeder in the GTA area?

Julie - 2011-01-16
We just got a cute little Abyssinian satin guinea pig. he is SO sweet and absolutely awesome with my overly mature 5 yr old son. His name is "elephant" picked by my son. I think it's a pretty cute, very different name. :) We are super excited about our new addition.

Lara J - 2010-09-16
I have a Derbyan Parakeet who has been in our home now for about 5 years.. We rescued her from a pet store. The owner told us the people who brought her in didnt have time to care for her and didnt want her anymore.. She dislikes men, shes very very very agressive which throws me off as to everything people say about these birds.. Despite the love and care weve put into her she doesnt like hands around her cage.. she cant stand fingers near her.. her head starts to bob and the iris' of her eyes get really small and she gets into attack mode.. Shortly after brining her hom about a month she attacked My fiancees nose leave a gash in it.. when all he was doing was trying to talk to her and feed her a treat.. weve tried the taking her out of the cage and wrapping her in a towel and try to break her of her aggression but that seemed to only make her revert back into a shell.. She dislikes loud noises and her hiding spot is under one of her platforms close to the bottom of the cage.. she literally crawls under there and kinda low squawks at anything around.. since weve had her shes had no eggs.. we have no clue as to how old she is, what she had been through before us or how to find a way to track the band around her ankle.. As for talking that everyone talks about not even a peep.. sure shell let out screechs and squawks that will pierce your eardrums.. but despite attempts of trying to even teach her she wont utter anything but low garbles under her breath and hisses too.. I dont know what to do with her we basically leave her be.. she has a cockatile friend who lives in a cage above hers and theyve been friends for some time.. oh yes and as for taking Sweetie Pie out of her cage... she wont stand for it she goes nuts.. and tries to bite you.. and let me just tell you that beak hurts and is nothing to take litely... so if anyone has any sort of advice help pointers you name it please i beg of you send it.. my dream tho we adore her dearly would be to find her a protected home where she could fly free in an environment where all her needs would be met and cared for.. so if anyone knows of that also please let me know.. Id rather her happy because apparently no matter what we do she is soo miserable... thank you..

Ronnie - 2010-09-03
I've got an abbyssian guinea pig, her name is honey :] She's the most adorable pet ever.

Jennifer - 2010-05-01
I have an abyssinian guinea pig and his name is Spicy. He lives up to his name.
I have him trained to go into a cuddle cup when I am going to pick up to move him out of his cage to let him play. I put it down on the ground and he hops right in to go back. I also taught him to give kisses. I say can I get a kiss and he lifts his snout if he is in the mood.

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  • Sara - 2010-07-17
    Hello Jennifer,
    It sounds like you know heaps about Abyssinian Guinea Pigs, and I need a lot of idea's of how to keep one. I might be buying one next year and I need all the help I can get. I'm scared it won't like me or will run away, or poo a lot in my house, and then my house will get all smelly and mum won't like that!
    Any help?

    Sara, age 10
Karen - 2010-03-27
I have two Guinea Pigs, Frankie -an Abysyynian and Georgie -an American. They are both very mischievious and adorable. :) Frankie is a beautiful creamy brown colour and has lots and lots of rosettes and Georgie is a tri-colour with a slight mane and long bits at his rear. (I think he may be a cross breed, lol) I have kept Guinea pigs before, but these two boys are definitely the most entertaining, and cheeky! Franks is huge, packs a bit of a kick and he can run really fast, and Georgie bless him is absolutely tiny! he's also a little insecure but definitely the clown of the pair. :) Me and my four year old daughter Love them to pieces. :) I'm so glad that we decided to buy them. :)

cameron - 2009-11-15
I love guinea pigs. I have one of my own, her name is Oreo and she is an American guinea pig. She likes lettuce, carrots, and broccoli. Guinea pigs are the cutest rodents in the whole world, but they are really messy. I used to have another guinea pig named chewy, but it died because I fed it a potato. I learned that potatoes are poisonous to guinea pigs. Now I know not to feed my guinea pig potatoes. Oreo is multicolored; she has brown, black, and white. When I first got her she was so cute and small and now she got a lot bigger, but she's still cute tho. She likes to eat hay every day and likes to hide under things. And that is the life of my guinea pig.

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  • bobbi - 2010-03-02
    I have a guinea pig too! I have a guinea pig too
Anthony S. - 2009-10-06
Me and my fiance just got an abyssianin guinea pig and he is the greatest pet ever. We did have a guinea pig previously, but he passed away last Wednesday morning at 3:03 am. I miss him dearly, his name was Eddie Guerrero Stewart. Our new little guys is Christopher Benoit JR. He is 4 weeks old, his mum passed away when he was 3 weeks old. He is very talkative and loves loads of attention. He loves watching wrestling, playing video games with us, and loves and I mean loves Metallica, lol. He is a very active little man, and loves his attention and his little towel for sleeping.

Kathryn - 2009-09-28
I have 1 abyssinian guinea pig and she is a sweetheart! Her name is Abby and she is very friendly, gives lots of kisses, likes to cuddle, watch me on the computer I have a bed for her and she sits there watches me and takes naps. She also has a friend named Lucy who is an American crested and they get a long great. I love my guinea pigs!

Tati and Betty - 2009-07-08
I have one abbysinian guinea pig named betty and she is so cute. She is so sweet, I've only had her for 3 days and she is already getting used to me. She loves to eat green peppers. I love her so much, she is orange and white. Abbysinians are adorable!