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   You may think the Abyssinian Guinea Pig is having a 'bad hair day', but it is the unique coat that makes this guinea pig stand out!
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Timm Clark - 2013-01-04
I have two baby male abyssinian guinea pigs witch i breeded from a abyssinian and an all black guinea pig with a cowlick on his head, also my guinea pig had two female guinea pigs one is white crusted and has a white foot, and the other is an all black like the father. The babies are mostly all black with a little white. Can you help me i dont know how much to sale the 4 babies for.

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  • Ashley - 2013-03-05
    Timm Clark I have been looking for 2 baby abyssinian girls id pay $25 apiece
Judy - 2012-11-30
I had one of these guinea pigs and his name was Bear, because his hair was so wild! He was the smartest pet I have had. You could say Bear give me a kiss and he would stick his little head out of the cage and kiss you!! If your looking for a loving, cool pet.. you should get one of these! They are so awesome!

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  • Kelley - 2012-12-22
    HI, We just bought our first pig! So cute! I keep reading that they need a cage mate? My plan is to give all the attention he needs but I am getting nervous now that maybe we should have bought two. Any suggestions?
  • renee - 2012-12-24
    guinea pigs can be ok without a cage mate provided they spend alot of time with you. They are very social and love attention and interaction.
  • dani - 2013-01-14
    All my guinea pigs do is purr, and I have four babies.
guinea pig - 2012-12-29
i just got my guinea pig he seems real neves and he poops alot i wanted to know if that is normal

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-29
    It is perfectly normal.  They get nervous easily when re-homed.  Will settle down quickly!
Me - 2012-07-24
I really want to get an abyssinian guinea pig!!!! My parents won't let me though. Is there a way that I could convince to let me?! I really really want one because I feel like I would be willing to take responsibilty and I would even be willing to pay for it!! Can you please also tell me what I would need to buy to care for the abyssinian? Okay thank you lots!!(:

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-25
    Before you purchase a little guinea pig, I would definitely reccomend that your purchase a book on Guinea Pigs - their care, their housing and feeding.  Read the whole book so you know how to care for the little fella.  The book will tell you everything you need from grooming brush (if required) to his safe place (some say cage), toys, food per week and cleaning and vet care (if required).  You can do some homework and find out the cost of a cage, cost of the little furry fella, cost of food and realize you would have to save up not only for the furry fella but also the safe place and toys.  How much time do they require per day in play and in cleaning out their cage.  How much does bedding cost?  So now you would know what all the costs are before you purchase a abyssian and I would add up all the costs and see what the total is.  Then you would know how much time it would take per day to play with and clean out the cage.  You would also know the costs of feeding and bedding that you will have per week.  Then you can decide if you are willing to pay for all the costs and willing to spend the time taking care of it and cleaning up after it for a number of years.  If the answer is yes, you can take all your costs and show your parents and show them the book you read and show them how you are going to be able to pay for it and care for it and then ask them if you can have an absysinian.  I know this sounds like a lot of work but you need to do it anyway because you would want your little guy to be healthy and happy.  You need to know everything about caring for him and the costs associated with purchasing one before you do it.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.
HJ - 2012-09-04
We just got our new guinea pig, 'Leo', and he is an Abyssinian. He is my first guinea pig and will not be our last. Pet stores have so much for them as well, you can spoil them at a descent price. They are really cuddly, lovable animals if that is what you are looking for. It is rare they bite, and are great for smaller kids. We did a little research before getting Leo, but I hope everyone enjoys their Guinea Pig, we sure do. :)

Untold - 2012-08-23
I really want an Abyssinian for my bday. I have a little sister and she would love her too. My parents are a little worried about the smell and responsibility. How do I prove them wrong? Please reply fast!

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  • gianna - 2012-09-02
    Well, guinea pigs don't stink at all. if you get a male they might a little, but its a slight scent. Guinea pigs are a big responsibility, if you are looking for just 1 you have to make sure you give him/her a lot of attention. its best to get 2, but if can just get 1 that's perfectly fine. -MAKE SURE YOU LOOK UP THE INFORMATION FOR GUINEA PIGS- thanks!
ayien - 2010-06-16
Hi. I just got a new AB after my first died. And now I'm very careful in taking care of it because I'm so scared that it will also die like my old piggie (until today I don't know why) I just got it for a month and it die, then I buy this little cutie again and I don't want same things happen to her. I've ask my friends that also adopt a piggie, but they also can't explain it. I need a really helpful tips to make sure I will successful on taking care of my new piggie baby. tq

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  • daniel williams - 2010-12-21
    How old was your piggie? They can all die of old age they are just rodents they usually have a life span of anywhere between 7 to ten years it is very smart to have another little piggie in the same cage. Guinea pigs are very social and can be stressed or lonely and maybe die it might have been the food they need lots of vitamian c. It probably did not die from the cage but it is also smart to have a large cage with lots of running room with a shelter like one made of plastic that can be bought at a local pet store. They also need toys to chew on like wooden ones also bought at a pet store because you would want the small pet prefered kind so that you will know the wood will be clean because usually people will think to just throw pencil in there but a wooden pencil has lead which could kill your next pig. Hope you have a fun time with your new one.
  • Lydia Weltha - 2011-06-30
    Observe them and see if they are active the more active that means it is very healthy.
  • cherie - 2012-07-27
    My ab, Bree died a couple weeks ago. My kids were so sad but when we got her they didn't know how old she was. Her head had squares of orange and white and she had a mowhawk. We just got her a buddy and she was very mean to her. We got a silkie which has hair that is very long and she chewed a bunch of her hair off but we sure miss our little piggie
makenna - 2012-02-22
I am getting a Abyssinian guinea pig soon. Is that a good choice. Are they hard to care for?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-23
    Yes, that is a good choice. They are lovable, affectionate and cuddly and enjoy their humans. In spite of their coat, they keep themselves clean. Just enjoy your little furry one.
Treyton - 2011-01-01
Hi there I got an Abyssinian guinea pig thursday and love him! He is very talkative and loves to play but how do I know if he likes me or is ok to me? Please answer my question!

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  • Lydia Weltha - 2011-06-30
    He Likes You And Your Habitat. If He's Not Very Active He Might Be Sick.
  • carmelo - 2011-09-18
    If your guinea pig likes you when you're trying to handle him he`ll not run away and if you want him to like you put him in your lap and feed him.......
  • makenna - 2012-02-22
    Ok so you want to know if he likes you. Ask your self these questions:
    Does he seem happy around me? Does he like me to hold him? Does he eat out of my hand? Does he like playing? Do I feed him regularly? Do I play with him regularly? Does he know his name? If you answered yes to most of these questions he probably likes you. If not then mabey you shpuld do some things to make him happy and play with him more! HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!
Robin - 2011-08-28
Am getting a GUINEA PIG SOON! But am not sure what breed to buy.....HELP PLEASE!

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  • shaine - 2012-02-05
    The calmest of them all is the peruvian guinea. I have an abbysinian 2 rexes and my abbysinian just gave birth to 5 babys
  • makenna - 2012-02-22
    Personally i would say Abyssinian but its up to you. Be sure to check the internet first for some tips on how to care for so you know how to do it right.