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Pj - 2012-01-04
I need to know exactly how much the guiniea pigs are!!!!!

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-01-04
    It varies from place of purchase. Most large pet retailers such as PetSmart, or Petco sell them for $20-30. However, I have found them cheaper at privately owned pet stores for $15.00.
  • dalia garza - 2012-08-14
    Hello my name is Dalia. And I'm a first time breeder with only one cute and adorable guinea pig who I love very very much. My pet guinea pigs name is Bugzie Casper, he's all white with light brown patches on the left side of his but I found out that he's half albino and half kaliko.
emily - 2012-06-02
I'm planning to get a guinea pig. I'm only eleven. I have four fish by the way but I want an animal that can run and play with me. Should I get one?

please reply
thank you

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  • emily - 2012-06-02
    PS: I live in a apartment i forgot to add that to my comment.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-02
    A little guinea pig can be a really great pet and lots of fun. If you get one, it would be up to you to take care of. Just like your mom took care of you when you were really little, you would have to take care of your little guinea pig because it is really little and can't take care of itself. It is a good apartment pet but you have to clean the cage a little every day and then real well a couple times a week. You have to make sure he has food and fresh water. You have to hold him and play with him and talk to him and tell him stories. Of course you can tell him all your secets cuz he won't tell anyone ever. So if you are willing to clean the cage, feed and water the little fella and care for him - I think it would make a real good pet.
  • Anonymous - 2012-08-05
    I am also eleven and I am getting a guinea pig what kind would you recommend
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-05
    Get whatever guinea pig that likes you the best.
  • Kimberly - 2012-08-12
    Hello, I am 14 years old I have 3 guinea pigs. They are very loving. I have an Abyssinian, an American, and an American-silky. If you would like to comb/brush your guinea pigs hair I would recomend a silky or there are plenty of other breeds with long hair but if you don't really plan on taking care of it's hair besides bathing them then an American is best(: I love guinea pigs. Mine don't really run and play they like to lay down and be lazy and cuddle and that's about it. But you should look up all the different types of breeds and see what fits your personality. Since your a first time handler I think you should start out with a mellow guinea pig first, but that is my opinion but they are VERY loving. You just have to take care of them and interact with them a lot and stuff.  Hope you find a new best friend soon! Enjoy your guinea pig.!!!!(:
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ayien - 2010-06-16
Hi. I just got a new AB after my first died. And now I'm very careful in taking care of it because I'm so scared that it will also die like my old piggie (until today I don't know why) I just got it for a month and it die, then I buy this little cutie again and I don't want same things happen to her. I've ask my friends that also adopt a piggie, but they also can't explain it. I need a really helpful tips to make sure I will successful on taking care of my new piggie baby. tq

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  • daniel williams - 2010-12-21
    How old was your piggie? They can all die of old age they are just rodents they usually have a life span of anywhere between 7 to ten years it is very smart to have another little piggie in the same cage. Guinea pigs are very social and can be stressed or lonely and maybe die it might have been the food they need lots of vitamian c. It probably did not die from the cage but it is also smart to have a large cage with lots of running room with a shelter like one made of plastic that can be bought at a local pet store. They also need toys to chew on like wooden ones also bought at a pet store because you would want the small pet prefered kind so that you will know the wood will be clean because usually people will think to just throw pencil in there but a wooden pencil has lead which could kill your next pig. Hope you have a fun time with your new one.
  • Lydia Weltha - 2011-06-30
    Observe them and see if they are active the more active that means it is very healthy.
  • cherie - 2012-07-27
    My ab, Bree died a couple weeks ago. My kids were so sad but when we got her they didn't know how old she was. Her head had squares of orange and white and she had a mowhawk. We just got her a buddy and she was very mean to her. We got a silkie which has hair that is very long and she chewed a bunch of her hair off but we sure miss our little piggie
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Makenna - 2012-07-23
Hi i am going to be purchasing a skinny pig. Are the normal cages dangerous or should i purchase a c&c cage?

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Austin - 2011-12-11
What do they eat

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-12-11
    Skinny pigs eat the same diet as other guinea pigs. This consists of fruits, vegetables, and grains because they are herbivores. You can usually purchase a good guinea pig pellet or feed mix at a pet store and then supplement this with small amounts of fresh veggies and fruits occasionally.
  • Makenna - 2012-07-23
    Also pellets are better for them as the mixed diet contain more fat and calories that are not wanted and veggies. I beleive pellets are better but that is just my opinion. If you have a regular guinea pig you will feed it a noticable amount less then a skinny pig as it needs to maintain its body heat
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Nyka Arielle Cabutotan - 2012-07-18
Nice but our american shorthair guinea pig has six babies! It's our first time to see it and they are like hamsters!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-19
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Miranda Haley - 2012-02-13
I love White crested guinea pigs. I have one myself. She is little but is getting bigger. I love her to death and we will be getting a young boy so that she'll have some company and maybe even have babies....but we got her a big exercise ball and she won't roll around in it. How do I make her roll around in it, because she just sits there and chews on the ball and she gets scared but we just want her to roll around in it....

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  • Miranda Haley - 2012-02-16
    So your saying that I have to leave the ball open and see if she will go in it and figure it out herself???? So I don't stuff her in there and just let her do it herself? I just afraid her might be pregnant and I don't have the things for her ... I was giving her grass but, there is snow all over. >:(
  • miranda - 2012-02-14
    I'll try that today and I will tell you later maybe Thursday if it worked. Thanks. I read online that it's dangerous for guinea pigs to be in the balls, it said that they feel surrounded...but, I'll still try...thanks a lot.c ya! :)
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-13
    All you would normally have to do is put her in the ball. As she moves the ball rolls. You might have to do it a few times and go slow and be gentle or you will frighten her.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-14
    OK let's try this with the little guy and the ball. Set the ball on the floor and in various places inside the ball put a little dab of peanut butter - just a little dab. I think she will like the peanut butter and want to lick the peanut butter which will make the ball move and she might get the idea. When she is done though make sure you wash the ball and rinc=se it really well.
  • Miranda Haley - 2012-02-14
    I've tried but she only nibbles on the ball and the ball only moves a TAD bit when she licks herself it moves but, she don't run around in it, she runs around crazy in her cage but not in the ball....
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-14
    Gosh then I don't know. Just went online and saw the reviews you are talking about and does say dangerous but the balls they show are actual inclosures. The guinea pig can't go in and out as they want to. The ones I had were plastic but there were large openings 4 or 6 of them that the little guy could go in and out. I didn't know there were balls that you actually put the little guy in and closed a door. I don't think I would do that. I would be real reluctant to do that. You could frighten your little fella to the point where not a pet. Imagine someone stuck you in a big ball and then closed the door and this ball started to move around. You would be frightened. The one I had was more open and the little guy could go in and out as he please or roll it etc. He wasn't stuffed in it. I think best not to do that - certainly not with that kind of ball regardless if they advertise it as a toy.
  • Miranda Haley - 2012-02-23
    Scampers is getting bigger everyday....I think she's pregnant but, my mom said that she's not. And I don't know what to do. Anyways, how was your day? Anything exciting?
  • emma - 2012-06-26
    PLEASE don't put your guinea pig in any wheels or balls. They aren't built for guinea pigs and guinea pigs can't handle them. Balls and wheels lead to serious back, neck, foot a toe problems. Guinea pigs have been known to not be able to walk and in some cases not even move after months of having used these products. PLEASE don't expose your guinea pig to this.
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Diana Mautino - 2012-06-26
I have 10 rescue guinea pigs. I keep the females in one room and the males in another. I put down tarp and then I cover with towels and I have all kinds of houses and toys and climbing things. They are all very happy.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-27
    That's a houseful.  Have fun
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carlee - 2011-05-05
This is the cutest hamster that I have EVER seen!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-06
    I think they are always cute and so funny.
  • jess - 2012-01-29
    ermm its a guinea pig...
  • scarlett snow - 2012-06-03
    hey im looking for a guinea pig like this one would anyone know?.....and if you think thats a hampster then you have seen some very large hampsters:)and very furry ones at that!
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Paige - 2012-05-24
I was trying to figure out what kind of breed my guinea pig was. I looked online and found the description of a silkie guinea pig, so I searched for a picture, and when I saw this one I did a double take, as I thought it was my piggy in the picture. They look exactly alike. I absolutely love guinea pigs and my one makes me laugh so much as she is so dopey. She loves to climb up to my neck and hide in my hair and also loves lying on her back for some reason! She's a happy little sausage, but doesn't take too kindly to her mate (a rosette) trying to be the dominant one of the pair.


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