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soppy - 2010-06-03
I love guinea pigs and i will be looking after my godmothers soon xxxxxxx

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Me - 2012-07-24
I really want to get an abyssinian guinea pig!!!! My parents won't let me though. Is there a way that I could convince to let me?! I really really want one because I feel like I would be willing to take responsibilty and I would even be willing to pay for it!! Can you please also tell me what I would need to buy to care for the abyssinian? Okay thank you lots!!(:

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-25
    Before you purchase a little guinea pig, I would definitely reccomend that your purchase a book on Guinea Pigs - their care, their housing and feeding.  Read the whole book so you know how to care for the little fella.  The book will tell you everything you need from grooming brush (if required) to his safe place (some say cage), toys, food per week and cleaning and vet care (if required).  You can do some homework and find out the cost of a cage, cost of the little furry fella, cost of food and realize you would have to save up not only for the furry fella but also the safe place and toys.  How much time do they require per day in play and in cleaning out their cage.  How much does bedding cost?  So now you would know what all the costs are before you purchase a abyssian and I would add up all the costs and see what the total is.  Then you would know how much time it would take per day to play with and clean out the cage.  You would also know the costs of feeding and bedding that you will have per week.  Then you can decide if you are willing to pay for all the costs and willing to spend the time taking care of it and cleaning up after it for a number of years.  If the answer is yes, you can take all your costs and show your parents and show them the book you read and show them how you are going to be able to pay for it and care for it and then ask them if you can have an absysinian.  I know this sounds like a lot of work but you need to do it anyway because you would want your little guy to be healthy and happy.  You need to know everything about caring for him and the costs associated with purchasing one before you do it.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.
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tamsyn lampkin - 2010-11-08
I have a peruvian called bubbles and she is 5 different colors and a rescue :D

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  • feny - 2012-09-06
    I'll buy it or trade it pleaseeeee
Teague Parker - 2010-04-20
We have several pigs but are in the market for a pervian. Let us know you have any for sale or trade! 828-497-1264

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  • amanda - 2012-05-27
    I have two peruvian guinea pigs for a new home please email me back small rehoming fee is needed for them
  • Heather Friesland - 2012-06-30
    I have a adult female guinea pig 2 baby males going to have long hair because there dad is long hair peruvian male. If you are interested please call me ask for Heather phone number is 828 322-4633 or 828 413-5571    thank you
  • ginger - 2012-09-06
    I have 3 and their so fluffy tell me if anyone wants one
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Lucy Lemon - 2012-06-20
I've got a teddy called Pepper! She is by far the tamer of my piggies!

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  • destiny - 2012-09-06
    that is so cute its so fluffyyyyyyyyyy
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HJ - 2012-09-04
We just got our new guinea pig, 'Leo', and he is an Abyssinian. He is my first guinea pig and will not be our last. Pet stores have so much for them as well, you can spoil them at a descent price. They are really cuddly, lovable animals if that is what you are looking for. It is rare they bite, and are great for smaller kids. We did a little research before getting Leo, but I hope everyone enjoys their Guinea Pig, we sure do. :)

Untold - 2012-08-23
I really want an Abyssinian for my bday. I have a little sister and she would love her too. My parents are a little worried about the smell and responsibility. How do I prove them wrong? Please reply fast!

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  • gianna - 2012-09-02
    Well, guinea pigs don't stink at all. if you get a male they might a little, but its a slight scent. Guinea pigs are a big responsibility, if you are looking for just 1 you have to make sure you give him/her a lot of attention. its best to get 2, but if can just get 1 that's perfectly fine. -MAKE SURE YOU LOOK UP THE INFORMATION FOR GUINEA PIGS- thanks!
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Shantelle - 2012-08-31
I have a girl guinea pig I've had get for a while. She'll be 1 year old in October. I've heard alot about guinea pigs being playful but she never wants to play and she doesn't like it to much when people handle her... I don't know if that's bad or normal or what...

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-31
    The problem with trying to describe a personality of a 'group' of things whether they be guinea pigs, kittens, puppy, horses or even specifics such as siamese cat or Doberman - is they don't read the books on what humans write their behavior is.  Normally guinea pigs are playful but then the question 'what is play'.  Doesn't she sorta try and tickle your fingers?  Does she push marbles or little balls around if you roll them to her on the floor.  Does she like to stretch up to reach a treat?  There are many ways to play.  Some play cards.  Some play computer games.  Some play football or basketball.  Some knit.  All is normal.
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Pj - 2012-01-04
I need to know exactly how much the guiniea pigs are!!!!!

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-01-04
    It varies from place of purchase. Most large pet retailers such as PetSmart, or Petco sell them for $20-30. However, I have found them cheaper at privately owned pet stores for $15.00.
  • dalia garza - 2012-08-14
    Hello my name is Dalia. And I'm a first time breeder with only one cute and adorable guinea pig who I love very very much. My pet guinea pigs name is Bugzie Casper, he's all white with light brown patches on the left side of his but I found out that he's half albino and half kaliko.
emily - 2012-06-02
I'm planning to get a guinea pig. I'm only eleven. I have four fish by the way but I want an animal that can run and play with me. Should I get one?

please reply
thank you

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  • emily - 2012-06-02
    PS: I live in a apartment i forgot to add that to my comment.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-02
    A little guinea pig can be a really great pet and lots of fun. If you get one, it would be up to you to take care of. Just like your mom took care of you when you were really little, you would have to take care of your little guinea pig because it is really little and can't take care of itself. It is a good apartment pet but you have to clean the cage a little every day and then real well a couple times a week. You have to make sure he has food and fresh water. You have to hold him and play with him and talk to him and tell him stories. Of course you can tell him all your secets cuz he won't tell anyone ever. So if you are willing to clean the cage, feed and water the little fella and care for him - I think it would make a real good pet.
  • Anonymous - 2012-08-05
    I am also eleven and I am getting a guinea pig what kind would you recommend
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-05
    Get whatever guinea pig that likes you the best.
  • Kimberly - 2012-08-12
    Hello, I am 14 years old I have 3 guinea pigs. They are very loving. I have an Abyssinian, an American, and an American-silky. If you would like to comb/brush your guinea pigs hair I would recomend a silky or there are plenty of other breeds with long hair but if you don't really plan on taking care of it's hair besides bathing them then an American is best(: I love guinea pigs. Mine don't really run and play they like to lay down and be lazy and cuddle and that's about it. But you should look up all the different types of breeds and see what fits your personality. Since your a first time handler I think you should start out with a mellow guinea pig first, but that is my opinion but they are VERY loving. You just have to take care of them and interact with them a lot and stuff.  Hope you find a new best friend soon! Enjoy your guinea pig.!!!!(:

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