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H - 2004-03-11
We just went to say "morning" to our little 10 week old boy "George". To discover that today George is Georgea and now a mum of twins. As a teenage Mum she will naturally get lots of support. Well done girl they look gergeous.....hope to get a closer look soon..H & K H

Rebecca Stabler - 2004-03-09
I have eleven guinea pigs. There are two boys and the rest are girls, here are their names: Frostie,Ginger, Snowdrop, Hedgehog, Vixen, Furby, Co-co, Annabelle, Choloe, Sherbert and Nutty.
Rebecca,13, Saltdean in Brighton.

Rebecca Stabler - 2004-03-09
My guinea pig, Snowdrop had four babies with my other guinea pig, Frostie, She had two girls, Sherbert and Nutty,and two boys, Blothches and Doughnut. The boys went to another home and the girls stayed with their mum. Another guinea pig, Badger had four boys, They were born on Christmas day, so they all got xmassy names!! Mistletoe, Gift, Holly and Tinsel. Sadly, Badger had to be put down on 27th February 2003. I miss her lots. The last Piggy that had babies had only one, Co-co! Both of the daddies had to be castrated.

Joni Butts - 2004-03-09
I currently own 9 guinea pigs. I am a novice breeder and bred seven of the animals I still have. Guinea pigs make wonderful pets for anyone who has the time and energy to care for them. My main suggestion to the new guinea pig owner would be to keep more than one animal. I have been keeping guinea pigs for 5 years, and they certainly do alot better when kept in same-sex pairs or groups.

Anonymous - 2004-03-06
I love guinea pigs sooooo much!

Rebecca - 2004-03-02
More!More!More! The pictures of the babies are sooooooo cute!!!!

lily - 2004-02-25
hi i have three guinea pigs. ones a boy but we keep them apart. i thought they could have babies maybe one day ill put them together.

Rachel M - 2004-02-22
I think my guinea pigs are really great. They are 10 months old and they are really cute when they do everything. I have two little boys named Patches and Smudge. Guinea pigs are the best house pets ever!!! They are cute, easy to take care of, quiet and just plain THE BEST!!! I would definiteley recommend researching on this pet before purchasing one. If you decide to get one, it (or them) will change your life with lots of happiness!!!

Kimmy - 2004-02-21
I have two very cute and cuddly piggys.They are called shania and jazzy.They love it when i come home.They squeel knowing that i have treats for them.They are my best friends.I love them so much.They are a joy to have as pets.

Stacey - 2004-02-21
Hi my name is Stacey and i have 2 guinea pigs. One is ginger and the other one is lots of different colours. I think guinea pigs are so adorable and so CUTE! I have found lots of advice about guinea pigs on your website! I hope to get more advice in the near future.


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