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Rachel - 2004-04-12
my guinea pig is the cutest guinea pig youll ever see and also the noseyest. Once she was having a look round our living room and i ended up finding her under the couch, i still dont no how she got under their. My brothers guinea pig was pregnant and we didnt know then one day i went out to the run and saw she had 5 legs so i went to my mum and told her their was a mouse and when we to a piece of food to pull her out we saw a little baby guinea pig and a load of blood on the box. It turned out to be a boy so we couldnt keep him or we would have many more babyies plus we didnt have the room. Their names are quite cute mine is raisin and my brithers is rum so it was rum and raisin, My brother desided to call the baby tonic.
by rachel bowker 12

Anonymous - 2004-04-12
I love Guinea Pigs.They are so sweet and adorable.Sometimes,they look at you with big baby eyes .

Morgan Sanders - 2004-04-05
I love the site with all the cute pictures! It is so helpful for my guinea pig slideshow. The baby guinea pigs are wonderful for my show!

Marie - 2004-03-28
I just did my science project on Pinecone, Scraps, Zappy, Zoomie and CocoaBear, my five Guinea pigs.Thanx 4 helping!;p

Dan - 2004-03-22
guinea pigs rule

Helen Manchester - 2004-03-20
My name is Helen i have two guinea pigs. There names are speedy and jitters. They are so cute and loveable. I like talking to my guineas all of the time. They are some thing that dose not talk back to me. They listen to me and not talk back at me. My guineas are my life. Speedy is going to have her first litter of pups. I am so excited about the babys coming real soon.


ashley - 2004-03-15
I love small animals they are fun and cute and exciting to take care of thats why i want to become a vet for small animals.

Linsay - 2004-03-15
They are so cute.
I have 1 GP.
I am doing a report about them too.
Thanx for sharing your pictures with me!!

H - 2004-03-11
We just went to say "morning" to our little 10 week old boy "George". To discover that today George is Georgea and now a mum of twins. As a teenage Mum she will naturally get lots of support. Well done girl they look gergeous.....hope to get a closer look soon..H & K H

Rebecca Stabler - 2004-03-09
I have eleven guinea pigs. There are two boys and the rest are girls, here are their names: Frostie,Ginger, Snowdrop, Hedgehog, Vixen, Furby, Co-co, Annabelle, Choloe, Sherbert and Nutty.
Rebecca,13, Saltdean in Brighton.


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