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Jen Brandt - 2004-10-27
I got two male Guinea Pigs last year for my 15th birthday and named one of them Bubble Guinea (from the movie Bubble Boy) and the other my parents call Rizo (after Rizo the rat in the Muppets) but I like to call him Pea-yie-jee. Say it out loud slowly, you will figure it out. So anyway they great pets, and make me happy when they pur. I adore them.

Betty - 2004-10-10
I have a guinea pig her name is dolly and I got her yesterday, shes 9 weeks old

alicia - 2004-10-04
i absolutely recommend a guinea pig for a pet. they are loving, soooo cute, easy to keep. i think they are a very rewarding pet for people who want a snuggler on the sofa in the evening. my pigs are elvis and priscilla, and we do raise babies. they are el pacas...we love our pigs!

nissa - 2004-10-02
i am 13 and have 2 guineas. i think this page was very helpful to all guinea pig lovers. i thought you could add a little bit more on how to entertain your guinea and what toys you could buy or make yourself.

sarah robins - 2004-10-01
guinea pigs make excellent pets. they are loyal, loving, and love human companionship as well as other cavies.

ali - 2004-09-30
I have 2 grown up guinea pigs(1male & 1female) and 3 babies that were just born on sept. 28th. I love these little critters! They are the best pet ever. Almost like a small dog or cat. Verrrrry affectionate.

Sarah - 2004-09-25
Guinea are the most coolest Animals on earth!

leyanna - 2004-09-24
I love guinea pigs they make really good pets. I had a guinea pig named trixie, when we got her the pet store said she was a baby but now she is full grown and got pregnant. i was so excited when she had her babies. they were fun to raise and were soo cute!!

Emily webber - 2004-08-31
I just got my little guinea pig 8/29/04. his name is Oreo and he is 2 months old. he has a black eye and a white eye. he has a black ear and a white ear. he has a white face and neck and his middle part of his body is black and his bottom is white. his whole name is Oreo Dubblestuffed Cookie because he has more white than black. He is so cute and loveable. the only things are his claws. when he climbs on me it hurts, but hes just my little baby. He gets scared alot in his cage but when i take him out he is so social. Guinea pigs are the best pets to have.

My2Boys - 2004-08-17
I have been an Guinea Pig owner for only 5 months and I love them. They are the best pets for children. My two boys love them and they can take care of the little critters all by themselves. I have always been a "cat person" but since getting these sweet little animals, I am now a "piggy person".


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