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Erin - 2005-01-01
My guinea pig I think had mites and I got rid of them by giving my pig a bath in olive oil then washing it of with baby shampoo

emma - 2004-12-31
Guinea pigs are very sensetive(especially baby guinea pigs) so give them alot of love and they will soon grow to know you and love you back.

Lewis - 2004-12-30
I have very important news for all guinea pig owners and people who know guinea pig owners: make sure guinea pigs only get little fruit and vegetables every week as they risk getting bloated by mainly

Jo - 2004-12-29
Guinea pigs use(timothy)hay as a prime source of teeth grinding - they need their hay everyday!Pigs teeth constantly grow, so the need something reliably and daily to grind on - so combine the hay need, with the bedding need - hey presto - happy teeth and a happy pig!

Go Chris! - a few posts down --- we (me and my partner) are grown ups who were just looking after *a* pig for a little while, we now have 6 with big indoor cages - and an outside run area - our friends thought we were stupid and a little daggy - but after they have sat for more than 5 minutes with them they realise that the pigs have more personality than they thought!

BTW - carrot is very good for them but only 2-3 times a has something they can overload on if given daily...(and never give them seeds - very fatty;)- both these things can cause bladder problems later on.

Rory - 2004-12-22
Guinea pigs are easy pets to take care of. If you have 2 guinea pigs and only have one cage it is a good idea if you get 2 girls because they wont fight as much.

Kimberly Tan - 2004-12-20
Guinea pigs are so cute.

Caroline - 2004-12-20
I have two guinea pigs Snowball and Sesame. When I got Snowball she was only about one month old. After a while I realized she was getting fatter. One morning I woke up and my sister told me she had given birth! My family had no idea Snowball was pregnant. So now we have Snowball and Sesame, who are both girls.

Tricia - 2004-12-10
I like your site. Guinea pigs and rabbits should not be housed together, They are different, Have different needs, and a slight kick from a bunny could kill a pig.
howver, Guinea pigs can be housed with other guinea pigs, as buns can be housed with other buns.

chris - 2004-12-09
i love guinea pigs so much. well they have a bad rep. at my school. i talk about them and people say they are stupid. if you love or like guinea pigs stand up to people that make fun of your pet or animal

Desiree.N.Maggin - 2004-11-28
Ginny pigs are the best things in the world. they are the cutest things in the world, the cooliest things in the world, i could go on and on about ginny pigs, but i have to go now. by the way, i have a ginny pig as well.


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