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Brittany :) - 2005-03-10

Guinea pigs are fun lovable pets! They are easy to care for. My grandmother and I used to breed and care for these adorable pets. Guinea pigs are simple to care for, but you must keep them away from house pets such as dogs or cats.

lulu - 2005-03-09
i think guinea pigs are the best family pet if you have small children in the house. i have a 3 year old who is afraid of dogs but kittys scratch her! the moment we got a guinea pig she loved him! his nickname for her is gigi but his real name is cocoa. he is a dutch and i absolutly love him. i only have one guinea pig so i can avoid fights. however, sometimes cocoa is sad so i just take him for a walk. he is happy whenever he has food anyway, so why spend money on another guinea pig!? in conclusion, i think if you have small children in the house but you want to get a pet.... a guinea pig is a smart move.

Lyssa - 2005-03-06
Hey, I love my Guinea Pig and I have only had it for a week. Theyre so fun to just watch and especially when they eat. Theyre so cute and soft. mines only a baby, a baby girl, god i love her. I really recommend having a Guinea Pig. theyre so nice and rarely ever bite. i actually read that 1 in 400 Guineas bite so go out today and get one. Also this is a great site it has alot of important information!!
Love Me

Ronny - 2005-03-05
Your site is very nice, compliment!

Samantha - 2005-02-27
I love your site. I have 3 guinea pigs and a netherland dwarf rabbit. i havent had my guinea pigs for very long so i rely on the internet and books, and your site is by far the best. Thanks!

Catty - 2005-02-25
I love guinea-pigs too! My guinea-pig Lily Blossom fell 3ft out the hutch this morning, but she was alright (bless!)

amanda T. - 2005-02-21
guinea pigs are hot! What I mean is there so cute one would have to call them hot!

Lauren Mills - 2005-02-20
I have 6 guineas and they all live in a stable in runs. I have 2 boys and 4 girls. 2 of the girls are older and 3 of the small ones are her babes. they are nearly 4 months old. My hamster died last week coz he had a tumour. We also have 2 budgies and 1 love bird and loads of fish but we just sold most of them. We used to have a rabbit and 6 guineapigs before the ones we have now. I love animals especially guineas!

David Young - 2005-02-18
I have read in several places on this site that two male guinea pigs WILL fight. This is definitely not necessarily true. It depends on the personality of the guinea pig. I have found time and time again and so many instances where two males get along very well. Also, on numerous sites it states that they have been able to keep two male guinea pigs together quite well with so many cases.

eablondon - 2005-02-14
I love guinea pigs. my best friend has two pinky and punky and they are both babies, so when she is away i take care of them!


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