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Lauren - 2005-05-23
Hi there,
Here are some of the of my thoughts on guinea pig care:
One guinea pig needs at least 7 square feet of space in order to run around and exercise properly.
Sawdust, straw, and cat litter are not acceptable bedding choices.
Carrots should be given in moderation, about the equilvalent of one baby carrot per week per cavy, because they can cause bladder stones.
Treats should not be given, especially not dog biscuits. The only treat a cavy needs are fresh veggies.
Males get along quite well together and rarely fight. They live together almost 100% of the time peacefully.
Guinea pigs should never be kept with animals of a different species.
Babies should never be hand nursed with milk powder. This can and will kill them. They should be fed a special cavy product made by Oxbow that provides the nourishment they need similar to their mother's milk.
Vitamins added to water are useless, as the vitamin deteriorates immediately when diluted in liquid and/or exposed to light.

Jessica Holmlund - 2005-05-21
Hi my name is Jessica! My family bred guinea pigs. We bred them so much that we eventually had 55! We had more babies than mothers. We now only have three guinea pigs and are not allowed to breed them anymore. The reason we have three is because one mother that I'd had for a long time I caught in the wild, a guinea pig I found in a pet shop I begged my dad to get, and my sister begged my dad to get her one. So he did!

The mother, who I caught is Autumn 2, the guinea pig I saw in a pet shop I named Sweetheart(she's my favourite), and my sister's guinea pig is named Autumn Blue(to match and rhyme with Autumn 2). We have enjoyed breeding guinea pigs and love the babies that we saw.

P.S. I love your little baby Dawn! Mine was white!

Nikki B - 2005-05-17
Like a lot of people, I think guinea pigs are so cute! I'm 14 and sometimes I look after gp's for a week or two during school holidays when their owners go away. There's four of them altogether, the two girls and two boys are in separate cages for obvious reasons. At first when I started to look after them I was begging my parents for ages to let me get some of my own, but my mum thought that after a little while she would be the one to end up dealing with them. I assured her that this wasn't true and that couldn't she see just how gorgeous they were. They thought about me getting guinea pigs for my birthday more than half a year down the track, but much to my annoyance didn't! All I can say is that I'm actually quite thankful for this. Last time I looked after these family's guinea pigs I actually started to get a bit sick of having to clean their smelly cages every couple of days over the holidays! When I started to imagine having to do this every 2 or so days for the next 8-10 years I freaked! My whole teenage - young adult life would be spent cleaning up after cute rodents! No thank you, I'm now happy to look after the pigs every now and again but not for that long -- I think I might wait till I'm a mother with young kids of my own to take on such a responsibility :)

a houghton - 2005-05-16
i think it is completely wrong all these sites and books saying never keep more than one male. i always have and there is no difference. in fact i find females fight more. also never leave then male with the mother. as soon as she gives birth he will breed with her, and this second birth will surely kill her from exhaustion

Miguel-ler Reyes - 2005-05-12
I bought a guinea pig a year ago and I successfully bred them. Now I have 4 guinea pigs. They are really cute and lovable though they are really noisy.

Kate Zantrek - 2005-04-28
I love your site. I have decided to give you a link back from my site. I hope it gives you some extra traffic.


Susan Brown - 2005-04-25

I have a wonderful guinea pig called FRANKIE, she is very sweet and lives in her hutch with open space to the garden all through the day. She used to have a lovely kind Jack Russell called Tara who mothered her and looked after her, unfortunately her surogate mother passed away. Now she has the company of all the birds and cats that visit her garden.

She will be celebrating her 12th year this year I think this is a real achievment for a guinea pig and I would assume well on the way for a world record.


Britme - 2005-04-21
I have six guinea pigs. One of them saved me from a snake.

Mel & Dan - 2005-04-13
Hi Laura, your message really moved us. Tac was part of our family for 7 years until she passed away last month. It was really hard but we gave her a happy life, with a lot of fun and love and that is what is important. I am sure your piggy loved you very much and I am sure she/he had a great life with you. So please dry your tears and think happy thoughts about Truffles. Love,

Gina - 2005-04-13
Guinea pigs are so nice to have because their temperment is mellow. They are not demanding at all. I just got two 5 month old boars who are brothers, one short hair cocoa color with tan markings and another abyssinian of the same color with some white markings. They are just getting used to their new home. The sweetest thing is how they love to purr!


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