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Kim - 2005-06-16
I have a guinea pig named Rocky. (He is sitting in my lap right now!)
I like this information to help me understand his needs better. It's good Information!

jonathan - 2005-06-15
Guinea Pigs are small animals, but have the intelligence of dogs. I have owned eight guniea pigs, and I know this is true. Every guinea pig I have owned has been very intelligent. I have owned an agouti, an abyssinian, many self-creams, and an american guinea pig. they are all very smart in their own ways. Agout's use tools to do certain things and are very crafty. Abyssinians are very caring and loving to younger guniea pigs. Self creams are very athletic and love attention. American guinea pigs are probably the most intelligent. They do not forget many things that you teach them and interact in different ways. All of these kinds of guinea pigs are very intelligent and many people should own them.

BRITTANY - 2005-06-14
I'm Brittany and i have 6 guinea pigs. I have 2 adult females, 1 adult male and today my girl guinea pig just had 3 multi coloured babies.I reckon that guinea pgs are adorable and make fantastic pets.

crystal - 2005-06-04
I have a guinea pig, and I simply adore him!! It is funny to see him eat an orange, because then his chin gets all orange. I love my guinea pig!! :-)

rachael - 2005-06-02
i have 2 pigs called 'pig' and 'piganna', and both both have their own little personalities!

Tori - 2005-06-02
I have six guinea pigs. I think they are the best first pets. I will tell you about my guinea pigs. I have had baby guinea pigs and their names are Boger, Batman and Teady-Bear. I have had more babies too, there names are Carlie, Chubby, Batgirl, Daisy and Little-Bob, but Little-Bob died when he was four days old because everyone was stepping on him, he was the smallest. Katie is the mom for first time babies and the dad is Sr.Bob. Teady-Bear is the mom of two and the dad is Batman. I love my guinea pigs!! Tori

crystal - 2005-05-27
I have two guinea pigs and one of them died today. I am so sad, I want to find out why Spiky has died...Now leaving Bobo alone....They were one pair and they loved each other so much....I wonder whether I should get a new partner for Bobo. She is so sad now....She queeks loudly when her friend is in danger...Until now she is still looking for her friend....Spiky was mischevious while Bobo is quiet......They loved each other very much...I am so sad on the lost of spiky...

Tamara L. Townsend - 2005-05-26
I love guinea pigs a lot,particularly the long-haired types. I had an orange-and-white Peruvian female named Pebbles, whom I entered in a charity pet show for the local SPCA. She won "Best in Show"! I was very proud of her. I currently own (or am owned by!) two GP's I've adopted from a guinea pig rescue group. I am very pleased with my pets and the organization I adopted them from. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend adoption for anyone who wants to acquire a pet of ANY kind. There are far to many perfectly good pet lives going to waste out there due to pet over- breeding. I cannot over stress the point.

Luke Curtis - 2005-05-26
we had a guinea pig called big Moma who had 8 babies but r normal is 4

miskaffon - 2005-05-23
I tend to agree with cavycages, as my girls have a 3x5 foot cage and are extremely happy critters. NO cavy should be in a 2 foot square cage and have no companion...


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