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Marie - 2009-12-06
I bought one skinny pig and loved him soooo much I had to have more. I now have several and play with them all. They have similarities but each have their own personality. Love them all! Great for people with allergies and they have no hair to shed on your clothes and furniture~

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  • lisa genner - 2010-02-26
    Hi marie, I am looking to get a skinny pig tomorrow (sat) but I am unsure on how to house him to keep him warm without having the heating on all the time. Can you help? What kind of set up do you have? Can you please email a photo if poss to and info that may help to look after him properly? thanks, lisa
  • AMY - 2010-03-07
    I live in ny could you tell me are there any around here. Hollerhome@hotmail. Com
  • jody - 2010-03-08
    i wish i could have one but i can't have one you are very lucky
  • cheri bowman8 - 2010-03-25
    I have been looking for a pair of skinny pigs for a long time. Do you know where I can find them for sale. I have many other guinea pigs I show them. Can you help me? Thank you.
  • SqueakSpeeddemonbabe - 2014-03-04
    Guinea pigs don't leave much fur on your furniture!
squeakspeeddemon babe - 2014-03-04
You cannot put them in a small fish tank as they need to run around!

emma - 2014-03-01
Hey people my name is Emma and it's my mate 17th soon and she really wants a skinny pig. I live in Leicester so if anyone is selling one please contact me.

Harley - 2014-02-13
Hiya I have a week old baby skinny pig, her skin is really dry and bumpy. It doesn't seem like normal dry skin, as she is covered in tiny raised bumps! Any help or advice?!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-16
    Skinny pigs still have hair follicles, and usually become rather 'fuzzy' as they mature. I'm guessing this is what they are. As long as she is eating and acting normal, I wouldn't worry to much.
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Anonymous - 2013-07-13
I don't have a guinea pig but I love them. I have a baby boy hamster named Rory, before we got Rory my sister had a girl hamster named Creamy. I love animals and want to be a vet when I am older. I want to be a vet and hamster/ guinea pig breeder.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-14
    A veterinarian is an awesome thing to be when you grow up! Good luck and don't give up!
  • yolanda - 2014-01-17
    i love this animal
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Anonymous - 2010-04-28
Did you know, Guinea pigs do MUCH better with at least 1 friend Guinea Pig? I got my first the summer of 2009, I was her third owner, she was also very poorly treated, then, we got her a friend, American Guinea Pig, Loki. She was sooooo much happier, even for a crancy of piggy. When she passed, we had to get another one because Loki always had a friend, so we got a mixed breed, Abyssine and Teddy bear. I don't know if she is a teddy bear, she has long hair, but albino, so it's hard to tell.

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  • olaoye gabriel - 2013-11-21
    I need your magazine for guinea pigs and rabbits.
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zakyrah - 2013-10-21
I have an American and a teddy they are the best and the don't die quickly.

zakyrah - 2013-10-21
I have 7 guinea pigs the best is a teddy or American to me and if they do breed they need lots of care and if you have an abyssinan they can die quickly because my friend had one.

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Shar - 2012-12-11
i have 2 Abyssinian guinea pigs and i just got a skinny pig yesterday, i slowly introduce them one by one then all 3 of them were getting along on the couch, playing eating etc. but once i put the skinny in the cage with them then the other 2 seemed to get territorial and aggressive, now i have the cage split in 2 so now they are separated but will they always be aggressive? or will in pass? i don't want to have to keep the skinny piggy separate and alone

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-12-13
    You may have a couple of males. Females almost always get along while males will tend to fight if there is a female around. Males usually get along IF they were raised together, but if there is a female around then they may start squabbling as well. Also, older guinea pigs don't always take to a new comer (especially older males).
  • renee - 2012-12-24
    I separate the pig causing commotion and eventually the fighting subsides. I leave the trouble maker by itself for a few days and when the piggie gets ornery I seperate it again. I do this until it learns that it will get along or be lonely.
  • tamara - 2013-05-22
    if you clean the cage completle and switch everything around it will help them to be less territorial because it no longer has their scent or anything, in a way i guess it almost confuses them
  • julie - 2013-08-24
    Hi I have a 3 year old male guinea pig and I have just got 2 baby skinny males, I put them all in a brand new house where there is no scent, and I have not had any problems at all. xx
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Deborah Getzler Munoz - 2013-01-25
We got a male abyssinian 9 days ago, he is cute, chutts a lot = their way of talking. He likes to be held and given veggie treat - lettuce, loves cilantro and spinach and carrots. He is kinda messy- trying to train him to use a litter box. Has anyone had any luck with this?

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  • joe sanders - 2013-07-18
    It is normal just do your daily care and it's fine to just do a spot clean every day or very often.

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