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Betty - 2007-06-05
I just got two beautiful male peruvian cavies from the animal shelter, cozmo and king. me and my mom raise different breeds from texals to peruvians. my favorite piggy is a little mix breed female named cotton. she only has one eye and we have to keep her teeth trimed, and shes a little nuts. she is the sad product of inbreeding. mom found her and took her out of a bad enviroment. so please don't inbreed your piggies, cotton has a good life now but she has a lot of problems. no amount of chewing helps her teeth and we think shes totally blind. She is very picky about her treats, but her favorite is peanut butter dog biscuts! I also have a new baby texal cream/white. the only name that comes to mind for me is button. he likes to stay on my shoulders and chew my hair lol....

bev, stacy, neil and jimmy - 2007-05-28
i have 3 guinea pigs they are called molly, maisy and jack. jack is the boy, molly and maisy are girls. jack is like the boss out of the 3 because they seem to move when he goes near them. we have had jack for 18 months and molly and maisy for 13 months. they always play with each other.o ur dog scamp always trys to get them. she chases them around the run, but she cant get them because they are protected by the run around them. we all love our guinea pigs so much.

alicia - 2007-05-08
Almost 2 years ago i got a guinea pig. She was the cutest thing ever...she always talked and she loved to eat. But after i had had her for about half a year she became very sick. She lost alot of weight and she wasnt a healthy eatter like she had been. So i took her to the vet and he told me that she had ovarian cancer and that it was not an uncommon thing among female guinea pigs. so the vet was running some tests to see if there was any treatment that would help her... but the day the labs came back she had died during the night in her cage. I was so upset that ever since then i havent gotten another guinea pig.... but maybe i will this summer.

Bumble Head - 2007-05-06
Careful in getting these great lil pets as some family members have allergies from them and then you have to get rid of your lil pigger friends. I know as i adoped 2 and my wife of 25 years had allergies and they had to go as I could not put my wife thru such misery.
If you know some one who has a pigger borrow it for a few weeks, if all in the house can live with it, if all are ok, get PIGS!

alison - 2007-04-24
I have had 5 guinea piggies and they are wonderful. First i was given 3 guinea pigs for christmas about 6 years ago. We named them Buttercup, Gloria and Rosie. Gloria was my favourite, she had a great character she talked all the time. She was very athletic always running around her cage. But then she got ill and i mean really ill. She lost loads of weight and always had mucuse coming out of her nose. We took her to the vets they said she had a throat tumor, the lump in her throat was so big that food couldnt pass through. We had to have her put down, she was 4 years old. Buttercup then ran away about half a year later whilst we were on holiday. The run wasnt properly fastened and she made a dash for it. Butty was a quiet guinea pig. She was quite nervous of her sisters who always bossed her around. We made a desperate attempt to find her. we put notices up everywhere but wwe got no answers. The when Rosie was 5 she died of a head tumor. She lived to a good age and was a beautiful guinea pig. She was quite bossy but absolutely adorable.
A year later a friend of ours didnt want their 2 guinea pigs anymore. At the time they were 3 years old. They didnt want them anymore because they wanted a dog. I think that is horrible if you want a guinea pig you should look after them till they die. Anyway the guinea pigs are called Brenda and Missy they are gorgeous. But because we havent had them since babies they arent very tame. Anyway my best advice is give your guinea pigs the love they deserve right until they sadly pass away!

alison - 2007-04-24
I have had 5 guinea pigs now and i love them to bits. They are so sweet and just love to sit on your lap for hours.
I dont agree with them being nocturnal. Of course my guinea pigs live outside in their hutch but they are always up in the day and never in the night. They wake up about 7 or if their feeling paticularly lazy 8. i notice they go to bed about 9. My guinea pigs go out in the run all day and we try to play with them for an hour each day. We only have 2 at the moment, but we might be getting 2 more girls.
The girls are definitely my favourite because they never fight! i am no way saying that you shouldnt have boys because lots dont fight. I just prefer girls!
My guinea pigs are called Missy and Brenda. Missy is an abysinian tortieshell but Brenda doesnt have a breed. We have had 2 long haired guinea pigs (buttercup from our last set of guinea pigs had long hair) I dont paticularly like them having long hair. i find they smell more and need more grooming but each to their own taste!
I love guinea pigs and if some one is thinking about one they definitely should. If you can, get one from a rescue center. Most pet shops are fabulous but some poor guinea pig might need a home and love that you could give them....Luv yhoo x

Eleanor - 2007-04-05
I love guinea pigs so much, even though I have bad allergies to them. We've had eight, and at present have four, so that's twelve altogether. If you realise that your eyes are getting dry ad itchy, you get rashes all over your face, and you feel that something's biting you all the time, and you have a guinea pig, it's allergies. But they're not so severe you can't have them. I wouldn't stop having guinea pigs for all the money in the world!

Eleanor - 2007-04-02
I love guinea pigs; they are absolutely my favourite animals! I've had these guinea pigs-
Sunny, my first. He was wonderful- handsome, clever and affectionate. If he hadn't been like that, I don't think we would have had another guinea pig. Sadly, he died of cancer within two years.
Bluebell was bought as a companion for Sunny. He ran away and died, but he was about three years old then.
Corry- the first female guinea pig! Mated with Bluebell, and had four gorgeous guinea pigs! She was so, so beautiful, but was also extremely aggresive to anyone except for her owners. Two of them we gave away to friends.
Apple- one of the babies. Very, very nervy. Ran away, and then came back, with terrible injuries. He died the next morning, at about one year.
Berry was the other of the babies that we kept. Very sturdy, very quiet and boring. She disappeared a few weeks after her mother was taken off by a scavenging bird.
Goldie- orginally bought as a companion for another guinea pig, Callie. She disappeared in just a few months, slipping under her run's closure.
Present pigs-
Callie- very, very beautiful and very affectionate. He's about two years old. Likes to go to sleep on your lap, but is also very active.
Hollie, also known as the French 'Bebe'- very nervous, can be affectionate or viscious with other guinea pigs. However, mostly mild.
Coco, initially named Gin- We were given Coco for for free, by a person that couldn't look after him, and his brother Nutmeg. This guinea pig is very jumpy, extremely sweet and affectionate, will jump into your hands with no fear.
Nutmeg, initially named Tonic- Coco's brother, and much the opposite. Very snappy, rarely relaxes, often kicks and bites if annoyed. (Guinea pigs don't usually kick at all- but this one does. If one strokes within two inches of his back legs, he'll kick.)

Well, that's it! Hope to have many, many more, as well!

Eleanor - 2007-04-02
The basics about the care of guinea pigs:

Guinea pigs need at least five hours every day on grass in a reasonably sized, covered partially (with plastic or wood; for shade and for protection) chicken wire run, regardless if it's rainy or sunny. It's essential to put a small box with woodshavings and hay inside the run, so they can sleep during the daytime.
At night, you may choose whether to have a large outdoor cage, or a large box in the house to house your guinea pigs in. Indoor cags can be obtained, but these are rarely big enough for the guinea pig, and are widely impractical. In any case, shelter should have the essentials;
newspaper/magazines- to absorb any leakage or liquid waste.
woodshavings- to absorb any liquid. These should thickly cover the newspaper.
Hay- bedeck shelter with this bedding material in excess. This is a staple food, bedding, and even toy for guinea pigs.
Food bowl- containing plenty of fresh dry food.
Selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Food plays a large part in your guinea pigs life. Hay, grass, dry food, and carrots are needed in large amounts by any domestic guinea pig. (water is not neccesary, contrary to popular belief. Guinea pigs often do not utilise water bottles or water bowls; instead, source their water from foods such as tomato, lettuce, celery, or cucumber- guinea pigs will respond enthusiasticly to these in comparison with other hydrating techniques.)
Fresh food that is great for guinea pigs includes-
carrots, apple, pear, clery, sprouts, cabbage, turnip, grass, lettuce, leaves, plum, berries, etcetera.
You'll find that guinea pigs have wise judgement, and won't go near anything that they don't like or that is remotely harmful to them. Some guinea pigs are very fussy with food; don't indulge them in their fussiness, as this will lead to later inconveniences and fussy preferences. Instead, give them as much of that particular food as you would under usual circumstances; they will then eat it gladly and get used to it, whilst being well nourished. Of course, be sure to accurately draw the line between giving them harmful food as opposed to food that they simply don't like.
Give them three choices of fresh food every evening, and refill their food bowl with dry food whenever the level goes past halfway down the bowl. Some brands of dry food which I find appealing to guinea pigs are
Supa Guinea dry food
Wagg Guinea pig
Gerty Guinea pig dry food
Brush your guinea pig's coat every week, and bathe them gently every two months to mantain ultimate standards for your guinea pig's looks.
Guinea pig brushes can easily be bought from a local pet shop, but a large toothbrush or soft bristle brush will be equally substantial.
To bath a guinea pig;
A guinea pig can be bathed in either a full size bath, a sink, or a basin.
It would be unhygienic to bath guinea pigs in a sink, but would give them added security to be bathed in a small space.
Basins are ideal, since they comfort the guinea pig because of its confined space, and are clean for guinea pigs to use.
A bath will be good for releasing guinea pig's pent up energy, but they'll be more frightened in such a large space, it will waste water, and be unhygienic.
Guinea pigs will be scared during bathtime, and will often try to either jump out or cling onto one's hand. This is no cause for concern. They will recover completely if placed in a warm, comforting hay box with plently of care, attention, and special treat foods, such as banana (don't give them this as a regular food, as it doesn't wear down their teeth well enough, and is too sweet for them to eat on a regular basis).
First, buy some guinea pig shampoo/ mild tea tree shampoo fro any chemist's or pet shop. Hsve a large, fluffy towel ready, and a brush.
Fill the {basin} {3/4} of the way full (depending on the size of the guinea pig) with tepid water. Place the guinea pig in it gently, yet firmly. Lather your guinea pigs coat with a small squeeze of shampoo. Do not lather any further then the ears, and take especial care not to get any soap in the mouth, eyes, ears, or nose. Rinse with plenty of warm water so that no soap suds or traces of shampoo are left in his coat. Lift the guinea pig out, onto a towel, and roll it around him, so that it looks like an Egyptian mummy. This covers his fur evenly on all sides, and makes him feel protected. Cuddle your guinea pig, stroke it, rub him gently, and talk to it comfortingly. This will put your guinea pig at ease.
Most guinea pigs love to be brushed after their bath, but some will sqeauk with the unfamiliar sensation. More often the not, you will not be hurting your guinea pig as you are brushing him. Brush with steady, even strokes that sopan the length of his body.
Finally, guinea pigs need to be paid much attention. They must be handled, stroked, and talked to, every day. This developes their sociable tendencies and affectionate nature. If you get to know your guinea pig well enough, it will feel comfortable enough to run towards you, purr, or sqeauk when it sees or hears you; it will fall asleep on your lap; it will take food from you; it won't be scared of you; it will recognize you; it will lick you, and, most importantly, develop a relationship with you.

Eleanor - 2007-04-02
The first thing you should know about taking guinea pigs is responsibility. They respond to everything, and you have to protect them from the bad things. If you aren't entirely sure that you can take fantastic care of them, don't get any. Really, They aren't just small animals. In that rescpect, they are maybe even harder to take care of then one of the most popular animals, like a cat or dog.


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