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Tana - 2008-01-19
I got my guinea pig for my birthday and I got one of her babies too. She had two babies, they were so cute. One is Charlett and the other is Lola.

Natasha - 2008-01-18
My guinea pig, Nutmeg, was the first pet I had. I got her when I was in 1st grade. I was so excited to have a pet. My guinea pig was easy to care for, looked so cute, and best of all she had a great personality. I think that guinea pigs are one of the best pets you could ever have. They are good first pets, they are also good around children. Guinea pigs rock!

Rayanne - 2008-01-14
Guinea pigs are so cute. I got one on xmas eve and mine is a girl. She hops like a rabbit! Hahaha. Well, it's so cute but not the poopys, ewww. I hate cleaning the poops and the cage. My guinea pig is named Rose and I'm Ray-Anne Wilson.

Rebecca - 2008-01-08
Guinea pigs are cute! I got one the day after Christmas, it was fun! If you like guinea pigs join the clan CLUB GUINEA PIGS! LOL!

Patches is my guinea pig - 2008-01-08
I have a guinea pig, his name is Patches. He is about 8 weeks old and I got him the day after Christmas! We got his brother too, for my brother. His name is Stinker. He is bigger then mine, mine was the smallest of the litter. =P

Anonymous - 2007-12-31
My guinea pigs name is p-nut. It is a girl and I really love her. I've had her for almost 6 years and she is very fat, all she likes to do is sleep and eat. She also likes to tip her bowl over and eat, and make a big mess. When I feed her some of her guinea pig food and lettuce, she eats it so fast that it's gone in ten minites. I love my guinea pig.

Rahul - 2007-12-30
Guinea pigs are lovable animals. I have 1 guinea pig, it is a girl. Her name is nitchi. She eats a special kind of plant. She has a little black on her face and is brown and white.

ellie - 2007-12-27
Hi, my names Ellie. I think that this site is fantastic. You have given me lots of tips about looking after mother guinea pigs and how to look after baby guinea pigs, and you also have brilliant pictures of baby and adult guinea pigs. So to all those people at Dr. Jungle's Animal-World, you are doing a terrific job. Keep it up!
Thank you Ellie

Paige - 2007-12-15
I LOVE guinea pigs, they are a great! I have 2 guinea pigs. One only has 3 legs, her name is Carmela. My other guinea pig is albino and his name is Nutterbutter. I used to have another one, he was black and white and the best guinea pig ever. His name was Oreo and he only had 1 eye. Sadly he died on friday July 13th, 2007. my guinea pigs are fantastic!

alexia - 2007-11-22
Guinea Pigs are so loving and kind. Love yours like a sister or brother. Take care of yours. Alexia


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