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   Being very lovable and active pets, ferrets make great companions!
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rebecca oliver - 2005-01-17
Hi my name is rebecca im from australia
i have a 11 week old ferret her name is bandit.... i couldnt think of a day with out her now... she is sooo playfull and soo cute... my hubby wasnt really keen on the idea of having a ferret but he gave in and let me have on he got her for me for christmas... it was the best thing i have ever got. i love her to bits.
she(bandit)is a sable and shehas a mask over her eyes thats why we called her bandit or bandy for short.. shes soo cute god i love her..if anyone wants to chat ot me about your ferret or mine feel free to email me on

paddy and liamo - 2005-01-15
i think the animal world is great and hunting should be completely banned. the two most favourite animals are ferrets and rats

Lucy Ellis - 2004-12-30
Ferrets are meant to be cleverer than dogs. i used to want a dog, now i want a Ferret. i am currently trying to pursuade my mom to get me one!

jeremiah - 2004-12-28
i have found that an older ferret is a much better choice unless you have alot of patients. i had a kit and just about pulled out my hair trying to train him. he whined alot at night and made alot of noise. just recently i got a 4yr old female ferret someone no longer wanted and i was really happy. she is sooooo sweet and loveable!

Caidy - 2004-12-20
hi, i desperately want a ferret! lol they are so so sooooo cute and your website has been so helpful to me. i now know what i will need when i convince my parents to let me get a ferret! thank you so much. bye

Lynne - 2004-12-11
Fantastic pet. Intelligent, loving, cute, a challenge. I love mine to bits. Make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for before you get them, really do the research.

I had wanted ferrets for years. I didnt commit because I realised that they would be a big responsibility and needed the same (or more) commitment than owning a dog. I mean, lets face it some people think they smell and are vicious ( I like their smell and mine arent vicious ). So getting someone to look after them while on holiday could be an issue.

This year I decided to get two sisters from a rescue after swatting up on ferret facts for about 18 months in forums on the net. Father Christmas came early and got me a huge cage. I have had the girls for just over 2 months. They are lovely. They are cute, crazy sweet and have taken over our lives. My husband, who wasnt keen on the idea of ferrets, has gone completely soft in the head about them. My grown up sons think they are great. I have no problems with holiday care because sons will have them, or a ferret owning friend, or the rescue will board them. I miss them when I am at work and when I am at home I keep talking to them and stroking them through the bars.

When I let them out to play they go completely nuts. I change their toys regularly to keep them stimulated. Their favourite toy is a 21" diameter washing bowl with long grain rice in to a depth of about 3" deep, They dig in it, wrestle on it and scuba through it. It makes a mess, -I dont care, LOL. I have a hand held rechargeable vacuum cleaner and clean it up when I think necessary.

I limit them to one room which is ferret proofed. I plan to ferret proof the rest of the house to broaden their horizons.

I got the book "Ferrets for Dummies" which is packed with info. I also find there is tons of info on the net. One thing I have found though is that ferret owners are passionate about their ferrets and can also passionately disagree about their care. It is a case of hunting around for what info seems correct, not necessarily accepting the first thing you read.

BTW the subject of flea treatments seems to be a controversial one judging by what I have read on various message boards. Luckily my girls havent got them.

Kerri martin - 2004-11-26
Hi. i have had three ferrets and they are great pets to have. My friends think they are like rats but theyre not at all. i love them. my mum doesnt like them so i had to get rid of mine, but my brother has two. so if he goes on holiday i get to look after them. but if you get them for christmas you have to remember that a pet is for life not just for christmas, and ferrets need a lot of love, care, and attention.

nicole - 2004-10-24
Hello my name is Nicole. I have 2 ferrets. A fancy girl named Sugar and a sable male named Chucky Monkey. I believe that snacks are good if u are training your ferret. But you forgot to mention the most popular snacks. They like banana, raisons, and kix. I still think you did a good job with all the information you gave. I think you should just add more pictures of the different colors of ferrets. i am hoping to find clubs for them or ferret shows. I know there are rabbit shows so there should be for ferrets.

Kay - 2004-09-20
Hello all readers. I am tired of reading about giving ferrets fibre from fruit snacks etc. They do not need it at all. Meat is all they should eat - please. I was given an adult female who I estimated at the time was about 3 yrs. She was so overweight that she rolled over when she stood on her hind legs. We named her Lardarse, Lardy for short. I felt she had been a well loved pet although fed the wrong diet. After much indoor exercise up and down the stairs and a meat only diet she slimmed down beautifully and her coat is silky soft. She is such a character and particularly fond of licking ears! After a month or so she became poorly and had discomfort urinating. She remained happy otherwise and continued to eat well. After a couple of days she passed to my utter amazement a few crystal stones in her urine and from then improved. I visited the vet taking the stones with me. She was amazed also and said in 9/10 cases this is an emergency op. She decided it was due to a previous bad diet and after anylisis advised a special and very expensive cat food given to felines with the same problem which is common. Lardy did not take kindly to the new food that looked like cheap supermeat. This all occured in May and since every 4 weeks or so she has shed more little crystals about the size of lentils. However, recently she went 6 weeks and had symptoms the other day. In the morning I found a few small crystals and an enormous one with a diametre the size of a 5p !! It is a miracle and only because she is female.A male would certainly need surgery. Hopefully Lardy has now got rid of the worst as she seems so happy and energetic. Please, you know how heartbreaking it is when your pet is ill. Do not feed ferrets fibre. They only need meat!! As near to a natural diet as possible - whole carcas is best. Sorry about waffle and best regards. Kay

Anonymous - 2004-09-05
ferrets should NOT be flea dipped, as you reccomend in the ailments section. Even cat/kitten flea dips are too harsh for ferrets.