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   Being very lovable and active pets, ferrets make great companions!
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William D. - 2005-08-30
Eh, regarding giving ferrets a meat-only diet. I'm not educated enough on the matter to really tell you how to feed a ferret in the specifics, but that probably wouldn't be quite as close to a natural diet as you might think. For one thing, most wild animals have pretty catholic tastes in dining, and I doubt a natural ferret would be an entirely strict meat-eater. Also, even if it were, there's usually partially-digested vegetable matter in a prey animal's intestines. This is one of the main reasons that the first thing a wild lioness does is to eat the innards of its prey. Cats need this plant matter to stay healthy, so any cat owners who keep their pets indoors full-time should take care to get an indoor forumula. In any event, I just want to point out that one should be careful about purely carnivorous diets. If you are feeding whole carcasses, it might thrived exactly because it isnt on a truly pure flesh-and-bone diet but is absorbing partially-digested plant material.

Also, I think that anyone who can't get carcasses or doesn't want to put up with the mess should consult with a carefully-selected veterinarian. Personally, I'd just use highly-recommended cooked-and-processed foods and whatever fell to the kitchen floor. Carcasses are too apt to contain colonies of harmful micro-organisms for my liking.

Granger stanley - 2005-08-15
Hi, My name is Granger, I am eleven, And i have just got an eight week old young jill (female) and it is very cute. i got it from my dads mate who is a ferret expert.

Brooke - 2005-08-14
i have a ferret and she's awesome, so is this website!

Joey - 2005-07-26
I've always wanted a ferret and now i'm getting one. i recommend you get one. they are so much fun to play with

Sarah - 2005-06-15
Ferrets are the best pet. I have had 5 but i only have 3 at the moment, 2 babies called rascal and cheeky, and i have 1 adult called missy. They are so playful and i love them

Chelsea - 2005-05-14
I love ferrets a lot! Infact i used 2 have 2 of them!

poppy - 2005-05-07
ferrets r excellent and very playful

Anonymous - 2005-03-08
ferrets are pretty cool if you ask me. I got mine 6 months ago and its been pretty nice exept for that certain day of the month when its a down right a grump.

sferreth - 2005-02-22
I LOVE FERRETS!! I have an eleven-month-old ferret named Fehra. She is sooooooo cute. I want to get a second ferret so she can have a playmate.

Anonymous - 2005-02-04
I loved my ferret so very much. She was the best pet I ever had! They are so much fun and they are so cute and silly. The only bad thing about them is that they are very prone to cancer so you should consider that before deciding to get one.