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   Being very lovable and active pets, ferrets make great companions!
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Alisha and Jacob - 2006-05-03
Me and my boyfriend Jacob bought a ferret about a month ago and he is soooo cute!!!! We love him to death. But he can be a pest with his biting and all. He likes to follow us around when we let him out. I want to breed him one day. But OMG he can stink so bad too. He was worth $160 though!!!

Sarah - 2006-03-20
I think ferrets are the cutest little things ever. the way they are always wandering curiously around you. With there little faces so cute how could you not love them!

BethAnn - 2006-02-27
I was told that i should not get a baby ferret if i already had a adult. They said it would be a bad idea at the pet shop. But my husband got one anyway for me for valentines day. They are in the same cage at night and they are doing just fine. The adult took the baby in right away and show her all around their space in our house. He even pushed her into the litter box like he was training her. They sleep in a ball together it is the cutest thing. Ferrets are great pets for a family!!

Anonymous - 2006-01-28
Your Animal Information Helped Get Me An A+ On My Report

George - 2006-01-05
my grandad has a ferret called henry.

Brooke Courtney - 2005-11-30
My cousin HAD a ferret. his name was snoopy because he would run around her house going through halls and bedrooms and bathrooms and cabinents. he went everywhere. im not sure what happened to him.

Patty B. - 2005-11-14
Ferrets make wonderful pets for the people that have the time and dedication to take care of them well. They are more work than a dog or cat so if you can't take care of either of those please don't get a ferret.
As far as feeding a raw diet; If you want to give raw eggs you should only give the eggyolk, since raw eggwhite can cause biotin deficiency. I feed my ferrets a blend of very high quality kitten chow and ferret chow as well as a liquid vitamin/fatty acid suppliment. Both have beautiful coats, good teeth, and tons of energy so I don't think the lack of a raw diet is hurting them.
I recommend starting an emergency medical fund for your ferrets as soon as you get them. Most ferrets seem to have at least one major medical crisis in their life and it will be better if you have the funds set aside for it. Adrenal surgery/post op care on one of my ferrets was over $600. Lifelong meds may even be required for some ferrets.
Don't forget to check into adopting a ferret from a shelter. Just because it isn't a baby doesn't mean you won't fall in love with it.

autumn pittman - 2005-10-31
I have had my ferret, "Mr. Jinx", for 5 years now and I wouldn't give him up for anything in the world. Throughout the years he's made me laugh and smile with his stealing modes and hide-n-go-seek games. He keeps me occupied with his silly games instead of watching t.v too. I would not know what to do if he was not around. He has made a big dent in my life. he has helped me mold my life into something better and for that I thank him. Ferrets are fun, loving creatures who if taken care of need little check-ups. I have Mr. Jinx checked out once a year, and if I feel he's sick I take him as well, But for the 5 years I've had him, he's never been sick. He's a tough little thing. Mr.Jinx is trained to use the litter box and to walk on a leash. He's just like a dog, but smaller! I love him so much! If people would ask me if I had another chance to get a dog instead of a ferret I would tell them no. He's so fun and playful, I hope everyone looks at a ferret with loving eyes because they would do the same thing to you.

rose - 2005-10-19
I just wanted 2 say thank you for this opportunity to learn more about ferrets.

Aaron (14) - 2005-09-24
i think ferrets are great. they are fun to be play with. i have 2 girls of my own called 'BELL' and 'MACEY'. they both mean the world to me.....aaron