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   Being very lovable and active pets, ferrets make great companions!
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roz - 2007-04-10
I have two wonderful ferrets and they are approximately a year old. they love to play fight and the love fruit! they are brothers so they always get on well together. i thought of only getting one but i have come to discover that they are unhappy when on their own. i would always recommend two! i was a little wary at first but they are actually less of a handful as they can entertain themselves when i am not around. if you are busy a lot of the time i wouldn't recommend ferrets as they need a lot of attention like dogs. once they become fond of you as an owner it is like having children! they will respect their owners and they will respond when called. i love ferrets even though they have a strong musky smell. if it bothers you however you can always get their scent glands removed. all the best for those thinking about getting the fuzzy little creatures. once you grow attached there's no going back! good luck!

Anonymous - 2007-03-17
They are great for adults but not kids.

Emily - 2007-01-30
i have never heard of giving a ferret any sort of rat-mice meat and i dont think this should be practiced. ive been told (by the vet) for every ferret i owned not to ever let them even touch meat. i give my ferrets, ferret food and put vitamins in their water, and give them a little bit of peanut butter, and they're very healthy. if it works for others, then i guess its fine for them, but i would ask your pet's vet before giving them any meat.

TAIJA - 2007-01-29
Ferrets are the best pets anyone can ever have, plus I have two of them and they are so cute

Kate - 2007-01-13
My ferret was 10 years old when she passed away last November. Her name was Loopy because she loved Fruit Loops!! My brother got her for free from a pet store that was going to destroy her because she was too vicious. After about 3 weeks of love, Loopy became the most calm, loving, amazing ferret ever! And even though we tried over and over again for 10 years, she would never eat ferret food. She always wanted kitten food with fruit loops on top and she loved loved loved twizzler nibs. She was an amazing friend who lived a long happy life and will be missed dearly!!

Brianna - 2006-12-16
My boyfriend gave me his ferret because he had to move and couldn't keep her. Her name is Snickers. She's cream colored and her shoulders have some black and gray. And i just learned giving her cat food isn't too great. My boyfriend said all she needs is cat food. So i know that's bad now, but what about those cat treats, well i plan on giving her a raw egg. I bet she'll like that. I would love to breed her, but my boyfriend said she was spayed. She's so beautiful. But yeah, reading everything on this site helped alot. Now i'm going to call him and rip him a new one. lol

Mary OC - 2006-10-16
I love my new ferret! I named him SNICKERS. He is like a pale sable or panda colored. He is a rambunchous bundle of fuzzy fun! He is the sweetest thing that ever lived. Im going to take excellent care of him. He plays with my cat all day. He is soo amazing!

Fuzzy Mom to 10 - 2006-08-25
Ferrets can be amazing pets for the right people. However, it's impossible to be fully prepared for that bundle of joy you bring home! Nothing can preare you for the little critter! Somthing really important to remember is a ferret is not a caged pet, like a hamster for instance. They want and NEED a very minimum of 4 hours a day outside of their cage. This is not possible for many people to provide. They are great companions but require more money and time than the average dog. Please, please remember to do alot of research on ferrets before bringing one (or preferably more) home. They are a very large commitment!

Tamra and Koto - 2006-08-19
In march of this past year, I became owned by a ferret. My best friend, who had two, called me one day and asked if I wanted a ferret. A friend of his, also with two of her own, had found one under a car in the parking lot. It had been snowing for a full week off and on (which is the harshest weather I have seen in my 5 years here) and the poor thing was cold and frightened. I said that I would of course take it in, and look after it untill an owner stepped foreward, or untill a week passed by and i officially adopted it. Dani'el brought me a scrawney, scraggly little girl, who was badly dehydrated. The first thing she did was walk right through the bars of the cage she was so thin! I have another friend with two elderly ferrets, and the little one I dubbed Koto looked just like Bandit, the older of the two. I assumed that Koto was an older ferret, and an escapee. I tried not to get attatched. Koto grew on me, and every day I had her she improved vastly, leading me to believe that her prior home had been neglecting her. Posters were put up, advertising her discovery, but no one stepped foreward. I cut my week short when I realized that not only would it hurt to part with her, but that I could not in good conscience let her go back to any home that would allow her to loose half her body weight through neglect! She was sweet, and well behaved, and I was hooked. I bought her all sorts of things and made her a vet apointment right away, still fearing that my time with her would be short. My wonderful vet told me, after her exam, that not only was Koto in perfect health, but she was less than a year old! I was overjoyed. And she has not only gained weight, but has actually grown longer. I do not know what could posess someone to neglect and abandon so sweet and young a pet, but I am glad she came to me. She now leads the life of an only ferret, though with three human pets and one big, sweet dog, and two little carpet snakes just her age living down the street, I'd say she has it pretty good.
A tip for anyone who has a free roaming weasel like my Koto: if it picks a corner too small for a box (Koto picks the area behind doors) those disposible baking pans that you can get at the dollar store can be bent and shaped to fit anywhere. Koto actually prefurs my makeshift litter pans to the store bought ones because they have a shorter lip on them for easy backing up.A few dollars worth of baking dishes (or some take and bake deep dish pizzas) and a little spray paint and you can make a box to fit anywhere in your home!

Lisa Cranley - 2006-05-06
Hi, I am an irish ferret owner and was disgusted at the way many people judge them like there vicious vermon but they are the best small pet i've ever owned. I have had gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs
rats the whole lot at some time but none compare to the intelligence and entertainment of a ferret. As i'm writing this my favourite female Molly has just given birth to 6 kits her second litter. Shes a real star mother. I also kept a kit from her first litter Maggie.
They are so different from each other and thats why i love them so much. Each and every ferret has its own unique personality and character thats why i think Ferrets are the No!1 pet for anyone to own. Once you experience the joys of a ferret in your life your hooked!!