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   Being very lovable and active pets, ferrets make great companions!
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Kelly - 2008-08-03
Hi, ferrets are the best! I have them out all the time and definately worth all the expense ;D. I had my first ferret, Sam, from a ferret rescue. He was abused by his previous owners and abandon, poor thing, and a year on he's fab! Then I thought he was getting lonley as the cat was getting grumpy lol. However one of his effects of abuse was he attacked ferrets, but I thought I would try him so I got another rescue who he chose, and trust him to choose a girl. Jasmine. I've had her for a couple of months now and she loves to clean! lol. They get on great every day, they make me laugh so much the dopes ;D. On their birthdays they get prezzies. On sammies bday I spent 40pounds and I'm only 16 lol. Have 1, they are great. From kelly, sam, n jasmine.
ps. They are watching me on the laptop, lol.

Lisa - 2008-06-13
I had a female sable ferret, Mitsy, who recently passed away. She used to go shopping, to the footy, and even went mountain climbing. I now have another female sable (Lilly) and it's so interesting to see how unique they all are, totally different personalities! Lilly loves to play, have her tummy tickled and loves to climb up to the roof by my door and window screens! She loves climbing! They are an excellent companion for anyone in a unit, anyone with lots of time and anyone that wants a hobby. They are so entertaining, they will make you laugh everyday without a doubt. They are especially good if you sleep through your alarm... they will lick your face until you get up to play with them :)

Shayna - 2008-05-18
I have a 15 week old ferret that I have had for 4 weeks and I love him to death! He is so sweet. His name is Oliver and he loves to cuddle and play. If you can afford ferrets (expensive!) and have 2+ hours a day to give to your pet, get a ferret! Well, if you can stand a wild thang! lol!

grant - 2008-03-19
I've had two of them. They are just so cute, and need a lot of attention.

Destinee - 2008-03-15
I have 3 ferrets named Toby, Woozle, and Ariel. They are so mischeivious, Ariel is good for escaping and Woozle is good for cuddling, and Toby is our watch dog... he bites anybody he doesn't know!

Megan - 2008-02-08
I have a 5 week old ferret. I got it from a pet store in Orange, CT. Well... he looks 5 weeks old. I'm not sure though. I plan on breeding ferrets so I need a female ferret as well. ADVICE: I will be the smart one and not give any ferrets away for at least 8 weeks. Pet stores shouldn't give away pets that small!

Elyse - 2008-01-13
We have had a ferret for almost a year before we got a second one and I have noticed that they tend to be healthier and happier with having a playmate as opposed to being by themselves.

Tyler Henderson - 2008-01-08
I got one over the weekend and named it Earl, I love it so much! It is my new best friend. We do everything together and it's good that i got him because I don't have any human friends. He likes to play world of warcraft and dungens and dragons with me.

lyn - 2007-12-28
We have recently gotten two ferrets, Elvira and Tony. They are both adapting very well. We have two dogs and they have really become fast friends. The only trouble we are having is litter training.

Tony Booth - 2007-11-16
I have one ferret named Squealer, but she loves to be called the squeal mobile. She over reacts a bit and squeals even when she's in no danger at all! Squealer has a bad relationship with any other ferret, so she's alone but i care for her and my life belongs to that ferret. If she dies i would cry for years, but squealer is around 2 1/2 which makes her a perfect playing ferret. She knows how to come to me when i make a certain noise. I recently built her a house out of boxes and guess what... she doesn't use it! It's a waste of time! PS, Sqealer has some experience on computers, she knows how to play shooting games!