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   Being very lovable and active pets, ferrets make great companions!
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Mairin - 2009-07-12
I don't know many people with ferrets but when I hear from one they always seem to say they feed their critters a diet full of fruit or dog food or other crazy things! Now whenever I talk to someone about their exotic pets I casually ask what they feed them, just to be sure they did their research. Also I really don't advise keeping one ferret alone--they need a little buddy to wrestle and play with throughout the day!

Rebbeca - 2009-07-01
Hi, I'm Rebbeca and I love my 2 twelve week old Ferrets. My female ferret's name is Sage and my male ferret's name is Carter. I got them both at pet-co about a month or 2 ago. They are both happy, healthy, clean, and between you guys and me, spoiled rotten. Toys here clothes there, but I love making my babies spoiled. They deserve it. Since I am going on a trip my mom will watch them, so I want to make a shout out to them, "Hey Sage, hey Carter, Mommy loves you so much and will miss you every night. I'll be back soon, I love you!" Anyway They are great anyone who wants one. I strongly recommend you get one. Bye

James - 2009-04-29
Great site, I got my first ferret 4 years ago and now I have 6 in total!

You get a bug for these little guys. I've always wanted a ferret since I was a kid then I found frank my first jill in the drain outside my house! She was in a bad state with 50+ ticks covering her body and weighing about 1/2kg. Lots of TLC and a few months later she was on her feet and racing round like a jet.

After getting frank I adopted/rescued 5 more ferrets and love them all.

There loving, playful and just great friends.
Mine all live on dryfood but get whole rabbit once a month sometimes more.
If you give them whole rabbits just remove guts and fur to keep you cage tidy they will eat everything else!

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  • rick scott - 2010-04-01
    Did you gut skin rabbit yourself? I had boa that ate large prey. But never fed my ferret live. Wow things have changed. I will definitely read more bout diets to suit them better. Thanks for sharing
GCG - 2009-04-07
Hi, I'm 11 and already have two hamsters, one dog and a few fish. I love pets and animals so much though!

I have recently asked my mum for pet ferrets after a cute introduction to Fidget, the ferret that lives over the road. My mum, as usual when I ask her for another pet said no, the dog will eat it and they cost too much! -HOW UNFAIR!

When I first met Fidget, I said: aww, is he a ferret?
And the owner said: No he's a polecat!

Then I found out that a ferret is a domestic polecat and Fidget lay in a cage and came to you when you called him, so actually he is a ferret!

I thought this was hilarious!

Pamela - 2009-03-10
Me and my fiancee just got 2 ferrets, both of them are girls. We are not sure how old they are just yet. We have to take them to the vet to get them checked out and make sure they are healthy, and find out how old they are. I had a ferret when I was younger which I named silver, she was my best friend. She passed away shortly after I got her. I will always remember her. The ferrets we have now, their names are shilo and shadow. Shadow has the raccoon eyes and the darker colors and shilo is white and silver. We love our babies and plan on getting more. They are our girls for the time being, LOL.

stephen mellinger - 2009-02-27
I am heartbroken at this time because of the unexpected death of my female ferret, Felony. She was spayed, descented, and appeared healthy. She became listless, and died within 2 days. Her previous owner said "well she was old" She was 5. I am dumbfounded and crushed. I have no idea of the life expectency, and it all happened so suddenly that I didn't consider an autopsy until she had been buried (according to the legal stipulations of this state). I didn't want my daughter to see her in death.) Thank you for being there.

Heather - 2009-02-13
Hi my name is heather. I have a two year old male ferret (max), and just got a five months old male (Bear). I don't know for sure if their behavior is normal. Max seems to be attacking bear. I am afraid to put them in the same cage. I only ever had one ferret and now with two I fear for bear. Are there any tips any one can give me on how their going to act and will max hurt bear. Is max behaivor normal towards bear. I would like any help that any one can help please eamil me at mark subject Ferret help thank you heather

Clarissa - 2008-10-06
Just last weekend I got my 3rd ferret. Names are Wicket (2 years), Baby Bear (6 months), and now Alfalfa (8 weeks). I love them all and they are probably the best pets I have ever had.

Kristi - 2008-09-29
I feel in love with ferrets about 2 years ago. My boyfriend had one and just couldn't get enough. Now we have a total of 6. All of my ferrets were rescues. I love everyone one of them as much as love my kids. Their names are Gollum, he's the oldest male, then there is Jackers, Akasha, Molly, Ices, and Dupre. It's like having six 3 year olds all the time.

Jodezz - 2008-08-20
Ferrets are great. I'm 12 and have 4 Ferrets. Their names are Wuttles, Whiskers, Rascal, and Bandit. Rascal and Bandit are polecat babies, they are 9 weeks old, and Wuttles and Whiskers are about 1.5 years Old. I LOVE FERRETS! :)