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   Being very lovable and active pets, ferrets make great companions!
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hanako - 2011-08-26
i am thinking of buying a ferret but I dont know if they have to live inside or outside. please help me!!!

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  • Amanda - 2011-12-20
    I have 4 ferrets right now but have had several growing up in New Jersey, I'm a firm believer of inside because they cannot handle hot weather at all, and if kept outside one slip of the cage and they are gone and lost forever. Even with my cage inside I have one fuzzy that has figured out how to unlock her cage and escape. I do bring my ferrets outside on a leash one at a time but I've trained them to come to their name when I call and like I said one at a time so that one outside has my full attention. Less fleas, less predators,less risk and let's face it we all spend more time inside than out so you'll have more bonding time with your little guy too. Good luck and any more questions I'll be glad to help
Stefanie Bell - 2011-11-11
DO NOT USE KITTY LITTER for FERRETS! Ferrets are prone to lung problems.

Patrick Nice - 2005-12-03
We currently have two ferrets. Strangely, our oldest one is also named Lady and was nicknamed Lardarse due to her excessive weight. She put this on during her first winter and never really lost it. When we did notice weight loss plus a loss of fur from the base of her tail a trip to the vet was called for. The diagnosis was adrenal gland problems and arrangements were made for her to have it removed. I got a phone call later that morning from the vet and was informed that she was riddled with cancer. I was given the option of having her put down right away or having her sewn up and brought back home. I elected to have her sewn up. When I went to collect her the vet questioned me at length about her diet and told me the dry cat food was behind her problems. It seems these are loaded with salt and sugar that the ferrets digestive system cannot cope with. I changed their diet to all meat ( it took nearly 3 days before they would actually eat the meat.) I also give them lactose free milk, nutrigel supplement and I add Prosure to the milk. This is a diet supplement given to human cancer patients to put more ' meat ' on their bones. Lady has now been on this diet for 5 1/2 months and is still going well for a 7yo. A trip back to the vet for a check up was made about 6 weeks ago. He was amazed to see her still alive. He said he figured she might last a month or two with luck. She has put on some weight again and looks like she'll be around for a while yet. I cannot emphasise enough the need to keep ferrets off dry cat food. Good quality meat is the way to go. We find they will eat chicken, Honey will also eat pork, ( Lady won't touch it. ) Neither of them will eat lamb. Fussy little devils. I hope this info will be of use to other ferret owners.

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  • budny - 2011-02-28
    Hi, when you switched up the diet on your ferrets. Was the meat cooked or raw?
  • Brenna - 2011-06-27
    This information is very helpful to me! I was looking into purchasing a ferret as a pet and found on a website you could feed ferrets cat food as long as the ingredients didn't contain fish. I feel a lot better now knowing the consequences of feeding ferrets cat food. Thank you :)
Josie Johnson - 2011-06-05
Yea I have a ferret named George. I was wondering how ferrets get depressed or if they even get depressed? Thanks!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-06
    Yes, ferrets can get depressed. Most likely anything can get depressed. Ferrets are very social creatures and enjoy the company of other ferrets. If their freind dies, they will become quieter, sleep more, maybe not want to be touched and wouldn't be as playful. Sometimes moving their cage can cause a certain stress and they will be depressed. Eliminate suguar if they are eating it. Be patient and they will usually come out of it fine. They need a period of adjust ment just like us humans. If your best friend moves to another city or you change homes or major changes in your life, then you might get depressed. Animals are intelligent little creatures and they feel. Just give him some extra attention and he should work his way through it.
rebecca - 2010-11-19
Can you put your females together when they're about to have babies or will they eat each other?

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  • Linda Wagener - 2011-02-16
    Hi my name is Linda from South Africa I just want to know from where are you and where did you get your ferrets, we would love to have 2 but do not know where to find them in SA. If you could give us some info pls.
Pooja Philip - 2010-12-05
Hi. I wanted to say that I love this website! It's so helpful for all of my pets. I just had a question about my ferret. His name is Chui, he is under a year (what PETCO says) and he is my first and only ferret. He lives in my basement, but don't worry, He has a 4 story cage and a pen surrounding it and is let out to play at least 2 and a half hours a day. He's not the cuddling type, I get that, but he still doesn't seem to want to play with me. If I would rough house with him using my stuffed animal dog, he would be fine and bite the neck and play and jump. But he seems hesitant with me. He seems to want to play and discover things on his own. I've had him for a month, and I'm thinking that he might want to have another ferret buddy to keep him company and play with him. How much extra work would that be for me? This is what his cage looks like. I probably won't be allowed to get another one, so is this a reasonable cage for 2 ferrets?:

Thank you so much and please reply soon!

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  • Dave B - 2010-12-16
    I'm sure your ferret would appreciate having a buddy. As long as they are both neutered they should get along fine. The size of the cage looks adequate especially if they spend alot of time outside the cage. The work involved for an extra ferret is not significant, since you have to feed and clean for one, two is only bigger portions and more cleaning. You might check into getting expansions for that cage and making complete floors with the shelves to get more floorspace. Good luck!
Judy - 2010-01-27
I am a proud mommy of two beautiful ferrets and it is important for me to know the important facts about how to keep them healthy. I want to thank Patrick Nice for writing about the important diet ferrets need to be on inorder to avoid terminal diseases. I only feed my ferrets marshall products and every so often, they will get fresh fruits.

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  • dr. holguin - 2010-09-12
    Fruits are bad for ferrets they need animal protein fruits do them no good....
  • April - 2010-10-30
    You should really consider adding baby food to their diet. I have two ferrets myself, one just diagnosed with insulinoma. To many carbs and not enough protein can cause this. I am giving him prednisone twice a day and both of my ferrets really love chicken baby food. It is high in protein and no fillers. They are showing alot of energy and spunk. I feed them about a teaspoon twice a day and they love it. Pure protein you can't get any better than that. Baby food is rather inexpensive too.
  • Dotti - 2010-12-16
    I'm also the proud owner of a ferret. We did have three . Syd died at the age of fifteen. He was prettey healthly until then. Manny died at age twelve and was pretty healthy until then now we have Deigo who is seven and he now have a cat named Max and a small dog named Buddy as freinds They were all on Marshall food. I would like to. My ferretes always loved to hide stuff. At least I know where he is hiding it now
dan tonkin - 2010-08-10
I have 9 ferrets 3 pole cats 1 albino which has 5 kits which have 3 pole cats and 2 alnino all are very tame can handle all with out the worry of getting bitten one has a nip problem but is getting better slowly my big tank male pole cat is brilliant my 2 year old daughter can pick him up my albino mum is a worker have spent hours out with her in the fields around here but is a brilliant mum at the moment missing working with her but bk to it soon the rest I haven't had chance to work yet bit worried of losing them lol if you get ferrets you need to have loads of patience with them handle them they love attention my male one love his bk being rubbed he chatters away at you like there's no tomorrow lol any one need and advice will to help cheers dan

gareth - 2010-06-27
I have 2 ferret kits from different litters 1jill and1hob the hob is 1 week younger than the jill, I need to know, how do you introduce them to each other, do you separate them by means of a partition of netting and gradually introduce them over a period of time or do you just put them together and let them sort themselves out? I did put them together but the jill tried biting the hob on the back of the neck will she kill the hob?

Stephanie - 2009-08-07
I have two ferrets a silvermitt named Marshall and a white albino named Nilly. I heard ferrets only live to be about 8 years old but I've had my albino for 11 years so far and she's still going! My silvermitt is very young only 4 years old. My Silvermitt is very short and fat but my albino Silly is skinny and long, so their sizes can range drastically.
They will also get into occasional play fights, but when it gets too rough I have to seperate them. Other then that they are very comical pets to have. They love to run or jump around and will nip at your feet or try and climb up your pantleg, lol. Be careful because they love shiny things and will hide things from you, even clothing! You can even give them baths occassionally since they are very adventerous and are bound to get into something messy. You also have to clip their nails constantly since they can get very sharp and long and the ferret can get them stuck on things.