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   Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
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Marney Thomspson - 2005-08-18
I have six Chinchillas. They are such amazing animals and I love them to pieces. When we were married I got an artist to draw pictures of my husabnd, me and my six chinchillas on our wedding invites. I love them so much.

jessica - 2005-08-10
I have only had my chinchillas for a few months, and already I'm hooked. It took me a really long time to learn the basic care, but it was worth it. I find they are quite lovable and bond extremely well to one person. Though many say they dislike cuddling, I find my one LOVES when I hold him belly up on my lap. It depends on the animal, as with all things. I would recommend getting a pair, but for those who cannot afford to pay extreme amounts of money for the one you really want, I wouldn't settle for any old chinchilla just to have a companion. It took about a week to introduce my two boys (not neutered). and now I cannont seperate them, and I would not have changed anything I did. Another tip is bring someone who knows a lot about them when purchasing. My first chinchilla i paid way too much for, but again, I don't regret it, because he's mommies little angel!

Jordan - 2005-08-05
Chinchillas can be amazing pets but only if you can give them the time and effort they need. Chinchillas are nocturnal animals so they're great for students and those employed. If you are considering buying a chinchilla realize that they can't have short small rabbit cage or glass aquariums as they need room to run and jump. I would suggest an all wire ferret cage with two or more levels with a pull-out tray lined with newspaper. The base wires should be no more than 1/2" by 1/2" apart or they might break a leg. They need a hidey box, wood works well but not cedar or pine. These can be bought at many pet stores. Feed them chinchilla pellets without treats, as they will throw the pellets out and eat the treats, in a heavy ceramic bowl. They also like wheels but make sure it is at least 15" in diameter or it's too small. They need dust baths which I give to mine the same time I clean the cage, usually 2-3 times a week. When you play with them let them come to you then "scoop" them up supporting the bottom. Be aware they aren't always cuddly and may just want to sit on your shoulder. I would recommend them to anyone as they are very loving but remember, the cheapest they usually come is $80-100 for the greys and as much as $600 for the blacks.

rhona - 2005-07-29
hello. i have seven chinchillas and all have there own little foibles. i wouid not part with them for any one or anything. they are perfect pets for all people.

LINDSEY - 2005-07-20
I have had my chinchilla, Lola, for two years now, and she is the greatest pet I have ever had. She is very social and enjoys being around the family when she wakes up in the evenings. I wish now that I had done a bit more research before I got her- I think it would have been best if I had gotten her a companion from the same farm. It seems that it would be too hard now to introduce her to another chinchilla. I hope anyone looking to get one will consider getting a pair!

Morgan - 2005-07-16
i am 13 and got my first chinchillia not long after my birthday. I had him for almost 9 months, his name was Dingo he was so cute! sadly he died after not feeling well for a day. I did everything the vet said to but i couldnt save him. I recommend them to anyone who loves animals. If you get one just be carful and pay attention to the temperature because they can get heat stroke just like mine did. i hope i have convinced some of you reading this to get one because they are great pets and have a lot of love for an owner that is nice to them.

Sheila - 2005-07-09
They are adorable. I can't have pets where I live. If I could then I would probably get one. I have debated this possibility before.

mandy - 2005-07-06
i got a chinchilla about 3 months ago! his name is Jimmy and he is the sweetest little thing! my friend had a chinchilla and that's what inspired me to get one! they have such personality and are so loving. i can let him hop around my room and he is so curious and cute. if your considering getting a small animal i would definitly get a chinchilla!! Jimmy is totally a sweetheart and i love him sooo much!!!

T.E.S. - 2005-06-14
I just saw three Chinchillas at Petsmart and they were cool looking but also kind of wierd, because one has a dent in the tail. I really want one. at Petsmart they were $119.99! My dad likes them but, my mom doesn't really like them. :(

Amansa - 2005-06-04
chinchillas are great animals and mine love to be cuddled, stroked, and played with. they sit on my shoulder, i have a high netted run which i can get in with my two chinchillas. when its set up out side, they love playing in the grass. it is completely chinchilla proof. they have been spooked before, but they just come straight to me and hide in my jumper or in my arms, they trust me! i love my chinchillas(chutney & minty) they are both boys and are gorgeous.