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   Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
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LiNdSaY!!! - 2006-02-16
i love Chinchilas! i have one and his name is Fella. YAY! We have soo UBER MUCH FUN together! he is my little Captain Fella Bo Bella

Lisa - 2006-01-23
I have had my Chin for almost a year now and I LOVE HIM! Sometimes he loves being held and other times he would rather be left alone. I spoil him and buy him every Chinny thing I can. He has never bit me. I would love if he could cuddle more, but as I understand, they don't always like to do so. Its so hard not to give him lots of treats because mine will beg and beg for some, but I know they are not good for him so he just gets a few a day. I recommend a Chin for someone who is patient and has no small children as Chins need their rest in the daylight. Mine stays in my room because I am nocturnal as my Chin. Lets save the Chins from being coats!

Jessica C. - 2006-01-17
i use to have two chinchillas although the female died due to severe constipation caused by her giving birth too much. If you want to keep a female and a male, you must consider if you want them to mate or not, because once they start they won't stop! I only knew the first time, the other 3 times were surprises, basically you can't see whether they are pregnant or not.

Another tip is, when the female has babies, be careful when you are putting food in, the female may take it as a hostile move towards her babies and squirt urine at you, and don't think she'll miss, cause they have deadly accuracy! It also smells extremely bad so be extra careful when feeding them.

Chinchillas are actually quite safe to keep, if handled properly, they won't bite you at all as they are quite docile although you should be aware that baby chinchillas will bite quite hard as they are unsure of whether your hand is food or not.

Sometimes if you can close off an area, you can let your chinchilla out for a while, but make sure there isn't an small space where the chinchilla can go into and make it difficult for you to retrieve it.

Occasionally you can feed them grapes and small (very small) pieces and oranges, they also like apples, but sometimes if they are like my chinchillas for example, they may have favorites as in my female (I miss her so much!) she prefered red grapes while my male preferred green grapes. How absurd is that?!?

jessica - 2005-12-24
i have a pet chinchilla and he's very tame and cute. anyone who doesn't like these must be mad. they are nice pets and need a loving home, so give them one.

cody - 2005-12-08
You should always hold a chinchilla close to your chest for their safety.

emily r - 2005-12-04
Chinchillas are WONDERFULL pets. they are so enjoyable to be around. they are shy at sometimes but others they are so good! Dont let them outside because they like being in closers. rabbit cages are NOT good for this animal, they get sick from chewing on the plastic.

Naomi - 2005-10-24
HI. I think having a chinchilla as a pet is a good idea for someone like myself. I have 2 jobs and I'm gone all day. Now because they are nocturnal i don't bother them when they are sleeping and we can play when I get home. I own 4, 2 females and 2 males. I have had them for 9 months now and the males have bonded more to me then the females, they are a bit more shy. They fight over their dust bath to see who gets in first it's quite commical. They know my voice and run to the cage door when I come home. They know that they get treats when I get home. They are the smartest rodents I have ever owned, and I have had alot. I haven't had babies yet, and I don't really care if I do or not.I found a build your own chinchilla cage on a site called chin bin. What an ausome site it gave me perfect directions to make my huge cage. It's 4'2.5'5' with 3 different levels for them to run and jump everywhere, and boy do they ever. Sometimes they wake me up and night while playing. Buying a chinchilla would be a great idea as long as your ready for the long haul, they live quite a long time.

Jean - 2005-10-14
I've only got one chinchilla, Napoleon, and he does fine on his own. I bought him because he was very anti social at the pet store where I worked, and no one else wanted him. Now he's wonderfully interactive, very friendly, and gets along with my cats. I had worried about getting only one, but he didn't like other chinchillas. My point is that chinchillas are fine pets on their own, as long as you can spend lots of time with them. Napoleon is good on his own, and is very social now, it just took some TLC. And I wouldn't have him any other way.

Magwa - 2005-10-06
We have 5 chinchillas (three of which were an accident) We had what we thought were two male chinchillas which PetSmart sold to us as males. (Chochee and CheeChee) but then cheechee got pregnant and now we have 3 little babies who are cuter every day. (Monnie, Jay Boy, and Fonzie (I named that one)) The do take some care but they are very very worth the fun. The only thing is that they are active at night so they tumble around and play in the wheels and stuff. If you're thinking about getting a chinchilla, i suggest you get at least 2. Also, we use a 2 level ferrett cage that works beautifully. (Just be careful if you have baby chins cause they can squeeze out of the me on this)

Rachel - 2005-10-05
Che-Che is the best little guy, I bought him from a breeder in Ohio, 3hours there and 3 hours back. it was all worth it to see his cute little face everyday. I've had him for 1 year now and he just keeps getting better and better. when he runs around the house I yell "No Che-Che" and he really listens. fur biting just a little but sometimes it will take a really long time for them to fully get used to everything. nothing beats this pet!