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   Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
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Tami - 2006-11-02
Chinchillas are wonderful pets, if you know enough about them. They are not easy animals to keep, and if they aren't properly cared for, could easily rack up vet bills exceeding $500.00. They are exotic animals, and will require an exotics vet, not just a normal bunny vet. Chinchillas are unlike any other animal, and if you think you can just feed them bunny food and treat them like a bunny, your wrong. They have very sensitive digestive tracts, and with a chilla, less is more. They need QUALITY pet food, Oxbow, and Mazuri are recommended, they also need the opposite type hay. Mazuri is an alfalfa based pellet, and there for, a quality timothy hay is necessary. Chinchillas need safe woods to chew on. A list of safe woods can be found on many websites. Woods that are NOT treated are necessary. Chinchillas LOVE apple twigs. My 2 chinchillas love apple twigs more than treats! Treats should be few and far between, as sugar is NOT good for chinchillas. They make excellent pets, but you as an owner need to be responsible enough to read and know about these wonderful creatures. Females can spray urine, and they have dead on accuracy, but it is not a NORMAL action. Chinchillas are not cuddley, and if your lucky enough to get one that cuddles like a bunny, cherish it, because you don't usually. They're just too curious to want to sit and be held.

Alandiel - 2006-10-31
I love my chinchillas. Peanut is a black velvet and Cheeto is a white mosaic. They are both female and get along like best friends. The best part of having them is watching them interact with each other. You haven't seen anything until you've seen two chinchillas playing tug-of-war with a paper towel tube. They are so spoiled and know they are the queens of the house. If you want a pet with a personality... chinchillas are the way to go. Mine will hold a grudge against you if you ignore them. They will soak up all the attention you want to give. The bigger the cage you have, the more fun they will have chasing each other around it and goofing off. Ferretrail makes a large ferret kingdom that is like 6-7 levels and is great for chinchillas.

aimee - 2006-08-22
Chinchillas are so adorable! They are the best pets i have ever had! My 2 chinchillas had 2 more and they are the cutest animals. I hate that people that kill them to make jackets of fur, that is so mean! well i love them!!

Annelise - 2006-08-16
i absolutely love my chinchilla. her name is Chica and she is 1 year old. I never thought they could have so much personality but she does. She is easy to maintain and loves to play. she also loves being scratched under the chin, on the shoulder and head and just about anywhere. she does hate my cat and tried to bite her. I love CHINCHILLAS!!!

Chinchilla Crazy - 2006-07-22
I'm getting a Male chinchilla and your site reasured me that a chinchilla is the right pet for me! I am getting a male because I read in one of the chinchilla sites that females may squirt urine on you for the first couple of weeks so I'll stick with males!

ashlee - 2006-06-05
i had two chinchillas. their names were starsky and hutch. a few days ago, hutch got lost under our playhouse. we finally got him out 2 days ago. he lost a lot of weight but other than that he looked fine. he died last night. i am thinking about getting another one to keep starsky company but im not sure if its a good idea.

Jenna - 2006-05-11

I have a chinchila his names Julian, I had him for almost 5 months. I love chinchillas so much they are awesome!!

Rachel - 2006-05-05
i love chinchillas, they are awesome pets. great for children to take care of and easy to take care of. i have one so i sorta know and they are very interesting pets and different pets. Now since i have one, all of my friends want one so bad!
I have been around chinchillas since i was 3 years old. they are awesome. I also hope you enjoy animals including chinchillas, i suggest before you get one read about them. But for me as i was getting older i started to read alot about them. When i was little i just began to fall in love with them. So if you want to learn more about chinchillas read about them and get one of your own!

princess - 2006-04-20
hello. i am getting a chinchilla in a week. in all the pictures i've seen they have been so cute. i learned a lot from your site, thank you. i love double c's

jessica - 2006-03-22
I have a male chinchilla named Guvava and he is the cutest little thing. We brought him home last year from a pet shop when he was 8 months old. At first the poor little thing was so scared of everything he just dashed for his purple igloo every time someone just approached the cage. I worked with him every day and now he is the total opposite of what he used to be now when people walk by the cage he hops onto his perch and pokes his nose through the bars of his cage to investigate. If you get close to the cage he'll show off for you by bouncing off the walls of his cage all while he makes these little muttering noises just so he cane be let out or scratched on his fuzzy little head. :)