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   Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
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Carolyn - 2007-06-08
i love my little furball so much. he is a grey chinchilla and i would give my life for him. we didnt know we could take him outside till i came to the site. we have a leash and harness so were going to try on a day it isnt so hot out.

rochelle - 2007-05-21
We have had chinchillas since before i was born, and apparently they don't breed a lot, but my family has had loads and loads. so many i can't count.

Ivory Sullivan - 2007-05-09
I have a Chinchilla, Angle is one of the best pets I ever had. I have had her for about two or three years and I always want them. When I first got her home, she got to meet everyone in the household. But she picked me out, and she did not want to leave me alone. When every I pick her up she always goes to my shoulder, like she did from the day I got her. I think that they are a good pet. Everyone I tell about them either wants one or has had one. I think that everyone should give them a chance.

Maggie - 2007-04-18
chinchillas make great pets and are so cute!

Ozzysmom - 2007-04-14
Chinchillas are the sweetest animals! However they are not for everyone. Chins are gennerally not "cuddle pets" that want to sit on youre lap, they are however sweet and bond well with their owner. Chinnies are, however, not the best pets for every one. They have strict dietary requirments and need large cages of at least 2x2x2 feet, 2x2x3 is better. They need fresh chincilla pellets with NO treats mixed in, and fresh timothy hay, every day. If the food has treats in it, the chinchilla will push the pellets out and only eat the treats. They should get no more then 2 raisins a day, or a small amount of dried rose hips, cranberrys, or apple. Chins need out of cage exercise every day, unless the cage is at least 2x4x4 feet, and even then they need exercise at least 3 times a week. Chinchillas are less then ideal pets for young (or under 9) or irresponsible children, however their are exeptions. Chinnies tend to nip at fingers to test how tasty they are, which some times frightens young children. When buying keep in mind that chins live 10-20 years if well cared for. Also keep in mind they are delicate, so dont grab them.

Natalie and Tony - 2007-04-04
My Chinchilla, Boris, died a couple of days ago after giving us 10 years of joy as he jumped around in his cage. Boris loved tickles under his chin, dried fruit and running around the bathtub! Chinchillas are VERY loving once they get top know you, Boris would always climb up the inside of his cage to come and say hello (they LOVE lots of attention!). Like most gnawing animals, Chinchillas can have problems with their teeth wearing down properly, Boris won a battle with a spur he had on a back tooth 6 months ago.
We will miss Boris so much and he was so cute that we have decided to get him mounted on his favourite log!

Heidi - 2007-03-06
i have two chinchillas, Baby & Fiona. they are both girls. Chinchillas are not only the cutest, softest animals on the planet, they are also the most fun animals to have, and they will ALWAYS LOVE you. my chinchillas are the cutest ones! ~heidi~

Carly, Merc, Candy, Brody, Freya - 2007-02-11
Chinchillas are quite possibly the cutest animals on the planet; not just in appearance, but in mannerisms as well! Potential chin-parents, beware! They're addictive, and contageious!... I bought my first chin (Mercrius) seven years ago, and since then, have "accumulated" three more (Candice, Brody, and Freya). They are affectionate, quirky little creatures, and are perfect for homes that lack in excessive space. A bathroom is an idea play-place (but they will likely chew up your floor-boards!), and they need only enough space for a large cage. They're more effort to care for than a cat, and perhaps a little less than a dog, and will likely provide you with 14-20 years of companionship. Please keep in mind that these pets are /not/ suitable for children, as they are fragile and do not like to be squeezed (Perhaps a gerbil or a rabbit would be better, if you're looking for a pet for your children).

breeanna - 2006-12-25
i love my 2 chinchillas so much. coda i got when he was just a baby, about 6 weeks old about and he was from a zoo. I have a girl chinchilla named bell as well. i got her from the pet store. she was 3 years old when i bought her, now she still is 3. coda is 4 i think. but they will not mate. i would like to make some money on the babys.

Tami - 2006-11-02
Chinchillas are wonderful pets, if you know enough about them. They are not easy animals to keep, and if they aren't properly cared for, could easily rack up vet bills exceeding $500.00. They are exotic animals, and will require an exotics vet, not just a normal bunny vet. Chinchillas are unlike any other animal, and if you think you can just feed them bunny food and treat them like a bunny, your wrong. They have very sensitive digestive tracts, and with a chilla, less is more. They need QUALITY pet food, Oxbow, and Mazuri are recommended, they also need the opposite type hay. Mazuri is an alfalfa based pellet, and there for, a quality timothy hay is necessary. Chinchillas need safe woods to chew on. A list of safe woods can be found on many websites. Woods that are NOT treated are necessary. Chinchillas LOVE apple twigs. My 2 chinchillas love apple twigs more than treats! Treats should be few and far between, as sugar is NOT good for chinchillas. They make excellent pets, but you as an owner need to be responsible enough to read and know about these wonderful creatures. Females can spray urine, and they have dead on accuracy, but it is not a NORMAL action. Chinchillas are not cuddley, and if your lucky enough to get one that cuddles like a bunny, cherish it, because you don't usually. They're just too curious to want to sit and be held.