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   Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
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Anonymous - 2010-01-19
Aww how adorably are these little creatures... so adorable! Tee_hee, luv them, and there fur is so so so soft.

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  • ?? - 2010-10-20
    Yes chinchillas are very cute and adorable and this will work great for my report but I am going to have to use my own words.
Alishia-Marie - 2010-05-29
Does anybody know if Chinchillas nest before they have their babies?

jay - 2009-03-14
I just received three male Chinchillas! I have been wanting one for quite a while and I stumbled upon a classified for not one, not two, but three! One is Gray, one is Beige, and one is White. They are the cutest and softest pet I have ever owned! Thank you for all the great information on your website.

Desiray - 2009-01-23
I love my pet chinchilla I bought her at a pet store. I had 3 but my niece who is 4 yr. old fell in love with one of them who was a pair so I couldn't split them up. The only problem I have found is keeping my hands off of it. Its so Soft! She is 2 yrs. old now and a bundle of fat softness! I got her an exercise ball. It's better than a hamster... or a bunny and the poop is small and odorless. However her pee is not... LOL. I highly recommend Chinchillas!

logan - 2009-01-01
Chinchillas are the furiest, and the cutest pet you could ever have! But if you are planning on getting a chinchilla then I would suggest you do your homework on them because even though they are really cute animals they need a lot of things to stay happy and healthy! Also they come in many colors! My personal favorites are the wilson white, black velvet, and beige. And they are very energetic little animals! But they are naturally asleep in the daytime so if you are going to play and have fun with them, make sure you play with them at least near nightime when they are awake. They are truly fascinating animals!

renae - 2008-12-25
How do you tell how old a chinchilla is when you buy them from a pet shop?

Lila Mistalern - 2008-12-04
Chinchillas are very sweet animals and do a lot of cute things for our children. They keep the kids long and happy with whatever they do. I have had a chinchilla now for 3 yrs. and it is just a doll! If you get one you better take good care of it now and be careful with the same gender together for a long period of time. Take care and have a great year!

R.y - 2008-11-02
Is a 55 degree basement warm enough for baby chinchillas? What is the temperature range? I know they do not like the heat above 80, or after reading some of the comments, above 75! The basement is a constant temperature, so we thought this the best place for them.

Jennifer - 2008-06-17
I ended up getting a Chinchilla to replace the annoying gerbils I had. When I moved to Seattle I couldn't take my dog with me so I got very depressed =(. I bought my first chinchilla and named her Miimii, the little chinchilla at the pet store that everyone was very mean to. Then we added Baby, a little albino Chinchilla, and last but not least we added Prince Yuki. They ended up breeding and I didn't know that both my females were pregnant. Well all and be hold, they had little baby chinchillas. It was a very exciting day for me. All my Chinchillas have very different personalities, but that's why I love them all. Miimii has trust issues with people because everyone would poke her in the butt at the petstore so she was very mean when I got her. Now she's the first one to the door when I go to feed in the morning. Baby is the trouble maker, and I think she passed it on to her baby, he likes to get out all the time. And last but not least, there is the proud father Prince Yuki. He loves to cuddle and go for car rides. I take him in to stores with me all the time and everyone is like wow what is that, he really loves the attention. If anyone is interested in getting a baby Chinchilla, please email me at

john - 2008-05-23
I have two chinchillas. I got them as 3-month old's and they have been great since. As youngsters they loved to sleep in a warm, cosy place but as they grow older they only sleep at night. They are both very cute and energetic. Some nights I let them run around on the couch to let loose, but it doesn't really work. The most important thing is a sleeping box which is ideal for sleeping.