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   Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
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Lianna - 2004-07-30
i recently bought a chinchilla, 2 weeks ago. he is so cute and adorable. they are such sweet animals. they are so gentle and their fur feels so good. i love chinchillas!!! ;-),, by the way my chinchillas name is chin chin!

gracie raaum - 2004-07-25
i have never had a chinchilla, but i can tell that they must be SO fun to own one! i want one so bad, but i already have a black bear hamster! i see one at petsmart all the time when i go there. i like to pretend i have one, but i don`t have a stuffed animal that soft!

Juliana, age 13 - 2004-06-19
I just got two chinchillas...and there really cool!!! I also have rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, cats, sheep, fish, and dogs. But the Chinchillas are the best so far!!! :)

Slinkey_Blinkie - 2004-05-18
Beautiful pictures! I want a chinchilla really bad..these photos make it even harder! those chinchillas are SO cute!

alissa - 2004-05-17
chunchillas are adorable

Laura - 2004-05-11
My auntie had a chinchilla named Turbo he was the best even though he had chewed through the tv cable. i miss him so much

Anonymous - 2004-05-07
chinchillas are flight reaction animals,and are very jittery.A chinchilla is not a pet meant to be cuddled and handled.

erica ,age 11 - 2004-05-07
I just got a chinchilla! He is already very tame,and can go on the table and roam around!I live my chinchilla!!!!!!!!

Lydia Merhuat - 2004-04-30
I have the best animal in the world, a chinchilla! My chinchilla is a white mosiac. His name is Snittzel. I love him so much! I am 11 and i find him really easy to care for! You can never get sick of chinchillas! I love them!

joe - 2004-04-03
Chinchillas are the greatest!!!