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   Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
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Lauren - 2005-01-09
My good friend Haylie got a chinchilla and she says that they are quite the cuddly rage! All people should know about chinchillas!

gabrielle - 2004-12-02
My chinchilla is so soft and she loves to fall asleep down in my sweatshirt when im sitting on the couch

go chill - 2004-11-09
chinchillas are sooooooo soft! it is so sad how they make furs out of them! the frist day that i had mine i was amazed at how fast she could run! it was as if she was boucing off the walls! i just love her! wow she goes though her che toys so fast i cant believe t! i mean seriously how much can you chew!? well if it makes her happy ...

Anonymous - 2004-11-09
Sometimes you need to get yoursef a treat, so get a chinchilla.

sucker for soft - 2004-11-09
they are soft... need i say more!!??

Marcus Corbould - 2004-11-04
Chinchillas are awesome! They are the best animals ever... Im so happy that i got mine. im so happy that im looking to get another one!

Karen - 2004-10-13
i just got one and i think it is a boy. he is so sweet and lovable. he likes to be held, he is very funny, and he loves to ring his bell. his name is Che-Che

FANNY - 2004-09-29

ChinchillaLover - 2004-09-10
I used to have a chinchilla years ago, but the neighbors dog ended up attacking it while i was taking it for a walk on its leash. This really upset me but I eventually got over it and bought another pet. This one was a dog, a very big and well trained attack dog. Quite viscious really, but most Rottwieller Pitbull mix can be that way. Anyways, my dog "accidentally" got loose one day and had a little run in with the neighbors dog who had been tied out on his leash. Ill leave the rest to your imagination. Oh yeah, I highly suggest buying a chinchilla, just be constantly aware of its surroundings, because I know you wouldnt want to lose the only friend you have ever had in the past 18 years and 7 months of your life.

alexa - 2004-09-02
exotics such as chinchillias are cute and all, but they are a wild animal, wich makes it wrong to keep somthing with so much survival instinct to be locked away in a cage! even if it has company and is in perfect health chances are it will develope abnormal behaviors because of the stress!

ive known a friend who got a chinchillia from a shelter. two 2 year old females. their previous home thaught they would be the perfect pets, if their so perfect why did they end up in a shelter? anyways my friend called me and told me what pathetic survivors they were, i thaght she might have exadurated but when i actually met them i realized she was right! they were a mess...pacing back and forth bobbing their heads(this was caused from the stress they recieved at their old home full of kids and from the comotion of the shelter) they were both aggresive and even bit each other when one of them startled the other!

i hope you see my point and think twice before getting a chinchillia