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   Chinchillas have great appeal, like cuddly little "balls of fur". Their exceedingly soft, dense coat has more fur per square inch than any other known mammal!
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Dave - 2005-05-21
Our chin lived in an aluminum mailbox in his cage and loved it. You can get one for about $10 and just rip off the door and file down the sharp edges and it makes a cozy little chin-ebago. Sadly, when he died the box doubled as his little tomb. We wrapped him up like a mummy and put him in it along with his water bottle and all his little treats for his journies on the other side and buried him in the back yard. So far the box has been family dog proof.

Ariana - 2005-05-08
After a month of convincing my mother to let me get these two beautiful gray chinchillas I was deeply rewarded. They are the most beautiful creatures and are like no other pet I ever had. Their capabilities are amazing as my chinchilla is extremely agile and evasive. I recommend this pet for any animal lover who wants to experience something new. However, it is better if you get the chinchilla when it is young so it will not be hostile. The love and sweet looks you will get are worth it.

Gina - 2005-05-05
The Chinchilla is so cute and this website gives u tons of information, thanks so much. i am doing a project and this website gave lots of imformation. thanks again for everything.

Linda - 2005-05-01
Chinchillas should not be kept in a rabbit hutch. They should be kept in an all wire cage made for chinchillas. They also should not go outdoors on a leash. They are a prey animal and if they feel threatened, they can "slip" their fur and so could easily get out of a leash. They do not in general like to be cuddled so do not make a very good childrens pet. Anyone considering getting a chinchilla, for the sake of the animal, should do a lot of research. They are wonderful animals but not neccessarily the cute cuddly creature some people might believe.

Cortney - 2005-02-16
I have had my chinchilla for 6 years she is so sweet and would never harm anything or anyone. i would recommend this animal to anyone. I love my chinchilla!

Ruth - 2005-02-14
Chinchillia are great pets, but only if you know what you can and can not do with one. They need a special diet and weekly dust baths. They need lots of room, so for a cage plan on lots of space. I have had my chinchilla for over 4 years, & I love it very much. If I had I known everything I know now, I might have thought harder. They also live for 15 + years. They are a great animal to have but understand that they require care.

Kelley - 2005-02-10
Chinchillas are great pets, especially if you have allergies to cats or dogs. But remember, they do require care and have very specific needs. If you give them the care and attention they need, they are amazing animals to have. Soft, fun to watch, and sometimes affectionate too. Not all chinchillas are created equally. Their personalities are as diverse as peoples. Be nice to your chinchillas and eventually, they will be nice to you. Kelley 2005-02-10

Maya - 2005-02-01
My sister has 9 chinchillas (they keep on having babies). They are the sweetest things on this earth. I am allergic to most other small animals :-(, but not the chinchillas. The are so cute and cuddly. They are fun to play with also.

Braydon - 2005-01-18
Ilove chinchillas becaus they are cute fr .braydon

Braydon - 2005-01-16
I LOVE CHINCHILLAS BECAUASE THEY ARE CUTE AND SOFT AND FAST. i AM GETTING ONE FOR A PET. They are my favorite animal in the world. please say hi to one for me. I also wish that they were in lloydminster. thats why i like chinchillas.