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   They have such a cute little face and you'll love their darling waddle!
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Phoenix - 2004-08-03
Hi, I run an animal santuary in England and keep 4 hedgehogs (2 male and 2 female) in what used to be my utility room. I have partioned the room off into four parts so they are all kept individually. They are all relatively timid but do not mind handiling. You have to handle them gently as they are delicate. They each have a bird house to sleep in and it has hay in it.
Mine get active at around five to eight in the evening, they are very playful. I made them each a wooden wheel which they enjoy. I feed them on dry cat food and water with a little bit of kitten milk in.
They are taken to the vets on a regular basis (I have had no health problems with them yet) along with all my other animals.

sarah daugherty - 2003-12-04
I got my hedgehog about a year ago , she is a one of the most unusual pets of all of them which consists of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, fish, rabbits and more. My hegehog loves to be out of her cage to roam arond the house and explore.

R>M> - 2003-11-10
I work at a pet store and our hedgehog loves Tender Vittles for cats. The odor is stinky but not unbearable. Just a little thought in case you would like to try it...!!!!!