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   They have such a cute little face and you'll love their darling waddle!
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Amanda - 2006-02-14
I just got my fiance a hedgehog for Valentine's Day, and even though he's a bit huffy right now, it doesn't take him long to get out of his ball and explore :D

Blake - 2005-11-23
We had a hedgehog named Salty Ambrose. We picked him out from his litter because he was the most curious and least huffy. He was the most lovable, cute and curious pet. When we took him to the vet, they said he was the most sociable hedgehog ever. We miss him and can't wait to get another hedgehog.

Justine - 2005-08-12
I just got my male hedgehog about 5 days ago and i love him alot already. His name is Disel. He is still very timid and hasnt came
out of his ball willingly in about 3 days. the first day i brought him home he was very frendly and loved my dogs.

Lori - 2005-07-04
Hi, I have 3 hedgehogs(2female,1male) The male is salt and pepper. The older female is white and the younger one is albino. i breed them and sell the babys. i got them about a year ago and they all are so loving. i love my beautiful pets!!

Therese Gosselin - 2005-06-12
I got Pokey 5 months ago. He was 3 months old. I managed to litter train him. He comes to see me when I call his name. If I say go use your litter, he does. It was an intensive training of 2 months and I never expected that much from my new little creature. He asks to go to the kitchen by pushing my hand with his nose and he doesn't have a cage, but a little house. He and I are close and every day he finds a new way to please me and make me understand what he wants. I love you Pokey.

MACKENZIE - 2005-04-11
I love hedgehogs.

Matt DEmaio - 2005-01-11
I wrote in a long time ago. Since then me and my hedgehog Bucky have grown closer together. She knows my scent and is not scared anymore when I pick her up. She really likes to run around in her play-pen. If you have a hedgehog that likes to get up and run around you should really look into getting one. She likes to run around in her ball to, But when she really starts to run she has "accidents"! What I want to say is that I dont think you could get a cooler pet.

Matt DEmaio - 2004-11-25
I just got my hegdehog yesterday, and its been great! It is a female. its name is Bucky. It hardly ever rolls into a ball and it is so energetic. Its about 5 weeks old. I made its own cage. It loves to hide in its tunnel. I have never had a hedgehog before but i think they are the greatest pet anyone could ever have! It is a salt and pepper color. For all you hedgehog lovers out there I have to say you guys have excellent taste. By the way I got her at animal city. Another thing she was 100.00 bucks!

jim - 2004-10-04
hi my name is jim. i have eleven rabbits. they are kind of like hedgehogs but when these animals get mad they pee on me.

hunter - 2004-09-17
I just got my male hedgie today at 8:00. It was a birthday present from my parents. His name is chester. He is such a wonderful pet and is pretty friendly already after about an hour. He makes weird clicking noises. He is about a year old and he was $120.99.