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Da T - 2003-10-29
I have found that mice make great pets because you can take them almost anywhere. I travel with my mice all of the time and they seem to enjoy the adventures that we have.
Some good treats I have found for my mice are cheerios and grapes. As for bedding, I have never tried pine, but they seem to like aspen a lot.
Thanks for the tips!

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Leba KNees - 2003-10-28
chinchillas are the sweetest animal ever, yo! i love them so much im thinking about devoting my life to raise a massive herd of them!

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Eli - 2003-10-25
My mini-lop Duff is the best pet Ive ever had, and Ive had hamsters, fish, gerbils, mice and netherland dwarfs! Duff cuddles up to me at home, I love him!!!

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Susan - 2003-10-23
My name is Susan and I have a mini rex whom my husband and myself
enjoy very much. He goes with us in our truck on many of our outings.
He sits right in the middle on the arm rest,or some times he hops
into the back seat. I think his color would be considered a blue.
We got him at a pet store here in N.H. He is a house rabbit and
he trained himself as to going to his house to do his business.
He likes our cats Sam and Louie. It took them a bit to get used to
him but now they run through the house together having a great time.

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Heather Rediker - 2003-10-19
I have a male. He is my little stud. He is so nosey but I love him to death. I am looking for more. They are hard to find so if you find one, you should take the oppurtunity. They are worth the money and work. They are sweet rabbits. They also have a gentle nature, but just like many other rabbits, they do not like to be held!

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terri rutledge - 2003-10-17
we love our angoras ! they are very gentile & love to snuggle. they are always the highlight of the day, especially when we visit schools & nursing homes ! great pet therapy & soothing for our family. working w/ them is great stress relief. not to mention enjoyable!!

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debbie - 2003-10-08
I have a pet racoon and its definatly the cutest pet I have ever had.

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emma - 2003-10-06
I think that this is the best site for info on cavies. My pig has had her piglets they are 3 weeks old now and they are coming along great. She had three babies and i was worried that one, the runt, was going to get left out. I did see the birth ans with Evie(the last pig that is) she forgot to bite the sac so i had to prod her until she finally did. Then I had to rub evie with a towel. She is fine now though.
I just wanted to say thank you as I have referred to this sight a great deal.
love emx

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Brandee - 2003-10-05
Hello my name is brandee green and yesterday my mom was driving home from work and a hamster ran across road. she stopped and picked it up. It is really tame, we think it was the schools across the road where it came from but we arent sure. Tomorrow we are taking it over to the school to see if it is the schools. We think its a teddy bear hamster. Its like a peach color with really dark ears. AIM or MSN me. AIM, MSN, Thank you and please send me pics of a teddy bear hamster and tell me what i need, thank you.

Jenna - 2003-09-30
I have two short hair teddy bear hamsters, 1 male and 1 femail that I am going to breed in a couple of weeks, and I am getting 2 dwarf hamsters in a few weeks, I found your site, it was helpful to me and I am glad I took time to read it.


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