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kiersten - 2013-03-25
I'm looking for netherland dwarf rabbits for 20 dollars or less in the pickens county area in south carolina. Must be babies! Can anyone help me?

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JANE - 2013-03-24
Do rabbits bite? What type rabbits are the best to be handled as pets?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-03-24
    Yes rabbits can bite. Especially if they are not handled regularly from the time they are babies. If you get a baby rabbit and handle him often he will more than likely grow up to be docile and friendly and you should have few, if any, problems with your rabbit biting. This is true of all rabbits, however some breeds are better for beginners and children because they don't get as large and sometimes have more gentle personalities. Some of these include the Mini-Lop Rabbit, the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit, and the Dutch Rabbit.
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angelina - 2013-03-22
I have Californian new Zealand mix and they have an ok amount of kits (babies), they have 4 to 5. The Californians have 8 to 10.

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Amigo - 2012-12-28
Are guinea pigs easy to litter box train? I want to get one but need it to be at least mostly trained. Thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-28
    They are actually fairly easy to train as long as you are consistant.
  • Susie - 2013-02-28
    Amigo, No they are not easy to litter box train! It is very difficult to get a guinea pig to poo in one place and virtually impossible to train them to poo in a litter box. Any owner will tell you that they go everywhere! Don't get a guinea pig if you're not prepared to clean up the mess. You need to be fully aware of what you are letting yourself in for before committing to any pet. A pet is for life and is a big commitment.
  • chelsea - 2013-03-20
    My sister and I share two guinea pigs and have no problem cleaning up after them. We spot clean about every other day and fully clean the cage on Sunday.
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Liz Guinivan - 2011-06-17
Why are they described as small breeds? They are huge compared to Dwarf Hotot, polish and netherland dwarfs, they are small breeds. Mine is huge and keeps growing and growing yet she's not even 4months! Mine will definately be NOT be small...she is the most gentle and docile creature though,love her to bits!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-17
    These guys have the best personalities and are great pets. They are considered small as usually just 2 1/2 to 4 pounds. Maybe you got a big one. Just love him and enjoy.
  • Liz Guinivan - 2011-06-23
    I agree, I love her to bits! Damn mine is definately huge. I am pretty definate she is purebred but I will have to look up some more rabbit breeds to see if maybe she is crossbred.
  • Deanna Burkart - 2011-07-07
    You could have a Californian instead. They have the same markings but get 8-10lbs.
  • Maddy - 2013-03-18
    I have a himalayan bunny and he is HUGE! He is like a cat. haha They are definitely not a small breed.
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elaine - 2013-03-18
We adopted 2 orphaned raccoons about 8 years ago. We got them when their eyes were still closed. About 1 month ago one of them passed the remaining one (Bertha) is grief stricken and will not eat, and is getting weaker and weaker. I have not been able to bring her out of it - the sisters had not ever spent one day apart. I tried some Ensure - she would have nothing to do with it - I have tried feeding her all her favorites...nothing. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-03-23
    I am so so sorry to hear about your raccoon :( It sounds like she is just not responding to what she would typically respond to. Is there a wildlife vet or exotic pet vet in your area that you could consult? That would be my best suggestion at this point. I hope to hear she gets better.
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Daniel - 2012-11-29
I am currently living in Nova Scotia and am looking to buy a miniature deer for a pet. I am looking to buy from a breeder nearby, but I am having a hard time finding one anywhere. If you can help me please reply. I really want one and it's going to a good home.

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  • Dara Dumont - 2013-03-15
    Hello Daniel, I am in Alberta and I am also looking into Munjac. I have not been able to find anything regarding them in Canada at all. If you have any info on if Canada allows them as pets and if you have found a breeder can you please help me out? THX
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Natasha - 2007-05-25
I used to have 3 or 4 'lab' mice, but unfortunately, they have all since died. The only female I had was pregnant, but sadly ignored her babies. I'm hoping to get some new mice, and breed them, and sell them as snake food...:[. I love having little pet mice because they're so affectionate, adorable, and tame, and I'm planning on working at a local pet store so I can have access to mice.

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  • aly - 2012-09-21
    That's terrible! How could you sell them as snake food? I have feeder mice and they mate alot but I find good homes for them, I'm not saying you are a terrible person, I know you aren't doing wrong, but I don't understand how it's possible to do that, I fall in love with them as soon as I see them, I could never sell them so anyone as food, it would break my heart. Breeding just to kill is kinda mean, I mean even with cows....I feel bad everytime I eat cow meat D: I guess I'm more sensitive then alot of other people seeing as if I kill a spider I cry. Can you explain to me how you are able to do this with out feeling bad? I'm just curious and I would like to be able to see things from your point of veiw. ~Alyssa Paige
  • Imogen - 2012-09-23
    I agree with the comment above. I fall in love with mice as soon as I see them-love them so much, they're such cute animals! Sorry but how could you sell them as snake food?! Just the thought of that makes me feel upset. You aren't a bad person and I'm not being mean or anything but you're selling them as snake food?! :'(
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-16
    Hey Natasha, why don't you go jump in a tank with a snake and see how you like it. THINK before you say something so stupid, there are children who come to this site seeking help for their little guys, how insensitive can you be?
  • Magda - 2012-10-23
    I have 2 females for sale for 2 pounds
  • Mary - 2013-02-06
    I to am a mouse lover but to breed them and play with the babkies is a very fun process, too many mice since they breed fast could become over whelming, i do believe in using them for snake food if frozen at birth, it is nature snakes and other animals have to eat too, as much as we hate it, it is reality people, you want pet snakes their are also snake lovers someone has to produce food to keep the food chain going sad but just a fact, get a grip people and think outside the box lol m.j.
  • Lanie - 2013-02-26
    Hey, I have snakes. i don't like feeidng the mice to them but that is just how it is. It's sad to see a baby mouse get eaten but what else are they going to eat? I guess I could try and make them in to vegetarians...but I don't think they would go for that. I could see everyone flipping out if Natasha said she was going to tourture the mice and then sale them as food, or if she said I'm going to just kill them. But she didn't. i bet she would be more then happy to not breed them for a little extra cash if everyone who had a problem with it would send her a check every month. There is nothing wrong with what she is wanting to do. Just leave her alone and look in the mirror if you feel the need to have to preach or judge someone. I bet there are alot of things you do that others don't agree with. So get off it.
  • Ali - 2013-03-05
    Snakes have to eat too! My boyfriend has 2 ball pythons and we stared breeding our mice, and yes for food. Who wouldn't fall in love with the adorable little baby mice but, thats just how things are snakes need food too. I love each of our mice(Luna, Moo, Zeus, Pepper, Cinnamon, and Daisy) that we keep as pets and carefully breed as to not over work the mothers. Don't be so judgmental people, none of us actually enjoy feeding the mice off. But when you see how quick it is (all of 2 maybe 3 seconds) it is more humane then most realize.
  • Reptile and Mouse Owner - 2013-03-18
    I understand you said nothing mean or horrible, mouse breeds and snakes eat. No different than getting sad for a seed that the mouse just cracked in half, everything needs food. But I also agree this specific place your 'story' is inappropriate, that would be more suitable for a page talking about snakes. I agree there are worse things on the internet a kid can find than a person saying they are going to breed mice for snake food. I love my pets and my mouse would never become any pets' food.
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Sean - 2004-08-30
Hi my name is Sean i bought 2 sugar gliders months ago, they are the cutest and most annoying sounding creatures out there. There is a really loud ahah. When i bought them i read books on them and spent 500$ on cage and all the stuff, huge cage. most people tell you there loving, well my 2 that i got, male/female are absolutely mean. they draw blood everytime i hold them, and no matter what, they wont stop biting. there are some of the meanest things ive ever owned. im so careful with them yet all they do is bite. infact when i walk in front of the cage they start "crabing" for ever and never quit. They make huge messes when they eat, and you have to clean the fruit off of everything, the cage the wall and the floor. They are so cute, so annoying, and extremely mean!

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  • kristy watson - 2013-03-16
    I will be more than gladly to take them off ur ur hands. More thAn likeky they were abused before u got them!
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Linda - 2013-03-16
Sorry changing the subject....i have a flyer his name is Parker. Have had him since Dec 2012, was about 5 wks old eyes still shut. Came to my lake camp had him in his cage, went outside for just abit he was in my shirt, usually he stays right with me but he jumoed off and was gone! It was around 8:30 at night, i sat outside in my lawn chair, i could hear him squeek so i would call his name. Around 1:00am yes still sitting outside with aheavy heart, i was looking in the trees, I saw him glide throughthe trees...Just Beautiful!!!!! So i said alittle prayer if this is where he is suppose to be at least he is happy. Still outside 3:00am saw him again gliding from tree to tree. Finally at 4:30 I dozed off in my chair, then I heard him behind me in one of the pine trees..I walked over extended my arm said I was sleepy lets go to bed..........he came down from the tree about 20 ft jumped on my hand an ran down my shirt snuggled next to my side went to sleep!!!! I was so amazed!!!!! Just wanted to share my adventure with Parker the flying squirrel!


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