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Katelyn - 2013-07-01
Hey there! I need some advice I'm going to be getting a Holland Lop soon and I'm wondering if it would be okay to get one that is like 3 years old instead of getting a baby one? And if you guys have any advice for me please comment below I would appreciate it!

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  • Angelica - 2013-07-03
    You are better off with a baby. They will know you and trust you when you get them young. I got my Holland Lop when he was only 6 weeks (most breeders recommend 8 weeks) and he is awesome. He comes when I call him, he is potty trained, he can lay on the couch next to me. The best pet ever. Get your lop young and give them a lot of attention and they will be your best friend.
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Kristian - 2012-09-07
Hi I live in Melbourne Australia, are there any lion head rabbit breeders here?? looking for a partner for my mini lop

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-08
    From what I have been told, there are not a lot of breeders in Austalia.  The country became overrun with rabbits and eating crops so they had to control the polulation.  Look for any bunny about th ame size.
  • Kristian - 2012-09-10
    damn.. I really wanted one of the lion heads because they look so cute :( I guess ill have to settle for another mini lop
  • I KNOW! - 2013-06-30
    After some research I'm sorry to say that the lionhead rabbit breed is not in Australia. I hope this is helpful. :(
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Jordan - 2008-09-14
My name is Jordan. I found a badly wounded baby squirrel. It's better now but I go to destin in 6 days. What do I do?

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  • aika - 2010-04-25
    if you are gonna bring your pet squirrel on the airplane you need to pay first that's why ok bye thanks
  • aaron - 2010-11-23
    Feed it milk, then bandage it.
  • Emily - 2013-06-29
    Just curious, did your squirrel forget you and act mean toward you?
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courtney davis - 2013-06-21
I have two little ones hefty and chance. I recieved them when their mother was shot going into a barn. They had their eyes and ears shut so only a week old. Hefty has become very loving and affectionate, he uses the litter box and loves to sit on my shoulder and play with my hair. However chance is very mean,he bites hisses and claws. I'm planning on releasing chance as he has a wild mentality, but to release hefty would be certain death as he wouldnt know what to do. I am currently working on getting my rehabilitators license and becoming a rehabilitator. I agree with everyone, DO NOT take on a raccoon if you cannot handle it. They may be cute as babies but will grow fast and become unpredictable!

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Leslie - 2013-06-14
I have A Guinea Pig Named Chloe. Just To Note That Guinea Pigs Should Have The Proper Bedding. Pine Hurts There Feet, Carefresh Makes IT Smell, Aspen Has Dust,Fleece Stinks! I Strongly Would NOT Recommend IT. I Use Recycled Paper Bedding And IT Last A Long Time. Thanks For Reading!

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setia - 2013-06-07
I want to buy a rabbit. What is the best race and beauty of them?

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Ryan - 2004-06-26
These rabbits make great pets, I have had my guy now for 12 years. He has fathered many cute bunnies in his life, 54 to be exact. He was the first rabbit I had and I got him when I was only 3, I was the second owner but the first owner did not know how old he was when i got him. He is quite old now but i still love him and he has never had one thing wrong with him in his life, the only vet visits are his yearly check-ups. I know that he is not long for this world now but his legacy will live on in me and in his children.

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J - 2006-09-26
I am a licensed rehabber in Calif. Raccoons are by far my favorites. They are cute, affectionate & very endearing. I would love to keep them all but I know that isn't the best for them. I have been trying to get permission for an educational raccoon for our group so have done a great deal of homework & have decided I will be chosing another mammal. Raccoons are social, they bond quickly to the caregiver (they miss "mom"). They are insecure as babies, but as they age, they become more independent. With that, the adorable playfulness & curiosity becomes more aggressive & destructive (this is their nature & what they need for surviving in the wild). Their teeth are sharp & so are those claws! I wear shabby Levis just for them climbimg my legs - which is "painfully cute" when they are little. I watch in fascination & photograph them for hours. At around two they become unpredictable in their behavior. They do like things on their terms afterall, & have displayed aggressive behavior when least expected so most rehab facilities will not use raccoons due to liability. If one bites, it is destroyed to check that it is free of rabies. This has happened to people who just had them as pets & family or friends have been bitten. To have a pet euthanized due to old age or infirmity is heartwrenching enough - it would be unbearable to have an animal I took out of its elements destroyed in its prime when it wasn't necessary. Neutering does not stop all aggression, males are normally less agressive than the females in captivity. Things I am personally aware of have been: 1) pet raccoons will kill other small pets up to small bunnies, including birds, 2) help themselves to fish in tanks & koi ponds, 3) jump on the back of a dog & ride it when really angry, act out against their caregivers, etc. & 4) can demolish & destroy the inside of a home in no time. There are exceptions, of course. Caging or tethering them would break their spirit - they are nature's clowns who never stop exploring...besides, they only get meaner. I am grateful to ALL who try & save them. They do need special formula & diets that aid in their development. People food is not what they get in the wild as babies. Like any species, they need the proper nutrients just for them. If you are going to keep one, at least contact a rehabber who will help you out & get you the right information. Rehab centers are full of adult raccoons that people have tried to raise & don't want anymore & they can't be placed. When weaned, my raccoons go to another rehabber with a state regulated cage to grow bigger & "wild up" before being released. I cry while driving them there, I cry when I leave & when it comes time to release them I will be crying again. I know it's best but they really get into your heart - any hand raised orphan will be imprinted & it is very important that if they are going to be released they go to a rehabber that can try & get them back to the wild in a way that they will have a chance to survive & live their lives out as they were put on this earth to do.

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Lucy - 2012-06-14
I had a rossette, and after like 8 years he died so I got an American short hair, but she died like a month later and now I want a teddy or silkie or maybe another rossette.

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Anonymous - 2012-10-11
Are gerbils cute and good pets to have? I'm thinking of getting 2 soon and I just want to know about what they're like because I haven't had any before. Are they easy to train? Are they cute? Good pets to have? Better than other small pets like mice? Thank you!

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  • Anonymous - 2012-10-16
    Thank you, I'm thinking of getting two females.
  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-11
    Gerbils make super pets. They are cute, very sweet and handleable. Just be sure to get at least two because they really need companionship. If you don't want a lot of babies, be sure they are the same sex too.

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