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Evita - 2013-04-30
I have had my 2 little white mice for 1 year and 8 months. They are so sweet and i love them so much. . . Which is why i am absolutely devastated that one has an internal tumor. She was always a bit bigger and lazier than my other mouse, but was in perfect health until a few months ago when i noticed she began to develop cataracts. Soon after, my husband and i noticed she had been gaining weight, but in a disproportionate way so she looked pear-shaped. She is still a very active mouse, but it hurts my heart so much to see her having a hard time moving. She likes to go on the wheel still, but for short periods of time. Sometimes my other mouse will run on the wheel with her and spin her around. She is still very social, she is eating and drinking, but i am very paranoid about her tumor and if she is in pain. I took her to the vet last week and he said that he agrees with me that she is still a very happy mouse who has a will to live, but that i should be watching her to see when she is uncomfortable and that would be my sign to bring her in to get put to sleep. I am super paranoid about her now and am so afraid that i will not notice the right signs. I don't want her to be in pain, and i also do not want to put her to sleep before she is ready. I am also worried about the happiness of my other mouse when my other mouses' time comes. Please help with any advice.

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  • ananya roy - 2013-05-01
    i have two laboratory mice of about 14 months of age.both of them are very bulky and this a sign of internal tumor?.they are losing there appetite lately and will sleep or lay down all the time.please answer me!they refuse to play and pant if i make them do a bit of exercise on their wheel.what should i do??
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-01
    Evita, I'm sorry to hear about your little mouse's tumor. These little creatures do get tumors sometimes, and there is little that can be done. But the average lifespan for a mouse is 2, sometimes up to 3 years, so she's had a pretty gool life and it sounds like a great home. When she does pass, it won't really really impact your other mice. It will be a sad day, but there's not much you can do about it as that's part of the life cycle. So just know you've given her a good and happy home. My good wishes are with you.
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Imogen - 2012-11-30
Are gerbils friendly, lively, cute and tame? Do they smell? (I had mice before and they smelt a bit) also, how often do you have to clean them out and are they noisy at night? Getting gerbils next month and want to know a bit more about them because I haven't had them before! Thank you

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  • Nicky - 2013-01-02
    You have to clean them out every few weeks. They don't smell much and are great fun. Yes they are all those things, they can be noisy at night but you get used to it. You'll love them!
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zach - 2013-04-14
I have a young jersey wooly doe and would like to know what color she is she is. when I go her she was white with light grey ears and tail, little bit on her face. now she has shed and she is mostly the light grey color I looked at the national jersey wooly website and her color wasn't on there color chart with pictures

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Kim - 2012-08-20
I am looking for a Himalayan rabbit to add to our family and finding it very difficult to locate a breeder. My daughter and I had one we loved very much but he unexpectedly and suddenly passed away after a surgery last year. If anyone knows a breeder in the Eastern, PA (Reading, Harrisburg, Allentown and thereabouts) or even within 2- 2 1/2 hours from the area please let me know! My email is, thank you.

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SunChaserWildlife - 2010-01-17
The debate on whether to have a pet raccoon has been surpassed by the need of your voice for all urban wildlife. State Wildlife agencies are responsible for the welfare of ALL wildlife, not just the animals selling hunting tags. Wildlife is owned by the citizens and is to be managed by the state agency under the terms of a Public Trust Doctrine.

Yet, over-stated risks and lack of proper education and reporting is leading our society to malign intelligent, beneficial urban animals such as skunks, raccoons, foxes...There is NO perspective anymore! Always use caution with wild animals, but do not act in fear. Research the animals that live in your backyards and learn the truths.

And please, speak up for these animals and defend their rights to not be banned from rescue and rehab. States like NC order all these animals be killed, denying qualified rehabilitators (citizens who own the wildlife equally) the right to rescue & rehab them. Such state killing programs are becoming the "norm" because the public does not speak up against this.

Rabies testing is a billion dollar business - millions of healthy animals are killed and their heads sent to labs for testing. Oral rabies vaccine baits can eradicate this disease - but people have to care enough to demand it be done by their local and state gov't.

Raccoons intelligence has been proven second only to higher monkeys. Raccoons kill venomous snakes, and as with skunks are the best mousers you can find!

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guinea pig breeding - 2010-09-11
The first time a sow gives birth, it would be best if she is already four to six months old. That's what I do with my sow. And when she gives birth they're all healthy and strong.

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Anonymous - 2013-04-20
Need help!! My 9 week old flyer is in the house and I can't Find him.:( how do I catch him when I can't find him?

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  • Milla - 2013-05-04
    You should put something out what he likes because I think he can easily sniff it out. Squirrels are good at smeling things out. Just try(; From milla to Anonymous
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Derek Sisson - 2004-06-03
I have recently learned a very good tip for treating wet tail which is highly effective. even with some of the sickest hamsters. ive treated well over 20 hamsters with wet tail at the pet store i work at. all you need to do is feed the dri tail liquid directly to the hamsters through a dropper. about 8 drops. also add it to the water as directed.

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Troy - 2006-02-22
This really is a great site. Has all the information I needed about animals I was interested in and ones I did'nt even know you could have as pets. I also like all the feedback by the owners.

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LaVina - 2005-01-18
I have a blue and white dutch bunny. He is the first pet I have had as an adult and my first bunny. He has a great disposition, is very playful, and loves to be petted. He is easy to care for and was easy to litterbox train. He pretty much trained himself. They are very smart animals. He loves to play. He runs all over the room and binkys high! He has a ball that he likes to roll around and he likes to hide in his little huts made out of cardboard boxes. He loves treats such as raisins, apples, carrots, broccoli, oranges, cilantro, mint, and parsley. He seems particularly fond of the mint and will pull it right out of your hand and gulp it down! : ) He does require alot of attention as they do get lonely but he is so worth it! He also gives bunny kisses which is a high honor. They will only groom some one they truly trust and love. He also knows that i always kiss his nose and has started to put his nose out for kisses! So cute. Bunnies are a great pet if you have the time for them but they also require alot of research. They are a fragile animal and need the proper care. But if you are considering one for a pet, a dutch is great to start out with. But be prepared. They can live up to around 10-15 years if properly cared for.


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