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Hope - 2013-08-01
My name is Hope and I have a silver doe and a black and white coloured buck. They make my life great, the doe was named Immaculate and the buck Prudence. They are so big just like a six month old baby.

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Marie - 2013-07-30
Hi: My name is Marie we have a beautiful Holland Lop Male Bunny, he is a little over a year old. He has been wonderful to us. He followed us around the house and played tag with us, let us hold him, hug him and kiss him. He was extremely loveable, never went to bite or lunge at us. But we went on vacation and left him with very good family friends who knew how to take care of bunnies since they had them previously. I failed to mention he has the run of our apartment and is extremely spoiled with lots of toys etc. When I left him with friends I made a schedule out of what he does and told them if they were leaving him in the basement to leave a light on and always give him a lot of attention because this is what he is used to. Well he has been home over a week now and will not let us pick him up, play with him, he runs from us as though he has been abused, will not play with us like he normally does. It's as though we have a totally different bunny and it is scaring us. I called the vet he told me to give him 2 weeks and see what happens, that bunnies hold grudges. But something does not seem right, how do we tell if our baby has been abused in ANY WAY????? PLEASE HELP US WE ARE CRYING OUR EYES OUT OVER THIS THIS IS OUR BABY....... THANK YOU.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-31
    I'm so sorry about your bunny. :( Did you find out from the people who watched him if anything happened? One thing that comes to my mind is the possibility of a young child (or anyone really) accidentally dropping the rabbit and tramatizing or hurting him. Is he still eating well and does it appear that he is moving around without problems? If a leg was hurt he would probably be limping. I hope the vet is right and it just takes some time for your little guy to readjust.
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Joyce - 2013-07-18
My Grandson's Teddy Bear Hamster got loose last Friday night. I have put food and water out for it. Anyone know how to catch it?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-24
    Well, hamsters are very active at night, so that is the best time to look for them. However, they like to hide behind and under things. So I would start by searching behind dressers, under beds, etc. Good luck finding him! I know when ours would get out he would always climb up into our bed, waking us up!
  • donna - 2013-07-27
    Try making steps up to a bucket with books or something then put something soft on the bottom of the bucket. Put food on each step and in the bucket. Hopefully he will climb the books and fall into the bucket and you will find him in the morning.
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Deborah Getzler Munoz - 2013-01-25
We got a male abyssinian 9 days ago, he is cute, chutts a lot = their way of talking. He likes to be held and given veggie treat - lettuce, loves cilantro and spinach and carrots. He is kinda messy- trying to train him to use a litter box. Has anyone had any luck with this?

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  • joe sanders - 2013-07-18
    It is normal just do your daily care and it's fine to just do a spot clean every day or very often.
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Linda Sykora - 2012-04-16
Hi there, I breed the white crested guinea pigs in my home country (Czech Republic) and I am in Vancouver now for one year to improve my English. So I am looking around about the cavies you breed here too and I would like to gain some new information, experiences and contacts to breeders who are interested in this breed of cavies in this country to see yours pigs ... Thanks for your offers and reactions (please on my e-mail). Linda

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  • Linda Sykora - 2012-05-07
    Is any cavy breeder interested in breeding white crested guinea pigs in British Columbia? I still look for some contacts ... Thanks for your answers on e-mail lindasykorova(at), Linda
  • Anonymous - 2013-07-13
    Hi, well my friend asked me to find out what breed her two guinea pigs are (Wish = hers, Scrappy ( my favourite ) = her brothers). I think Scaps is a White Crested!
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Baare Beary - 2012-06-21
My pet mouse died last month his name was Mouse I had him for almost 20 months- I came home and he had died with his eyes open and it almost looked like he was praying. I don't know why he died he was fine the day before. Did he suffer? My heart is so broken without my little boy.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-21
    No, probably just fell asleep and went on to the whatever world.  I am sorry - it is hard to lose a friend. 
  • Anne - 2012-10-08
    I had a mouse die recently and her eyes were open, as well. She had been having some health problems but had seemed find the night before. Unfortunately, because mice are so tiny, any illness or problem will take over very quickly. Also, 20 months for a mouse is a good age. They average less than 2 years typically. I can't tell you if he suffered or not, but he could have simply just died of old age. I'm so sorry for you loss.
  • Catrena - 2012-10-02
    I am sorry for your loss. I just lost a mouse tonight and I am on here in my grief looking for answers.
  • Imogen - 2012-10-07
    I'm really sorry. I know it is very hard to lose a pet-I've lost 3 female mice, and my heart broke. I was so upset and in grief for ages about my girls. Just remember the fun you had together.
  • Magda - 2012-10-23
    I have males and females for free
  • Megan - 2013-07-12
    The same happend to my little Cream. I was heart broken too she died with her eyes open and looked like she was praying just like yours but we buried her in the backyard and made her a little cardboard cross. We know we won't forget her and it really was a shock when we found her dead she was fine the night before.
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DebraM - 2011-11-08
I can't find any info as to a Jersey Wooly rabbit's wool can be used for fiber as it is with angora rabbits. If anyone knows please let me know. Also is their a difference between a Jersey Wooly and a Jersey Wooly Dwarf Angora rabbit?

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  • Bailey Hiersche - 2012-05-25
    No the rabbit you got; Jersey Wooly, is a Jersey Wooly they are dwarf, some call them dwarf angoras. Yes the rabbit can be used for fur. You just won't get as much since the rabbit is smaller.
  • June - 2013-07-10
    It can be used as fiber but, like the last poster said, you don't get nearly as much as you need. I have 3 cashmere rabbits who I shear every summer and in order for me to get enough fiber for a decent length of yarn, I do a blend. The same can be done with Woolly fur but, it's a bit trickier than just plain fleece.
June - 2013-07-10
Hi guys, just thought I'd let you know that over here in Australia, a Jersey Woolly, is known as Jersey Woolly. Not a Dwarf Angora :) Thanks for the great info by the way. Keep up the good work.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-11
    Thanks for letting us know! Maybe it used to be called a Dwarf Angora by some  groups at some point and is no longer used?
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Lara - 2003-12-20
Just read Danielles message and my holland-lop Ginger also passed away this summer and miss her so much. She was the guard rabbit of the back yard, kept the cats off her grass or should I say flower beds
Miss her so much have raised a few lops and are all great animals should have large hutches to stretch out in.
To all the Holland Lop lovers the best for your future!

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  • Anonymous - 2013-07-07
    I am so sorry.
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debyn carman - 2010-08-15
i have just bought a baby ferret and it died, we brought it back to life but it is still very pooly, its neck is really thin and it's just not eating at all. All it is doing is sleeping and its bleeding abit from its ears. i would just like to ask you what i should do because i have had a really good luk on loads of websites and it just does not tell me what i should do can you help me?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-08-15
    Take your ferret to a veterinarian immediately.
  • Blacksheep - 2011-05-30
    Put the poor little thing down....
  • caty - 2011-08-11
  • John Paul Blair - 2011-08-30
    I just found two of my ferrets profusely bleeding thick black blood from their back ends. I had to put them to sleep right away. Your ferret must also be be put down.
  • Ash Lee - 2012-03-24
    Oh my god... I am sorry, but your ferret probably won't last long. Please do not let him/her suffer. I wish you good luck, if it was mya choice your little one would be healthy and energetic in half a second.
  • DocRon - 2012-11-03
    Well you reived a near death animal, I would have done the same. First Vets are their for a reason. I know this can be a finantial problem and saddly a lot of Vets will turn you away if you cant pay. This nimal needs fluids at this point anit would be unethical for me to tell you give it a lactate ringer STAT. I mean no direspect to al the good vets out there. Now Ferrets need shots many the same as dogs. NO milkproducts and all raw fod ie. meats and fruit. Be careful some fruit ae bad. Educate your self before getting any animal. May the disgner in common keep you happy and healthy
  • rose - 2013-01-15
    Is a ferret good with kids.
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-15
    You may want to take it to a veterinarian. It sounds like needs some medical  and possibly some nutritional attention.
  • nana nancy - 2013-07-03
    Have you got any photos of your ferret?

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