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johan setiabudi - 2013-11-18
at the first i got a couple of white mouse i really love and take care of them because they're so cute and nice not like others pets that make me upset many time. you can send an email to me if you need white mouse i have a lots of white mouse. some famouse universities in my city have ordered from me constantly for their research, my email is

Yuki - 2013-10-06
I recently brought home a pet mouse from petco and two weeks in she seems to only eat her millet snips and started to have what looks like diarrhea today :( I took out the snacks and changed her bedding. I'm seriously worried and have no idea what to do!

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-10-07
    It sounds like you are doing the right things! Give her no snacks for a while and see if that helps, and good thing you changed the bedding. Also, just make sure she's not in an area where drafts could be affecting her.
  • Katie - 2013-11-03
    My mouse has a swollen hip and I don't know what to do she is 1 year old and I changed her bedding today I am so worried for her!😓
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Amy - 2007-07-26
I too have fallen in love with a red squirrel. We named her Gabbie. Her eyes were not opened when we found her. We feed her Esbilac until she weened herself off. We fed her through an eye dropper and she would just grab it and shove it in her mouth. I think she was about 3 months old and still taking her milk about twice a day. We then added mixed grain cereal for babies (Gerber). No plain rice. I was told it should not be given to them. Anyway, she lived inside with us for 2 months and knowing I would release her, I built an outside cage for her to stay in in the day. It was a 6x6 heavy gage wire cage with a door. We then would bring her in at night. We filled it with limbs for her to learn to eat on and climb. We let her stay in this cage for about 1 month and then inside at night. I noticed her natural instincts starting to kick in. I just felt that she was really wanting to climb trees and it just broke my heart to see her in a "zoo". I wanted so badly to keep her. My children and I cried for days. However, I put my selfish human tendencies aside and I let her run up a tree. She now lives in our woods with the other red squirrels. It was very very hard on us at first because we missed her so much. We missed her constant contact with us. However, I know she is so happy being free. I loved her enough to give her what she longed for, freedom. We now go to see her twice a day, call her name, and give her treats. She is soo beautiful jumping on limbs and being just what god intended for her to be, a squirrel.

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  • Peggy - 2013-10-25
    Hi Amy, I was happy to read in your story that you released Gabbie when she was ready. I have a permit through the MN DNR to take injured or orphaned wildlife, and over the past many years have raised and released hundreds of gray, reds, and flying squirrels. What concerns me when I read stories like some posted here, is that people try and help these orphans when they find them, but without the knowledge of what to do-they end up hurting more than helping. You should start to wean squirrels when they are 6 weeks old. Offer raw fruit(cut up) w/ plain yogurt, and make a baggie of this mix= Cheerios or Kix, plain granola (or the kind with almonds and dried bananas), dry puppy chow. As they get older add shelled sunflower seeds (unsalted), dried whole kernel corn, pine nuts, plain peanuts. They like raw veggies, especially corn on the cob, too. Provide deer antlers and milk bones bisquits to gnaw on to add calcium as you wean them off formula. Please realize as the squirrel ages, it needs to run around, search for and eat a variety food, and be around other squirrels. Spending life in a cage 20 hours a day is no life for a squirrel. Sometimes people have brought me orphans they have tried to care for 'just a couple of days' and often they are dehydrated, malnourished, have diarrhea from bad formulas, pneumonia, mange-lice-fleas,or traumatized from too much noise or handling. I especially wince when they say,'my children were taking care of them but after one died we decided to call the DNR, who referred us to you.' If you like caring for orphaned wildlife, contact your local Wildlife Rehabilitation Group, and start working on getting your permit. It's pretty much free, the group helps you get free supplies, and provides classes and free mentoring. For the sake of the animals, do it right or give them to somebody that can.
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shaylee - 2013-10-24
My mom has three ferrets, two brothers and one girl, not a sister and we love them.

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zakyrah - 2013-10-21
I have an American and a teddy they are the best and the don't die quickly.

zakyrah - 2013-10-21
I have 7 guinea pigs the best is a teddy or American to me and if they do breed they need lots of care and if you have an abyssinan they can die quickly because my friend had one.

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Richard Rodgers - 2013-08-01
I have a three year old male, I have had him since he was a baby. I would like to find him a happier home, he lives in the house and is very lovable. If you are interested text me at 440-328-9699 or call if you would like to.

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  • felicia b - 2013-09-18
    You have a male ring tail cat for sale?
  • lolo - 2013-10-12
    He/she is lovely ...... ps I want one.
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Cassie, MA - 2005-11-27
I just recently got my squirrel. I automatically fell in love with him. His name is Rocky and my grandmother found him in her wood stove. She couldn't keep him so she gave him to my uncle, who, unfortunately, couldn't keep him either. So, he asked me if I wanted him. Of course, as an animal lover, I said I'd ask my mom. Mymom fell in love with him, too, and said we could keep him. I was a little afraid of him at first, because he was wild, well, we thought he was wild. But my uncle tried to let him go, but the next day, my grandmother found him in her cupboards, so to my house he went. Just the other day, I was going to clean his cage, and I went totake him to put him in his excercise ball, when my mom stopped me and took the cage intothe bahtroom. I followed her, and watched her carefully. She slowly opened his cage and reached in. Rocky got scared and started to dart about the cage, but my mom just slowly followed him with her hand. She finally got him and he got away.He ran around the bathroom, andI couldn't help but laugh. She finally caught him, and she held him close to her chest. She then said, "Open your pocket." I obeyed and she carefully put him in. He stayed and caught his breath. I reached in, and patted him. He still stayed right where he was.Without even thinking, I wrapped my hand around him, and pulled him out. He didn't squirm, he just looked ta me. It may not seem like much to those of you that hold your squirrels all the time, but it was something big to us. It was a big step in taming our new wild friend.

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  • Sergei - 2013-10-04
    We have a flying squirrel too, his name is rocky also and he is very tamed and energetic. He ran around his room 200+ times without taking a break. He is very attached to us and sometimes will not let us leave his room.We have to sneak out when he isn't looking or asleep. He built a hut out of stuffed animals and sleeps in his little cubby. As I type this he is sleeping next to me. He likes to fly acroos the room onto your shoulder then tries to play with you.
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Monna R. Berryhill - 2004-04-08
I am the developer of the Mini Rex rabbit and I want to correct some mis-information you are publishing on this website. The Mini Rex is the direct result of the crossing of a Black Dwarf Rex buck (imported from Holland in 1984 by Marylouise Cowan of Maine) with an undersized Lynx Rex doe. The first cross produced Mini Rex and through selective breeding, the breed was "invented". The crossing of a Netherland Dwarf and a Rex was done in Holland by the developer of the Dwarf Rex and was many generations away from having the true Rex fur.

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  • Kelly Gipson - 2013-10-03
    Ms. Berryhill, my name is Kelly and I live in Oklahoma, south of OKC. I rescued my first bunny 8 years ago and fell head over heels for bunnies. My second bunny, Sophie, is a mini Rex and is 7 years old now. I just acquired two 6 week old black male minis. What is the best way to take care of my 7 year old girl who is spayed? And my new babies? Is it better that they be neutered and at what age? I know there is a lot of articles on care. But you developed the breed and must know more than anyone. I want to take care of them the best I can. Thank you so very much! Kelly Gipson
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Krissy - 2013-08-04
I have owned rats for several years now. Plenty of then have had litters. The rats I have now, are two females and one male. One of the females had a litter of around 9 kittens, they are about a week old. She is taking very well care of them and I am treating to her as she isn't in the cage with the others. But I have a very concerning question, one of the 9 kittens is very tiny, I have seen plenty of baby rats, but never one that small, and considering it's still the same size as it was the day it was born, is very nerve raking, only thing is, is it seems to be very healthy, she's a trooper! Burries right in with all the other bigger rats, she moves a lot. I have been keeping a close eye on her. But I'd like to know if this is normal? And what are the chances of her being okay and a healthy rat ?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-22
    It sounds like she is doing well so far for being the runt! If she makes it to weaning, and seems healthy, she should have no problems living a healthy and happy adult life. There is nothing wrong with a small rat, I have had plenty of them!
  • Diane Dennie - 2013-10-01
    I think just like any other species of animal, often there is a runt.  Until the runt gets older it is hard to tell if there is a birth defect that will shorten its life.  All you can do is hope and pray for the best but be prepared for the worst. If she lives to be 2 or three months she will probably do fine.  Remember a rats average life span is only 3 years old due to being predisposed for cancer. I have had one live close to 6 years but I was lucky.  I had a 1 year old begin to get tumors. I had them removed.  Right when she healed she began to grow more rumors.  I couldn't stand to see her suffer so I had her put to sleep.  I agree rats are the smartest of all rodents.  I currently have a male that is almost a year old who is part hooded and part Rex. He is a very nervous little guy there I am having a hard time teaching him tricks but we still love him.  I also have cats. Years ago I taught a girl that if she was on my lap and saw a cat, she would run down my shirt for protection.  If I saw the cat first I made a curtain noise and again she would run for cover.  How many other rodents would be that smart.

    Good luck to you and your little rat family.  Diane

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