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   A pretty little thing, the Spotted Turtle not only stands out because of its coloring, but is perky and durable too!
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Kaylee - 2012-05-01
Yes! This is a very good Site. I agree. I am using this for a website to do a little research for school(:

Gary Soucyspcc - 2008-07-07
I literally owned and observed these beautiful turtles throughout my boyhood in the late 50s and 60s. Living in Wolcott Connecticut my folks built a home a few hundred yards from several brooks, miles of swamps, and several ponds that housed reptiles and amphibians. It was not uncommon on any given summer day that we would encounter water, milk, grass, hognose, copperhead, black racer, ring, garter, and rattlesnakes. We had turtles everywhere including Bog, Spotted, Wood, Painted, Box, Snapping, and Musk Turtles. It was like living in Paradise for a kid who loved the magic of the outdoors that was virtually untouched by civilization and so called progress! The Spotted turtle was my hands down favorite; both gifted with a friendly disposition and a color scheme only God could have created. These turtles were truly cornerstones of a great childhood I was lucky enough to have grown up in. I feel today that the earth is losing ground and I pray for the future of our tired planet.

bitchie - 2010-05-12
Hey hoe lets go! lmaooooo :P I really like the spotted turtle, I gotta do it for my science project.

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  • JohnBush - 2011-06-22
    Hello! Very good job(this site)! Thank you man.
  • Kaylee - 2012-05-01