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   There is no mistaking a Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle, is often described as being 'pancake like' and having a 'pig snout'!
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bob - 2009-03-22
I caught one in tyler state park

tim - 2008-12-19
My wife & I have had a male soft shelled turtle for a little over a year now (we named him Mike). When we first found him in the wild he was about twice the size of a quarter. I fed him lunch meat ham at first because I didn't have any of the other things suggested online. Ham is still one of his favorite foods today though. I feed him turtle food and turkey sometimes also.

I pick him up every night and talk to him before I feed him his ham on the end of a toothpick. He has gotten used to me and walks around in my hand, but it is still his instinct to hide and bury himself in the rocks a lot. He tends to roam around freely a lot more often when we are gone. We come home & see him out & about pretty often.

Ernie - 2008-12-09
Hi. My Sister got a soft shell turtle, and we have it in a big tank. I was wondering, what type of sand does the turtle need? We haven't add to much water to the tank, its probably 7inches high, of water level. If I could get any info to this it will help, thnx....

Blake - 2008-11-30
I have had a spiny soft shell for quite a few months now and I think he is probably one of the best turtles I've had (5 total). He is very friendly but will bite if he feels in danger. But left alone (as turtles should be) he is very active and loves to bask, more so when he was very small, but still comes out on the rocks every once in a while. He eats very well on crickets and live fish, when he can catch them, and loves to bury himself in the sand.

Philip Myers - 2007-12-19
My brother and I found a softshell in our parking lot after a heavy rain. It was a youngster by the look of him. There was a pond nearby, so we transported it. We put him on the bank and watched it slip into the water. We watched him/her swim gracefully and gradually disappear in the murky water. We named him/her Darwin(a).We don't know where it came from...

Mike Taylor - 2007-11-17
One time on a fishing trip this past summer here in Indy, Indiana... I noticed that there were bubbles coming from the edge of the waters near where we were fishing! I thought it was maybe crayfish, or even SNAKES! But as the trip was coming toward an end and i just happened to be walking near a "bed stream" of lower water flowing from a overhead fountain, I dared to take a look. I was actually looking to see if i could catch or find the smaller baby fish basking there, but instead i found two Soft Shells! The first one sped away due to detecting me ahead of time, while the other played "shellshocked". I quickly pressed down on its shell and scooped it up. It was an amazing find because It was what just happened to be making those bubbles! Despite the site saying they only are found like in the Cali area or so, and another site has quoted that they are native to the Maryland like area... Well its mid fall and the creature is doing quite well. It acts just like a pet even though it took it a while to overcome its shyness. The enclosure is a 45g long tank which also houses a toad, tree frog, 6-8 crawfish, guppies, 2 mini-crabs, and 2 bahamian anoles. The turtle gladly accepts pellets, crab & fish foods, and crickets. It knows when it's feeding time and will come to your hand. Sadly, the turtle does and will eat your fish! I wanted to go "sub-tropical", but i intend to stick with the feeder guppies. (Crawfish will eat your fish too!... Unbelievable when i caught them trapping and eating my guppies too!)

Mike - 2007-11-03
I have had a spiny softshell turtle now for about, 3 months, he lives in a heated 45 gal tank with 3 other turtles. I have had no problems, and he is definatly fully grown, if anything the turtles are getting along great. It is definatly fun watching him catch fish, he bury himself under the sand/gravel with just his head out and "snap" the fish that swim right in front of him. Oh, and his name is Sargent Slips (due to his slippery shell.) As long as you don't keep the tank TOO crowded, they'll do just fine.

Ann - 2007-08-19
My ex-husband was going to send our first turtle into a lake because the turtle became very aggressive, and my ex was questioning why. Well, after some research and talking to some reptile stores, my ex is actually the one to blame, he changed his habitat and put some turtles in with him. I told him that I would take him home with me. His name is Stretchy, so he is about 7 years old, I took all of my fish out of there home of a 55 gal, and gave it to Stretchy. I also, was lucky enough to find a female. I am not sure how old she is, but she is now at about 6 inches in shell. Haven't given here a name yet. She is much darker than Stretchy. This information on this site has really given some more pointers on the habitat they need to be in. I will be making it bigger for them and giving them some sand instead of rocks. I am very happy with them!!!

steffy & chad - 2007-04-22
My boyfriend and I got a very good deal on a softshell and tank set up. we named him "flapjack" and gave him some native live fresh water plants. he seems to lean more towards the pellet food rather than the school of guppies he shares his tank with. we are very happy with our snap judgment on taking the little guy. our dog loves to watch him swim around.