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   There is no mistaking a Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle, is often described as being 'pancake like' and having a 'pig snout'!
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Trent - 2010-08-07
I have a female spiny soft shell turtle. She just laid 4 eggs and now there is a red balloon like sack about the size of my thumb hanging out. Is this normal or what could it be? I have been calling vets but I have not found any that have knowledge of a soft shell.

Jonas - 2010-07-21
I found my soft shell turtle in Michigan at Plesent Lake! Is that possible?

erica - 2009-07-29
Hello , My name is Erica . My husband and I got our Spiny softshell turtle while canoeing in a river near our home. He is about the size of the top of a soda can. We named him Noodle. We bought him a tank and he is right at home in it. We took home some flat river rocks from the steam and made him a neat basking area. He even has an area for hanging out in the sand. I took a lot of sand from my nieces sandbox and Noodle loves to relax in it. He has a nice swimming area too. my husband is very good at things like that, because Noodle is very happy with his job fixing up the tank. Since the river is near my house I catch noodle crawfish and minnows for him to eat, he now comes up to my hand when I put it in his tank. He knows when it's time to eat and he knows when I'm near because he will stretch out his long neck and watch me from across the room. He is an AWESOME PET.

chevy gilliam - 2009-07-15
Hi my name is Chevy. I just got a spiney soft shell yesterday. My parents were fishing and a guy next to them reeled in this big turtle. So, knowing that I love all kinds of reptiles, they brought it home. My mom had texted me and told me they were, so I looked at my brother and said, "If it's a softshell I'm keeping it". Surely enough it was. It is a female and is about 12 inches long. She's very beautiful and I'm looking forward to having her for a long time.:)
-Chevy (like the truck)

paul - 2009-07-10
I found my first spiny soft shell turtle on the shores of Lake Michigan over the 4th of July, it was only 2.5-inches and was resting at the water's edge. I've been combing these beaches near Benton Harbor for 50 years and this was a first. We showed the kids and then let it swim away, where it quickly buried itself into the sand underwater. I'm guessing it came out from the St. Joe River. It will likely be a challenge surviving in the big lake.

Travis - 2009-07-09
I have a Softshell Spiney turtle, in Wisconsin. Beautiful turtle, my kids love him, and he's a great display! He LOVES to show off lol, he back paddles when eating, it's really entertaining! I couldn't imagine not having him, have had him for two years now. His Favorite foods are Wardley pellets and Angelfish, as well as... Shrimp, lol.

Joanne - 2009-06-16
My son just caught a soft-shell in the act of laying her eggs in a hole she dug in our hot, sandy, dry driveway in St. Augustine, FL. We live in a low-lying area and with all of the recent rain, the nearby ponds & ditches are full. I guess she was laying her eggs where they would be high, dry and warm. I'll have to go onto the community forum to see if anyone knows how long the encubation period is. I've got pictures of her, the nest, and the eggs. My son said that when she was done, you couldn't even tell where the nest was.

Rachel W. - 2009-06-12
On June 12,2009(6/12/09), my dad and I were fishing under a bridge in Hephzibah, Georgia. We were fishing out of a big creek that came out of a golf course called Gordon Lakes. It had snakes, turtles(snapping, and soft shell), cat fish, bass, brim and ect... This big turtle came to the top of the water one time and I didn't see it (my dad did). When it came up again I almost had a heart attack because of how big it was. I put my pole out and right as I did it went under water but it came back up immediately. So, I put my pole to where the worm was at the top of the water. The next thing I know I was rolling up a heavy turtle. It fit perfectly in a 5 gal. bucket. Later I thought I (a 13year old going to 8th grade) caught that big turtle. I think it's a female, I'm not too sure though.

MEgan Will - 2009-06-08
June 6,2009, my husband, 2 children, and I were fishing in the ohio river in Sciotoville, ohio and I saw a little turning on the bank swimming and burying himself in the sand and we caught him. I didn't even know what kind of turtle he was. He is so cute and my kids were so amazed with what he looked like. I wasn't sure what it ate and how to keep him ok and things... it's so neat though~

Clint - 2009-06-08
We have a creek running through our farm. We see softshell turtles all of the time. We have seen them as small as a silver dollar. The largest one I have seen was close to 12" across. His neck was close to 2" in diameter. We had one in our bath tube once. It would squirt us with its nose. They are really neat animals. We look for them all of time.