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   There is no mistaking a Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle, is often described as being 'pancake like' and having a 'pig snout'!
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Josh - 2010-12-29
I have a spiny soft shelled turtle. I was wondering if it would be okay if a different family of turtle was in the tank with it, perhaps a Map turtle? I was looking to expand my tank with a different type of turtle.

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  • Susan - 2011-01-27
    Our son blessed me with 1 paint, 2 sliders, 2 snapping turtles and 1 soft shell. They have been in the same aquarium for approximately 2 years and have done very well together. The sliders and paint have grown considerably since we put them in the aquarium. We have really enjoyed watching them eat.
  • Ethan - 2011-04-25
    It should be fine to have 2 different types of turtles together unless it is under 4 in.
lavarus peterkin - 2009-12-24
I have 7 turtles a musk 1 ,snapper 1,red eared sliders 4,and yellow bellied slider 1

Tanner - 2009-09-21
On September 21, 2009 I found a baby soft shell turtle about to get run over in florida.

kyle - 2006-04-02
My name is Kyle and I have recently, about 3 months ago, bought this breed of turtle. I have attained 6 other turtles (diff, breed)in the past, releasing them into a sanctuary after reaching full maturity (they were all raised on live bait for when released). I find the Soft shell turtle very unique, and didn't know if I was taking care of it properly until I read this web page. The only thing I haven't been doing is putting salt in the water. I actually find turtles easy to take care of (if you really love them I guess), and noticed with all my turtles they become very affectionate over time. I have actually even caught my turtles several times watching TV. I love all animals and take great respect in the caring for these beautiful creatures! Your web site helped me undertsnad this breed alot more, and I'm thankful to you in knowing that I'm taking care of my soft shell properly.

Jessica - 2011-01-15
Several years ago on a family float trip, we gained another member of the family. I refused to put my soft shell turtle back because I gave it a name. I was about 10 years old. Just this afternoon I looked into Elmo the turtles tank and saw an EGG! I was so shocked, so I started doing more research on the species seeing how hard they are to take care of in captivity. Elmo is around 11 years old, she gets fish and pellets. Her shell did curl up when she was in a smaller tank, but now that she is in a big one she seems to be happy. Just wondering if anyone knows, Since she has never did breed, will she lay the normal amount of eggs or just one every now and then?

rob - 2010-12-09
How long should I leave the uvb light on per day?

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  • Josh - 2010-12-29
    On during the day, off at night. Just like it would be if they were living in the wild.
green - 2009-11-16
I purchased a Spiny soft shell in FLA while on vacation in August. It was the most unique turtle I have ever seen. We named it Nessie since when its neck is extended it looked like the Lock Ness Monster. He/She (not sure of the sex) was doing wonderful and adapting to its new home w/ the other 2 turtles we have. Just yesterday (11/15) it became sort of odd acting, laying on the perch under the light and not eating. When it was in the water it would just float, not active at all (like normal). When I got up this AM Nessie had died during the night. I am not sure what happened but I am really bummed about it. The other 2 turtles are doing just fine. Poor Nessie, he/she will be greatly missed :(

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  • michele - 2010-10-13
    I have a softshell turtle too it was found in our pond it is not moving around and it will not eat we are scared that he might die!
Price Smith - 2010-01-31
My son gave my wife a spiny soft-shelled turtle a year and a half ago it has been doing great, but recently we noticed that the back half of the shell started to curl up is this normal? Some back ground on the turtle. When she recieved the turtle it was about 1.5in. in diameter it is now about 5in. long 4.5in.wide.

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  • turtlelover3000 - 2010-02-17
    I have the same problem! I've been googling it but have found no info. it is curling up on my baby painted turtle. He has recently stopped eating also. WHAT SHOULD I DO!?! Any suggestions? Is it a sign of MBD? he/she has a uvb light that is changed periodically, and calcium and vitamin D used to be given and accepted regulary using all sorts of methods. Please help, I love him!
  • stevep - 2010-03-29
    We had a similar problem. Likely it is insufficient calcium. Get a calcium supplement and it should resolve-- though the "spoiler" may not go away.
  • Jason - 2010-09-30
    I too have a Softshell turtle, he is a Texas Spiny to be exact. I have heard of your problem and it seems to be associated with MBD, which is metabolic bone disease. It's caused from not having a UVB lamp for your turtle to bask under. These turtle, just like most other reptiles, need UVB to metabolize calcium. You should make sure you have one of these lamps for your turtle and supplement him/her with calcium. I would not recommend calcium with d3 because unless you get a vet’s input on the amount needed as you can over dose your pet and cause further harm. So make sure you have a UVB lamp and a broad spectrum of food, ie; krill, crayfish, live fish and so on. As for the curling of the shell it maybe to late to reverse the effects, but you can make sure your turtle stays healthy with the tips I provided. I have had my softshell for about 2 years and its grow to about 8 inches of turtle with attitude, but they make for a very interesting pet. Hope this helps!
  • corie - 2010-10-03
    I'm not sure but it sounds like it needs some vitamin supplements. If possible depending on the temperature in your area letting it get some natural sunlight should help also if this is the case (Of course make sure it can get to a cool area if it gets too warm).
Tyshawn - 2009-07-16
This guy gave me two turtles a soft shell and a map turtle because my snapper and painted turtle got stolen. I was just wondering is it ok to keep them both in a bucket? Also, I forgot to mention that they are both babys. :D

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  • Mike - 2010-05-09
    I got baby snapper and baby softshell in same tank for few months and they do good together.
  • Anonymous - 2010-07-05
    Not at all?
Mary - 2010-10-02
My science class caught an eastern Spiny Soft-shell turtle in a river when we were testing the water. So for a grade we had to write a manual on how to take of Sheldon Louis and this web cite helped me SO much. Thanks guys.