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   The Red Eared Slider has been a favorite household pet for many years!
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jop - 2009-03-17
I have 2 little turtles myself and the seem pretty smart! Does anyone know a few tricks i can try to learn them? all they do now is chase the whole aquarium after a dried shrip in my hand. But i think they are capable of much more but cant think of what to try and train them!

ashley - 2009-01-29
I have two RES that my fiancee brought back from New York. He actually drove them in the car from New York to Oklahoma. I had always wanted one and I was so surprised and excited to have a new addition. I at first put them in a 10 gallon tank with some fish I had. A few months later I came home one day to find they had made a meal of my pet fish so I knew it was time they had their own home. They now have a 28 gallon tank with a huge rock waterfall filter. They are so funny. When they hear my door open I can hear them plop into the water from the top of the waterfall and they swim against the tank. I read one of the earlier comments and I also put a feeder fish in the tank which seems to be doing fine. When they see the fish from the top of the filter they jump in the water. I think they are hunting :) Anyways, I absolutely love my turtles. I hope anyone who has them loves them and cares for them as much as I do.

alexandra - 2009-01-25
Hello, my name is Alex, and over the summer we bought two RES. I find these little guys to be quite smart, they know me, and will only rush to one side of the tank if I am near it. Anyone else spooks them. I have noticed the assumed male is very bold, and is easy to handle. The assumed female is a bit more nervous, tries to run away when picked up, and spends most of her time hiding in their cactus tunnel. She has also grown much faster than the male.

They seem to do very well with a gravel substrate, and if you have a large bowl or strainer, the substrate takes no less than five minutes to clean. We usually rinse and scrub the tank walls, rinse and scrub the rocks and cactus tunnel. We do this about bi-weekly. (note that the tank is 10 gallon, and takes a while to actually get dirty).

We keep the water about the same height as the width of their shells, which for ours is one and a half inches. For our turtles this gravel works nicely since they enjoy digging little craters and like to crawl. It also prevents slipping that would happen with a glass floor, whenever they poke their heads up to breathe. We don't use a heating source, and simply keep the tank at room temperature.

I highly recommend artificial plants, since these turtles will eat live plants. Fake plants give them extra places to hide. We use a big flat rock as a ramp, with a gravel hill beside it for them to climb up and bask. Do note that these little guys can climb, and tend to accidentally flip themselves on their backs, and I have a friend who's adult RES climbed up the filter and escaped. Their hard shells make them practically immune to injuries from falls, so if they freak out while being handled and get dropped, don't worry. I have a lot of flat river rocks for them to literally climb over to get climbing urges out of their system.

We also have an air stone, it' not necessary but they really enjoy the extra oxygen in the water. They are very sweet, don't bite at all, don't scratch. When picking them up you should gently pinch them between fingers and thumb, their stomach resting on your fingers, and back under your thumb. This keeps them from running away and scratching you if something spooks them. They also get nervous when put back in a tank after cleaning and things have been moved around dramatically. Try to keep the set up as similar as possible after cleanings to avoid stress.

Dawn Lanoue - 2009-01-23
Hi my name is Dawn and my family and I have two red eared sliders. One is pretty big and the other is little smaller. We got them about six months apart when the first one was about the size of the palm of your hand. My son at the time was 2 and assumed that the turtle was a boy like him and called him Eeyore so it stuck. Then we got a second turtle and my daughter decided she looked like a Keela so that name stuck. We have had them both for about a year and a half now and just assumed all this time that they were the sex they were. Then I go on this website to find out about their laying habits and what to do if they won't eat(because they have not been eating much) and I find out that Eeyore is actually a Keela, and Keela is actually an Eeyore. How funny is that. I also read some of the comments on fussy eaters and I do say that it will help. We are going to try some of the suggestions that have been posted and will write back with our progress.
Thanks for the help.

The Lanoue Family from Windsor,Ont.

christine - 2009-01-02
I just bought feeder fish as a Christmas present for my 4-year-old RES, Emy. This was her first experience with feeder fish, but she knew EXACTLY what they were for. I presented her with four fish. Three of them went within about the first two hours, but she and the fourth minnow, Henry I named him, have called it a draw and are now coexisting peacefully. It's the strangest thing I have ever seen! Apparently, Emy is not the only RES to coexist with fish. A bit of advice though, if you are going to leave feeders in the tank, quarantine and treat them before introducing them to the turtle's environment permanently, as they carry parasites, bacterium, etc...

Gingerbread (not my real name) - 2008-12-27
I got 2 baby red-ear slider turtles for christmas... :) I got a male and female... The male is very active, but also loves to sleep... The female has some kind of white thing covering her eyes and we thought it was blind or something but the shop keeper said it was just "muta"... I wish i could provide all the things for them like the light, tank, and stuff, but were kinda tight right now, and im still praying for that stuff... I really want my turtles to have the best time... I love them so much... after i read all these comments and stuff, gonna ask my parents, you know, future talk... well... I know Gods gonna give me this stuff for my "future" and present turtles... I had like, 3 dreams with turtles.. :) They are currently in a small "batsa" or basin inside our house... Luv them so much... I had 3 turtles before, one we found in the street that can climb cages and stuff, and ran away, the second one i bought as a partner but, she bleeds when they mate and stuff... and my dad put her in the "bahay kubo" and we cant find her now... the third one was a baby red-ear slider turtle that my sister "accidentally" put in a container with no water, and when i came home, my baby turtle was being eaten by ants... :(( i loved her so much... i cried for like, 2 hrs and was mad at my sis... Is anyone out there available for me to chat with them about turtles? Please... i need to chat about something besides school... just email me at and ill tell u my ym or msn... :)) Merry christmas!(if its still christmas when you read this)

steph - 2008-12-08
I just got two RES from a friend yesterday. One is big and one is little. They are Squrt and Crush. He gave me the pellets and said to feed them those but reading all of the sites I learned what they really need! Crush looks like his skin is shedding and I read it might be because he isn't getting the right food, I have to get them stuff tomorrow. Right now Crush is trying to push Squirt off the basking rock, he's kinda mean.

tori schell - 2008-11-30
My name is tori. I orderd 2 baby red ear sliders, they are really cute. They are females and I don't know if you are allowed to hold them. I dont know so I don't, because I don't want to kill them.

Abi Sufian - 2008-11-17
I have this turtle and he is 1 year and 11 month old. He is really cute and adorable. I gave his name, which is Mince, because first I thought he was female. I feed him fish, commercial turtle food, and sinking fish pellets.

Anonymous - 2008-09-25
You did good by writing all this information but I suggest that you add more information about the red-eared turtle, like where it lives and put a question bar for questions. If you need more information go to google and write about red-eared turtles for more information. From the lily hugens, p.s i will be checking that you add information.
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