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   The Red Eared Slider has been a favorite household pet for many years!
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Patrick Connerney - 2009-08-03
I just rescued a RES turtle from a parking lot!

val - 2009-07-20
Grumpy is between 15 and 20 years old now and still loves her hamburger treats. She also loves strawberries and watermelon. She eats almost any vegetable you give her but hates pinapple. She has 3 other turtle friends that have been around almost as long as she has. Her name is Grumpy because she always likes to play bite at me when I pick her up to talk with her and clean her home. Just thought you might like to know about a much older turtle than I have seen here so far, she is still growing and still shedding her shell too. Have fun with your turtles and be prepared to have them as your pets for a very long time.

Jason - 2009-06-17
Hi, my name is jason. I have RES and they get along. The strange thing is they watch tv, like anime, whenever I turn on the tv.

Jonas - 2009-06-13
Hello, I am Jonas. I too have a red eared slider, and two yellow bellied turtles. I am also convinced that my RES loves music, because when the radio is on, he starts dancing!

Suni - 2009-06-01
Hi I'm Suni. I have 2 RES. One fell into my pool, I guess from the lake in my backyard. I named it April. I found her April 2nd. The other one, my cousins and I were at the lake, and a little head popped out of the water. The RES climbed out and we kept him! The 2 turtles get along really well, and they eat a lot! But, they do have great personalities!

Kelly Miller - 2009-05-14
I have one RES about 2 yrs old. His name is Hermie. He seems to like music. Does anyone else have a turtle that likes music...I took him to my preschool, and the kids just love singing time now because the turle will swim up to the glass and pop his head out like he is listening. They even seem to think he dances during this time. Even if he is not we enjoy watching him, and he has been a blessing to my classroom.

Mike - 2009-05-13
My name is Mike form Port Jervis N.Y. I have 2 RES named Cash Money, and Dollar. Cash Money is about 3 and growing like crazy. Dollar is 1 1/2 and has a lump on the side of his hesd below the eye. I assume it's an ear abscess and the info I gathered from this awesome website says to treat it with betadine then follow with silvadine. I pray it looks painful. Poor little Dollar. Thanx 4 the info animal-world!

Ethan - 2009-04-11
Hi! My name is Ethan from LI [Long Island]. I have a 8in. long red eared slider turtle. I named it SHELLY. It is a female. Her old owner was my mom's friend's daughter. She got it when it was a hatchling from china town [the people in china town were going to make her into turtle soup]. Her old name was Ferragamo but I did not like that name so I changed it. She loves people. I feed her twice a day. She likes turkey slices, frozen blood worms, turtle sticks, tubex worms [a little], and for a treat I use cat food. Very soon I will start to feed her lettuce and maybe a few other veggies. She is in a 30 gal. tank with a basking lamp, 2 big peaces of slate rock for a land area, a rena smart heater, fluval 3 plus filter for 30gal. tanks and turtles are messy. So since the tank is half full with water, that would be good enough to clean the tank, but I also have a anubias plant, another kind of plant, a fake tree stump decoration, fake plant, fake turtle, tiny brown gravel, and small pieces of slate rocks. Like I said before, turtles are very messy animal's, so I have a seperate tank to feed her in [acually it is a empty cat litter box]. Soon I will get a 60gal. tank. I will also get another red eared slider and a few other kinds of turtles, like painted turtles and soft shelled turtles. Also I will get a large pleco fish and a chinese water dragon. I love red eared slider turtles and I can't believe that some people get rid of adult red eared slider's. I also can't believe people say red eared slider's aren't the best pet turtle's. But they do get big and they have special needs, but they have great personalities too.

mark - 2009-04-01
I just noticed an earlier comment states "Their hard shells make them practically immune to injuries from falls, so if they freak out while being handled and get dropped, don't worry."

That is bad, and dangerous advice. A turtle's shell does provide some protection sure, but a LOT of internal damage can occur when a turtle is dropped. Imagine this example if you will. A mishandled turtle is dropped or allowed to fall from a counter. He lands on his shell on the hard floor. This internal organs still have momentum from the fall (Kinetic energy) and can tear or suffer damage as they now continue to move inside of him (imagine crashing your car into a tree without a seatbelt). The turtles insides are like passengers inside the car, not wearing seat-belts. Another example would be falling and hitting your head on the cement. While your skull may not crack, you can easily suffer a Concussion as your brain "bounces" around inside your skull.

I ask that the prior comment be removed, or at least edited to delete that one line. Turtles suffer from enough bad handling due to improper care advice as it is (death bowls for example).

jop - 2009-03-17
I have 2 little turtles myself and the seem pretty smart! Does anyone know a few tricks i can try to learn them? all they do now is chase the whole aquarium after a dried shrip in my hand. But i think they are capable of much more but cant think of what to try and train them!