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   The Red Eared Slider has been a favorite household pet for many years!
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Harvey - 2007-06-04
I bought two baby turtles in chinatown, total impulse buy. They are called Michaelangelo and Raphael. Mikey is awesome because he is always swimming around and stuff, and he LOVES to eat. Raphael is kind of an a**hole, though. Now they live in a big glass bowl and people love coming over and seeing them (it's been about 9 weeks now). The best thing about these turtles is that they are so easy to take care of. I change the water every once in a while, and feed them every couple days. Their basking light is on a timer, so it just about takes care of itself!

As a treat, whenever I kill any sort of insect, I toss it in their tank. They love to eat that. I swatted a fly in my elevator yesterday, so I picked it up and dropped it in there! I think I might pick up some insects at the store tonight on my way home, to feed the little guys!

jen - 2007-04-26
I have four sliders, two males and two females. They are 25 years old and very large. I am currently incubating 4 eggs and expect the babies in June! Turtles can be a lot of work to take care of, but they are worth it if you have the time.

Charlene Tjoe Fang Min - 2007-03-13
My turtle is very cute and active. I really think you should keep it as a pet!

Roger - 2007-03-13
i've got a slider which is named suki. i got him a white calcium turtle(its not alive) and he always tries to mate! :-]

Syazwana - 2007-01-23
I have 2 sliders named Candy and gorgeous. cute pets, quite agressive when their foods is given.

Jackie - 2007-01-06
My juvenile slider is very entertaining & I absolutely adore him. I also enjoy all the work I do to take care of him. These turtles make wonderful pets if you can commit to caring for and feeding them properly. They are so darn cute when they're little, but PLEASE refrain from getting one as an impulse purchase.

Deeanne Castor - 2006-12-06
I have had my red eared slider for 10 years. she is awesome, her name is myrtle the turtle. i plan on getting another turtle for her so she can have a friend. Deeanne Castor

Susan - 2006-09-09
I have two a girl and a boy. we want them to mate but we dont know how or when

Eddie - 2006-08-28
i have 2 of them.... they are so awesome...... there names are speedy and would love to have them like i do...

Omar Ainen - 2006-07-12
My baby turtle is called sparky he tickles my hand when you lift him up by the shell.
Omar aged 5