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   Painted Turtles can can handle a wide variety of conditions and will become quite tame, making them wonderful pets!
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Anonymous - 2009-11-10
My little painted turtle needed new living arrangements so we decided to get him a 45 gallon corner aquarium, it came with a compaion. Thinking this was a great idea we got our little Bobby a new aquarium and a roommate. Unfortunately the red-eared slider turtle ate our little turtle. Now we are looking for a home for this red-eared slider turtle. R.I.P. Bobby the Ninja Turtle....11/10/09

pebble3 - 2009-09-19
I am thinking of getting a painted turtle. Your info REALLY helped me. Thanx!

Bianca - 2009-05-04
In loving memory of MoMo the painted turtle,
RIP 5-04-09. I found her on a nature trail by my house and took her home to be my red-eared slipper's girlfriend. We buried her under the magnolia tree out front and will always miss my pretty little turtle MoMo.

Harvey - 2009-02-19
I have had two painted turtles for over a year. Sadly, one just died. My remaining turtle is swimming around franticlly looking for his buddie. Can I put a new turtle in with him or will that cause problems?

smilley - 2008-12-29
Males and females can be determined by the belly of their shell. Males have a slight indent to help keep their balance during breeding.

Chelsey - 2008-10-26
Hi. I have a turtle, he or she is litte. I think he is a boy. He is probably one and half years old and lives with about 20 fish. He ate about seven, but I still love him because he is a funny, loving, cute turtle. It is funny when he eats, he is a pig, he eats a lot. He is probably about the size of a ten year old child plam. He is a western painted turtle. He loves to swimm, I want to get him a bigger tank when he gets bigger. I want him to get use to people handling him.

JEAN-CARLOS - 2008-08-31
Hello, I love Painted Turtles.

Dianne - 2008-06-27
We live in Vilas County, Wisconsin. Imagine our surprise when we saw baby painters coming out of the ground in the Spring while there were still snowpiles around. Wondering why we saw these babies in the Spring, I looked at your web page and found that they hibernate in the northern climates. We really enjoyed watching them for two days. I even took three down to the pond which is East of our house. Thanks for the info.