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   Painted Turtles can can handle a wide variety of conditions and will become quite tame, making them wonderful pets!
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sarah - 2010-05-21
Hi I have a baby paint turtle named murtle all he does is eat.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-09-22
    Good for you sarah.
  • cesca - 2010-09-28
    Be careful I have a three year old turtle. He eats a lot but they could eat themselves to death they save the food, so don't feed him as much. Yea I learned that the hard way.
CIERRA - 2009-01-12
I am getting a painted turtle soon and this page helped me a lot! I know much more and am even more excited and informed to get my turtle! Thank You so much for the help and info!

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  • Dr.Brock - 2010-07-09
    That is the same thing I love turtles they are so fascinating creatures.
Pam - 2010-06-10
Help! My Eastern painted turtle, Pearl, managed to get out of the pond and has not returned. The weather here is in the mid 90's. My yard is enclosed and she could not leave this area. She has been awol for one week. What are the chances that she is alive and will return?

justin - 2010-05-20
Thanks for the info my girl friend and I were walking my dog and came across a baby paint my dog almost stepped right on it, but of course after my girl friend seen it we had to care for it.... we named it crush.

Alexandra Turnbull - 2010-04-17
Hi! About a week ago I came across six baby/hatchling painted turtles. I have set up a 10 gallon tank (it's all I can afford right now) with lights, rocks and a basking platform. I clean out the tank everyday and feed them once a day of juvenile turtle pellets and cut up meal worms. They all seem to be doing fine so far, but they are very timid and seem to be aggressive towards each other. At times two will face each other and one with tuck its head in and start to shiver its front legs. I was curious why they are doing this and if I can somehow make them happier little guys.

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  • Mark Conti - 2010-05-06
    That sounds like the mating ritual! Do some research on them!
  • Dav3 - 2010-05-15
    This is not aggression, It is a mating ritual that all turtles do. The male will do it to males and females, and my female Gary (etta), so named after a certain sea sponges pet snail, will do that to her own reflection in her tank.
  • kendra - 2010-05-17
    Hi waz up?
NICK - 2010-03-26
Hello. I was playing golf around ridley creek in pa. I observed the canadian geese sitting on the embankments chatting and eating differently. I walked over and to my surprise here were baby painters trying to make it to the creek but not many were making it. I scooted the geese and brought three baby turtles home this was 1991 now they have 150gal tank with areas for lying in shallow water with a platform that leads to an earth area ; to our surprise we had baby turtles hatch. Turtles are the sweetest animals. Thank you for info it has helped in their happiness.

dana - 2009-07-03
my boyfriend, his little brothers and i have recently caught seven baby western painted turtles..this helped us out alot but we are wondering how we tell them apart?

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  • Synamon - 2010-02-26
    If you are wanting to know the sex? Males have claws on their front feet and their tales are longer and thicker than the female's.
tabitha - 2010-02-21
I just bought a small painted turtle and named him (or her) charlie. I put him on the floor in a little playpen, and charlie sure tried his hardest to escape, he went to every nook and crany trying to find a way out! It was so funny to watch because he had an opening to get out of, but charlie would not go to the opening, and when we put him by it, he would go right back over to the corner to try!!

amber johnson - 2009-12-15
Turtles are so cool!

Anonymous - 2009-11-10
My little painted turtle needed new living arrangements so we decided to get him a 45 gallon corner aquarium, it came with a compaion. Thinking this was a great idea we got our little Bobby a new aquarium and a roommate. Unfortunately the red-eared slider turtle ate our little turtle. Now we are looking for a home for this red-eared slider turtle. R.I.P. Bobby the Ninja Turtle....11/10/09