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   Painted Turtles can can handle a wide variety of conditions and will become quite tame, making them wonderful pets!
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Meaghan - 2012-04-02
I have a female painted turtle, and I am almost 100% sure she's an eastern. I've been thinking I'd like to get her a mate, but does anybody know a trustworthy breeder near Canandaigua, NY? Petco only stocks red-eared sliders. I got my turtle originally from a grandma from a fleamarket in florida. Inbreeding shouldn't be an issue.

Elizabeth Gonzalez - 2012-03-23
I have one painted turtle and three red ear sliders in a 60 gallon tank I want to know how or what i can do for the turtles to have baby turtles.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-24
    How is your tank set up now? Have you sexed your turtles yet?
avocado - 2012-01-18
I've had a painted turtle for about 5 to 6 years now in a 45 gallon tub and is doing perfectly fine he even eats of my hand. He's a male because he is around 6 inches long and has huge claws. I was wondering if i could add another baby turtle to give him some company or is it dangerous?

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  • David Brough - 2012-01-19
    Painted turtles are generally not aggressive so there shouldn't be any problem. He may appreciate the company as well.
Michelle - 2011-08-25
I have a painted turtle born Memorial Day weekend 2011. He sleeps in the sand and he loves any type of meat. I was wondering if lunch meat (cooked ham) was o.k. for him. He really loves cooked turkey burger and chicken. He still has no interest in vegetation, but I do give him a wide variety of krill, mini shrimp, pellots, cooked meats from our dinner. I have tried giving him bananas and carrot tops, as well as a vary of greens, and he shows no interest. I love him. He knows me and he's very gentle taking his food. He also lets me rub his neck and belly without squirming.

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  • ray - 2011-10-09
    No. Processed meat is way too fatty and full of stuff that has little nutritional value. Less processed but cooked meat is kind of okay, but live food like earthworms and other insects are better. Crickets, grasshoppers, that kind of thing.
  • James - 2011-11-29
feona - 2011-10-09
I just got a new baby painted turtle and I want to play with her but I'm worried because she is only about a couple days old. What should I do?

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  • Alex Burleson - 2011-10-09
    Baby painted turtles are exciting pets to have! However, when they are small, (and even when they are larger) they are quite fragile. You could carefully hold your turtle for 10-15 minutes once, or twice per day, and then place her back into her home.
Turtle Boy - 2011-09-15
I have had turtles for a while now and recently came across another one. It is a baby painted turtle. All it eats is dried shrimp, and I am worried that if that is its whole diet that it might not develop properly. How do I get it to eat other food like pellets?

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    Kendall McIntyre - 2011-08-22
    I found a baby turtle while I was on vacation around Lake Erie I am not sure what type of turtle it is and how I should care for it. It looks like it's either a Painted turtle or a Map turtle. The pattern on it's shell is similar to that of a Painted turtle but it's head and feet look more like a Map Turtle.

    Biologist - 2010-04-24
    The turtle pictured on the painted turtle page at the top is a common map turtle, not a painted turtle.

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    • Editor's Note - 2010-05-22
      This photo was contributed as a painted turtle and the red markings are visible, however its identity cannot be determined absolutely from the picture. We hope to replace it with a more definitive picture in the future.
    • turtle rescue - 2010-10-18
      Biologist? Where did you get your degree? Are you a turtle expert? I certainly am, and checked just to make sure I was not mistaken (quite thoroughly) so unless they change their picture since your post. I real must "beg to differ." common map turtles look NOTHING like the picture at the top of the page. maybe a false map, but even then no. Note the slight red coloration around the edges? You can't see the underside well, but judging by the pattern and the red tinted edges, I would say this site is accurate in that picture and you may want to stick to you basic biology, go back to school and get a more specialized degree in something. All this is being said very kindly compared to what I would like to say.
    • debrah - 2011-07-11
      Hello, I have been reading many different ways to identify the sex of my baby turtle. It's shell is the size of a half dollar, so not sure of age. (Son found him in a small pond in the woods behind my house.) He is very alert, and seems as if he/she knows who I am. Very entertaining, and can be embarrassing when caught; gagaga and gooing when you think no one is there. Also would like to know, how do they sleep? In water or on land?
    SHanaynay - 2011-06-19
    Hello well me and my friend found a turtle at her house. When I left that day she let the turtle go. A week later I came back and she found the same turtle for a second time. We thought that was funny until she let it go and 3 days later she found it when I was over. She let it go one last time. I came over a few days later and we found it in her BASEMENT. It scared us both and now we think that I am a charm. I know turtles like to stay in one place and call it home but not every time I come over. And she found it in the basement. We don't know how it got there but it was a little freaky. Just wanting to post this to see if anyone had an idea bout what had happened?

    laina - 2010-05-24
    Hi I have a painted turtle I found it in the street. It doesn't eat at all and how can you tell if it was a boy or girl and how can you tell how old it is?

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    • Robin - 2010-08-13
      I have a painted turtle and he loves live minnows. When my sons found him it was the first time that I ever saw a turtle up close, and I'm still in the learning process. My daughter watches anything on animals, and she told me that the males are brighter colored. I'm not saying that this info is the gospel, but she is usually pretty accurate. I have found some info on size, and that is the best predictor of age. A full grown painted turtle is about 10-11 inches long, and babies are about the size of a quarter. Mine is somewhere in between. As far as diet I suggest that you check out some websites. I started investigating because mine has some brown spots on his shell, and that is due to a poor diet. He loves the minnows, but he needs other things too. I also found out that they need sunlight, or a sunlamp. I live in Wisconsin, so a sunlamp is my only choice once winter sets in. There is a lot more involved in caring for a turtle than I thought. It's not just a plastic bowl, and a rock. If you want check out turtle times. I'm not sure of the exact web address, but you can google it. Hope I was of some help.
    • Kailey - 2010-10-10
      Hi, i have three eastern painted turtles, one is a baby. If it doesn't eat that's ok, just supply food and it will eat when it is ready. If it's a boy the nails should be very long and the female would have short nails.
    • Nora - 2011-01-23
      Hey you might want to know that turtles are very fussy,
      so at first when I got my turtle we kept him in a container until we find a good tank. He didn't have a heater, filter or basking light so he never ate for as close as a month, after that we purchased a 40cm tank and bought a heater, a filter and a basking light and left him in peace for a day, the next day bam! He ate like a pig. So I think you should check if you have a tank, heater, filter, light and a place which is over the water where he can dry completely and sun bathe.

      I hope this helped =)x
    • leona - 2011-05-13
      Boys have long nails and have you tired dangling a worm in front of him? My turtle loves worms and try floating koi sticks.