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   Painted Turtles can can handle a wide variety of conditions and will become quite tame, making them wonderful pets!
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Bev Schott - 2012-08-18
We had someone to look after our 15 year old painted turtle but it got out of his cage...We have been looking for 2 days..Will he survive . We are just sick with worry

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-08-20
    Turtles usually adapt very well to the wild as long as the temperature are high enough.
  • Kathryn Hardy - 2012-10-09
    My dad recently found a big painter near echo lake in henrico, virginia. I don't know if that's the one you were talking about or not but it was in the middle of the road and me and my sister took him/her to the park and let him/her go.
Steph - 2012-10-06
My 12 years old boy has two painted turtles male/female for 2 months now. when I got both of them they where the same size, now  one is the size of a oreo cookie (Male) and the female much bigger like if it already has past for her 1 year (she's just fat). How can I tell how old are there... And what type of sickness they carry? Thanks!

Craig George - 2012-06-12
Was wondering how often a painted water turtle eats. Got him from family and the darn thing does not eat. He has been with us for 4 months and we recently got got him into a tank with large gold fish. Do not know what to do.??? HELP

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  • Barbara Rector - 2012-06-18
    Dear Craig, Water turtles only eat once or twice a day. It also depends on the temperture of his/her enviroment. If it is to cold he or she is less likely to eat but if it is warm they will eat. I have a painted turtle of my own named oogway for a year now. Oogway does tend to be picky at times, but the are omnivores. Which means they eat bugs such as worms,flies, and some common water bugs also they eat crickets. They also will eat fish like some of your common goldfish and bait. They also eat a couple times of aquatic plants. But you must also get them a supplement for there calicum deficiency, you can purchase Reptomin which can be bought at your local walmart. And if it is under a year you want to make sure you get baby Reptomin which helps with there calicum deficiency for your younger turtle. Just let me know if you have any more question and I will try to help as best I can. Hoped this may of helped you with your turtle.
  • bunny - 2012-07-23
    I have two baby turtles. Not much bigger than an oreo cookie. How do i know if they are painted or red slider? Boy or girl ? Caught them at the lake, can you help?
  • Barb - 2012-08-13
    The difference between a red ear slider and a painted is, a red ear slider has line of red on the side of there head and are mainly green every where else. A painted has a orange belly and yellow and orange strips and are black or dark green color every where else. As for the sex that you can't really tell until they are older. Hope this is helpful.
Daryan - 2012-08-02
My friend found a large painted turtle in the middle of a corn field yesterday and gave it to me, I named him GT for Giant Turtle. I have had many turtles before, but this one is much larger, from nose to tail he/she is about 8-9 inches long. I don't know his/her age or sex. Could somebody please help me figure out? Thanks! :)

Suzanne thatcher - 2012-07-10
Help! Today while canoeing on our lake in Wisconsin, a lake I have lived on for the past 43 years, I came across a horrific scene, I found approximately 8 -9 dead adult turtles in a relatively small area in it's back bay. I've never encountered anything like this there before. There were also very large algae floats that are new to the lake-most of the turtles were floating in them.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-11
    I would call Fish and game and tell them.  It doesn't hurt to report it and I'd be afraid that something toxic is in the water and what happens if a child gets into it.  Might be my mind overworking but I would be concerned and i would call the experts to find out. 
chanel - 2012-07-08
I found a painted turtle out side is it safe to keep it as a pet? It's about 5 yrs old.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-07-09
    It is safe to keep as a pet.  Remember it is wild and may need time to adjust to the change.
  • chanel - 2012-07-09
    Thanks I need to get the turtle checked out to make sure its not carrying any thing since I found it out side?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-07-10
    no real need.  Baby turtle can pass samonella but larger ones are fine.  Always practice hand washing before and afterr handling!
Barbara Rector - 2012-06-18
Hi, I'm new to the site. I have a one year painted turtle named oogway from kufu panda. We named her that cause we thought she was a he ,but I'm not so sure what sex oogway might be. Is there an eay way to tell before sexual maturaity?

gail nace - 2010-12-09
Just purchased a painted to add to the zoo living in my home. She is about the size of a pancake and I was told she was about 2 mo. This doesn't make sense after reading this site. Any thoughts? She is a gem and looked like a tank running across the dining room table. She is a welcome addition the the fam.

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  • Barbara Rector - 2012-06-18
    How many inches across is she? I have a painted who is a year old and she is about 2' across. But you can tell there approximent age by there size. When full grown they can be between 7'-9' inches wide.
Lauren - 2012-05-17
Hello my husband found a turtle in the middle of our street today. I researched and it is a Painted Turtle, Female and is about 7 inches long. I have a 75 gallon tank that has never been used and the demensions are 4 feet long by 18 inches wide. Needless to say how should I do the tank meaning how many inches of water? Do I partition so land is available to her? What does she eat? We have an Ornate Box Turtle that is a little bit over 20 yrs. We've had him for 19 years and of course he's completely different. What I'm saying is we love turtles and just want the proper care and maintinence. So please give me some suggestions if you would. I appreciate it very much. Your fellow turtle admirer, Lauren

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-18
    Your questions are answered in the Animal World article above, just scroll up. The informatin goes into the housing, care and feeding and should be a great start for all your questions.
  • Lauren - 2012-05-19
    Charlie thank you for your quick responce. When our bathtub became her tempory home until the 75gallon was brought up from the basement Romaine Lettuce was the 1st thing she was given. I said she was 7" - it says they get to about 6" so i was about an inch off. I wish I knew how old she is. She is now in her 75gallon tank with plenty of vegitation and water and a partition of mud built to make up for dry land also but mostly water with vegitation.Tomorrow we are going to the store to get her sum feeder fish and crickets. Her name is Tublee (hubby won that one) and we will take very good care for her. Thanks again, Lauren
Stephanie Branch-Gratton - 2011-03-14
Hello I was just given a turtle that someone could no longer keep. I am trying to find out if the enclosure it came with is good or if I need to make upgrades. It's in a 20 gal short tank, with a long flourescent type light it looks like a fish tank light, water of course that's about as deep as half the tank, then it has a floating piece of land that suction cups to the side, a filter and a fish tank type heater, gravel on the bottom and a few fake decorations. The turtle is about 4 or 5 inches I'd say. It appears active and healthy. But I thought it needed a different kind of light for the UV rays. Do I need another light or no? Also how can I tell which kind of painted turtle it is and what sex and its age?

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  • SHanaynay - 2011-06-19
    Hey well to tell if it is a boy or girl you look at the eyes and the bottom of its shell. The males eyes would be a dark reddish color. If it was a female the bottom of its shell would be flat. The male has a rounded bottom. HOPE THIS HELPED :)

  • Meaghan - 2012-04-02
    You need a much bigger environment for that turtle. A tank should be 3-4 shell lengths wide by 7-8 shell lengths long, with water a minimum of 2 1/2 shell lengths deep. That will give the turtle enough space to move freely. My turtle is about the same size and I have her in a 40 gallon breeder tank, meaning its long and wide. It will be her home until she is over 6 in.